Friday, January 19, 2007

Ooooo...Baby, it's COLD Outside!

Oh, Sweetie Pie, you look frozen!

Come in & warm your cockles from the bitter wind!

What can I get you?

Your wish is my command!

I'll make your dreams come true!

Why, I could make you a Jumbo sized Gingerbread house if you desire!

With butterscotch flavoured windows & vanilla cand(y)les.

I can even make it really big, if you pay me lots of cash.

No peeping!
That's the raspberry & lime flavoured window of my boudoir.

I'm going to sleep.
Nitey Nite.
Sweet Dreamzzzz!

42 Responses to “Ooooo...Baby, it's COLD Outside!”

Anonymous said...

mhhhh that looks yummy and I red my magic flavor - raspberry.

Anonymous said...

Yummy! Neat-o!

I like gingerbread houses. But they're so sad to eat. Go byebye.

jin said...

katy: I made this one quite a few years ago. Just figured it'd be a good winter-time post!

ace: OOooo...I love to SMASH through the roof with my fist!
*sheepish grin*
Then I like to watch everyone EAT THEM!!!

Again with the cockles. So were you waiting up for Hansel and Gretel?

jin said...

Hey phos!

I'm not into threesomes...I'd kick Gretel's ass then seduce Hansel!
*sing along*
Do dodododododododododododo
AND here's to you Mrs. Robinjin
Jesus loves you more than you will know
Woe woe do do...

Guess what?!
My Dad's home! :-)
He even posed for a couple pics HERE.

fairscape said...

Sugar and Spice
Naughty but Nice
That's what jin
is made of...

So glad to see your Dad is home

Anonymous said...


Some sort of lesbian candles that we don't know about?

WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHOCOLATE BIBLE? Clearly Lesbian candles are not allowed!

Anonymous said...

oh wow jin- its exquisite!
one christmas my mom made one too, worked on it for days... then when she said we could eat it mt cousin smashed it with a wooden spoon!

jin said...

fairsCaPe: LOL! :-) One of these days I'm putting up a post of all your poetic comments! An "Ode to YOU"!

hippo: HAaaaahahaha!!!
Maybe they *ahem* use the think I'll stop now.

angel: Thank you!!! :-)
Ah! You should have taken a picture of the smashing! LOL!
I like to see my creations destroyed & enjoyed just as much as I like making them!

ticharu said...

You made that? And it's edible??? WOW!! COOOOL!!! Hey, if you made one for me could you tile the roof with tabs???

jin said...

LMAO ticharu!!!!
Sure I could make you a roof like'd make 'gingerbread' into a whole new experience!

Yes I made it.
Yes it's 100% edible.
It stood 3 feet tall.
...and you know what?!
NO ONE would eat ANY of it!
They wouldn't touch it!
It sat in this museum for months until it started to fall apart, then they threw the whole thing outside for the birds to feast on!

(If I'd have known they weren't going to eat the damn thing I would have made it slightly non-edible so it would have held up for years!!!)

Good ol' Hansel - that ain't no Braunsweiger in his pocket, he really is happy to see you!

Anonymous said...

Goodness gracious! How does one even begin to eat that amazing structure?

I think I'd have to perform a controlled demolition and then nibble on the pieces.

Jewels said...

No nibbling allowed Dan: You gotta dive right in. I was sure you'd dive in too, especially when the topic of "lesbian candles" cam up... ;)

G3T Films said...

Hey Jinster! How's things?

That's a VERY impressive house. It reminds me of a little place I used to own. But that was before the little bastards pushed me into the oven.

Word Veri: There's nothing worse than hiccups in the bedroom.

jin said...

phos: LMAO! That's right! :-)

dan: You'd think it wouldn't taste too good, but nooooo way! They taste AWESOME! (I've consumed a few myself ;-) I make 'em spicy ... kinda like ... ME! ;-)

jewels: *GASP* Are you insinuating one of my commenters is a perv???

Not HERE?!
Never pervy at jintrinsique!
*jin stifles a giggle*

rich: LMAO! Sooo...that was you in the edible house, hmmm? Heehee! How'd you escape to tell that tale?! ;-)

Ahhh...I MISSED YOU!!! Are you back? I can't believe you've been wasting your blogging time with reading books?!

How come you're the only one who gets 'dirty' word veri's? Oh...wait...or is it just you n me that think that way?!
Heeeheeeee!!!! :-D

Rich said...

How did I escape? That is an interesting tale cleverly embroidered from whoa, intrigue and... what on earth is that THING behind you? *runs away when you back is turned*

*yells over shoulder* Not all of them are dirty, only the ones I save!*

jin said...

DAMN! That rich is a sly one...well, he won't get too far.

*EVIL jingrin*

jin tosses her secret weapon towards him..... be continued

Anonymous said...

Wow Jin...just look at what you do...its amazing. I have trouble makinbg the top of a cake flat! Well we did live in a house where everything was a bit lopsided... my excuse...sorry i've not been up on all your posts...but back to noirmal now whatever that is. I agree re your no aspartamine. We have a copy of the DVD "Sweet Misery"

Anonymous said...

Hm loved the boob a rang...some tribes round hereabouts in Australia might be able to put this to good use

So If I came upon your gingerbread house alone in the woods, would i get to eat your cookies?

I really liked the Gyrobo cookie a few post down. :)

Big Pissy said...

Hi, jin! ::waving::

just came over to thank you for visiting Hell.
....and because I knew there'd be cookies here!

Yea for cookies!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the cinnamon stick logs. The frosting details are exquisite. What is the roof made out of? And how long did that house take you?

jin said...

mc: Aw...thanks! Hey I wasn't always this good...I've been doing the same thing for many many years! My very first practice cakes were crooked & yucky tasting! LOL! There are plenty of things I can't do...I'm no good with cell phones & small electronics! In fact, there's a name for people like me in the Urban Dictionary: gadget tard. are back from Sydney?! Is your mouth metal-free? I'm SO HAPPY for you! Me next! lol! Ok, me within the next 10 years, I think that's a realistic wish.

Would you believe what the FIRST 2 THINGS they gave my Dad in the hospital were?!
1) Fluoride (toothpaste & tap water)
2) aspartame (diet soda & diet 'fake' juice)
I wanted to run out of there SCREAMING!!! :-O
I have not seen that DVD you mentioned, but I will check it out!

I couldn't resist the booberang is a funny guy. Check out his blog HERE. He's from Australia, too!

Army Of (Cl)One: WELCOME!!!
I know you from Gyrobo's place!
The unwritten gingerbread house rule:
"If you find one in the woods, uninhabited, you may eat as much as you like!!!"
Just be wary of the mushrooms! :-S

Thanks! I had fun with Gyrobo's avatar! I never thought a robot would taste SO GOOD! :-)

Big Pissy: WELCOME!!!
I'm glad you came over...I heard you have a thing for cookies!!!
Come back anytime!

sarah: Thank you!
*jin takes a bow*
The house took about 2.5 weeks. But not solid work...lots of waiting in between for drying.
The roof is gingerbread covered with edible gold leaf roughly $250 worth. It's quite pricey!

I made it 100% edible as I was under the assumption it was to be consumed. (My houses taste GOOD!) No one would, in fact, touch it...they thought it was too pretty to eat. Unfortunately, if made to be eaten, they will not last much more than a month before starting to fall apart & cave in. Once this started to happen they threw it in the yard for the birds to finish off. DAMN lucky birds! LOL!

flatlander said...

I hope that gingerbread house has lots of cotton-candy insulation (expecially in the boudoir). It looks like some cold weather ahead!

It is finally warming up here a bit, only down in the 40s at night this week, and up in the 60s during the day. I hope we are out of this cold slump. May try baking some bread this weekend…

See you later!!!

Anonymous said...


i had a dream you died...


glad that's over.

your secret recipe to the Chocolate Cookie is safe with me!

jin said...

flatlander: HAHA!!! That IS what that insulation looks like! MMmmm....I used to LOVE cotton candy! Beam me over some, would ya?!'s FREEEEEEZING keys are evennnn stickkkkingggggggg as I tyyyype!

phos: *GASP* You have it in the 60's???!!!
I'm so jealous!
Oh, but guys have lots of spiders & snakes & creepy crawlies....
Yeah. So, I'll take the cold!

hippo: I feel like the living dead lately...does that qualify?
Very little sleep & most of it is, yesterday I decided...Why even GO to sleep?!
Hey! Am I onto something or what?!
I think I may apply for a patent tombhcvefyquocbn7o4q3njdaxyrexfuny
*this is jin's spirit guardian...she passed out on the keyboard, don't worry...I'll make sure she doesn't make your dream a premonition!*

Anonymous said...

A couple o days ago you were dead....




jin said...

Hey Hippo...I went non-beta NEW blogger so you disappeared. But I know your font...I know that was you. always dream that I die?
you should be having sex dreams at your age!
get to it! lol.

jin said...

I'm overdue for a post.
Things seem to be going from
bad to worse.
I'm a very unhappy jin.
I will blog when I can
I have to
'tis one of the only things
that's keeping me goin'.

Cazzie!!! said...

The pictures you post are amazingly and obscenely gorgeous, the gingerbread house is outstanding!! I made one with my kids 2 Christmas'ago and it never looked as good as that :)

Hope things even out for you. Please take care of yourself - see you soon!!

jin said...

cazzie: WELCOME & thank you! :-)
All it takes is a bit of practice & first few houses didn't look anything like that either!
HAHA! ;-)

phos: Thanks phos!
One day at a time with lots of deep breaths, sloppy doggie kisses & good food.

Gyrobo said...

Jin, my good friend! Has Blogger forced you to upgrade as well?!

Gyrobo said...

Augh! The new Blogger shrunk my avatar! Misfortune!

Bathroom Hippo said...



jin said...

gyrobo: HAHA! didn't force me to switch as I thought it would...but, I decided, I had one of the WORST days of my life yesterday & I thought, WTF...why not switch & if I lose all my blogs (or they get seriously messed up) I'll just start laughing like a maniac.
I didn't save all my info...I just clicked 'switch over' & giggled like a mad woman expecting the worst.
AND...voila! They were all fine!

p.s. Your iddy biddy widdle avatar wooks CUTE! Cutchy cutchy coo *jin tickles gyrobos little metal armpit*

hippo: If the world IS really ending tell me FIRST!
I have places to go
& people to torture!
*evil glint in jins eye*
You're my friend...aren't you hippo?!


Gyrobo said...

I'd say I prefer impressive over cute, but I'm still reeling from that tickle.

jin said...

gyrobo: Oh! *GASP* I meant to say "Impressive"!

I had too much fun with the song at your place!!!

Bathroom Hippo said...

The dreams...

they keep coming...

Jin alive...Jin dead...
No chocolate Valentine for me...


jin said...

LOL hippo!

MMmmm....chocolate I'm hungry!

But but but...
my cupboards are bare!
There's no chocolate ANYWHERE!??!
Gimmee gimmmee something sweet
jin needs something good to eat!