Friday, January 12, 2007

Sweet Shenanigans

Laughter's the Key
For you & for Me
Today's post is Fun
Cranky people better Run
A laugh a Day
Keeps the Bastards at Bay

Let's play
"Top That Cake!"

Which is your FAVE?!

#1 Irish Wedding

#2 Fruitarian Union

#3 Entomologist Engagement

For those brides that simply
on a Waterfall
UGH! :-P
*jin shudders*

This model is
FULLY functional
Can be filled with Champagne

My 13 FAVE recent searches
(aka: what people really typed in a
search engine
that led them HERE.....)

1. stepped-on bug barefoot
(jin's response: Yeah...must be why our chocolate chunk cookies taste so unique.)

2. what type of clothing female guests should wear for 50th birthday party
(jin's response: No, sorry...won't find that here!)

3. cooking moose nose

jin's response: That's fucking disgusting!!!)

4. sphincter closeups

jin's response: That's even MORE disgusting!!!)

5. mice that eat animals
(jin's response: Where do these weirdo's come from???)

6. pink flamingo shaped cinnamon roll

jin's response: HAD to be John Waters!)

7. "suck on my boobs"
(jin's response: Come on now! Which one of you typed that one?!!? Perverts!)

8. what happens when you miss an ingredient for a cake

jin's response: You're fucked.)

9. squiral pictures

jin's response: squir al? What the hell is a squir al???)

10. do mice eat clothing

jin's response: At home they eat my husbands socks, t-shirts & underwear., I don't mind if they stay.)

11. condos com. dorchester mass

jin's response: I'll take 2 please.)

12. spanked across skirts
(jin's response: Well, ok...for a hundred bucks.)

13. porn goddess bakery manitowoc

jin's response: WOO-HOO!!! Someone FINALLY got it right!)

If you stifled even ONE giggle (while at your desk at work) you'd BETTER tell me about it in the comment section!
(Seriously, your comments are half the FUN here at jintrinsique!!! :-)

37 Responses to “Sweet Shenanigans”

fairscape said...


I don't know who is naughtier, you or your visitors... LOL!

fairscape said...


Did I get firsts?

Anonymous said...

oooh ooh- number three definitely gets my vote!
those searches are hysterical!

Anonymous said...

sphincter closeups

Sorry, that was me. Did you have to go ahead and rub my face in it! :)

Bathroom Hippo said...

Mine were the mouse ones...

Okay...and the suck one....

But mostly the mouse ones.

Anonymous said...

yeah makes you wonder about some people. I love the searches you get

I typed in llama abuse.

Nothing like a leprechuan ass to start out the next round of holidays - have to order one of thsoe for St Pat's.

How's your Dad?

flatlander said...

I vote for the entymological engagement (if they're both ladybugs, does that count as lesbian action?)

Also, what kind of spyware allows you to know what searches lead to your site? Overseer Q is curious...

jin said...

fairscape: You DID get FIRSTS! WOW!!!! WOO-HOO!!!

Hmmm....I seem to remember
a certain poem
a certain blogger *ahem*
wrote about motorcycles...
I did NOT know it was about motorcycles until the very end.

angel: WELCOME!!! :-)
GOOD! I'm glad you had a laugh!
Come back again!

dan: Ewww!!!! Did you use 'sphincter closeups' & 'rub my face in it' in the same paragraph?!!? LMAO!!!!!!!
:-D Heeheeeee!

hippo: HAHA! I knew you'd say the 'suck' one!!!!
Hippo's are pervs. ;-)

So, do mice eat your underwear, too?!

katy: was over about 3 months though...I save all the 'good' ones! LMAO!

phos: I think you are responsible for the 'sphincter closeups' if I remember correctly! LOL! I don't remember why...

My Dad went through 2 solid days of tests...but, it's the weekend now, so, nothing new until Monday. They took him off of ALL the medication the previous dr. dickwad gave him & supposedly have his heart rate & sugar count in a GOOD place.
He needs to have 1.5 toes amputated, but they are trying to find the cause so they can fix the blockage at the same time they amputate so that no more damage will be done.
He is in VERY GOOD spirits & that's most important.
I was there every day so far except today (about a 40 minute drive each way) & tomorrow we're supposed to have a snowstorm, so I think I'll wait until Monday to go back.

Thanks for asking! :-)

"if they're both ladybugs, does that count as lesbian action?"

LMAO!!!!!!! I never thought of it that way!
:-D Heehee!

I'll email you on your can pass the info on to Overseer Q. ;-)

ticharu said...

I failed to laugh... can I be punished now???

jin said...

Oh, I see.
Do you want me to spank you?

You tricked me!
Now I'm going to have all kinds of people googling for that!!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't have to stifle a giggle. I'm not at work.

Did you know? One of the execs who got busted for ripping off his company threw a million-dollar birthday party for his wife on some foreign island that featured... an ice sculpture of David (the Michelangelo kind, not yours) that urinated vodka. So that last cake topper ain't as far-fetched as you might think.

Sorry about your dad's toes. Hope they weren't important ones and that he keeps on improving.

jin said...

ace: LOL!
Acshully, I happened to see a pic of a David staue in 'working order' when I was searching...but it looked like to much trouble for me to manipulate.
(Um...I mean to add it to my cake pic...just in case you were thinking something pervy. ;-)

The good news...
it's the middle toe
that has to go
(Is that in really poor taste? The rhyme I mean...I didn't start off on purpose like that! :-S)
But they say, that's the best one cos you can balance perfectly well without it.
*fingers crossed*
I'll probably know more Monday night after I visit (I hope we don't have a snowstorm...more crossed fingers please. :-)

THANK YOU Munkee!!! :-)

Jewels said...

Um, #12? Jin, it's okay to be easy, but never CHEAP! Nobody should ever get to spank your bottom for any LESS than, oh, $500! That's the going rate these days... Er, so I hear... LMAO!!!

Sorry dad's toes are going to be leaving us. Here's hoping that his new lifestyle will allow him many, many more healthy years to come.

****fingers crossed: No snow, No snow, No snow!!!****

Oh, and I like the leprechaun one too ;)

Glad your dad has survived the wonders of modern medicine. As much as the Drs yak about all the advancements it seems as though we are still in the dark age when it comes to medicine - or maybe it is my "dark ages technology only" insurance plan...

Brioche said...

The Hippo says I can crash at his place tonight. He says to strap a backpack with $100 in it on me.

I mean, uh.... Bark Bark!

jin said...

jewels: I meant $100 per guy can stop at just one, right?!
I mean, they'll probably do at least 10!!!

phos: Well, guess we're partially lucky w/Dad's insurance...about 5 years ago my parents could not afford insurance for both of them, they had to cut down to one or the other. My Mom decided my Dad should keep his because of his poor eating habits (everything deep fried, no produce, alcohol, butter, tons of salt, tons of hot dogs...etc etc etc *jin cringes*) she always thought he'd end up with a heart attack. If one GOOD thing came out of this (says jin the eternal optimist) it's that he has vowed to completely change his diet for the better. He doesn't even make fun of us 'grazers' anymore. LOL!

hippo: Hahahaha!!! Nice try! Trying to bribe my sweet little bean! She's smarter than that! I might let her stay over by you though...

*jin whispers to Brioche "Now, remember what Mum taught you? The wallet, make sure you get his wallet!"*

Brioche's Agent said...

I'm sorry Jin....


Start packing your cookies and things.
Brioche says you're fired.

Jewels said...

Oh no, honey: $500 is the STARTER, then it's one bill per spank..... *grin*

Bob Dole said...

Bob Dole owns this blog!

jin said...


bob, you heard jewels:
she's my new want a piece o this mean BLOG, speak to her!

DAMN! We have like a foot of snow here right now.

*jin goes home all pissy cos she'll have to shovel 2 places tomorrow*

Jewels said...

That's right Bob... Take a step back, this be My bitch!

LMAO!!! I couldn't even TYPE that with a straight face!!! LMAO!!!!

Yeah, we've got some sort of mini ice-storm happenning here right now. It's been pretty dark and gloomy here all day... So sorry about your back... tomorrow... ;)

jin said...

LMAO jewels!!!

Hey...maybe we can get that 'thing we used to discuss' up n runnin, eh? *codeword spatula*

DAMN! I wish we were closer together!!!!

Never buy "hotdogs", get the "all beef" - less floor sweepings that way. Or you could get broccoli dogs.

MeHereNow said...

Hey jin how you doin'? I've missed reading your blog but I've had a bummer of a few months!Hope its all over now and I can get back to drooling over your creations! Mind you its going to take me ages to read over what you've been up to! Missed you!

jin said...

phos: BOCA! Hahahahaha!!!! Yes, yes...he will be exposed to some of the non-meat meats. ;-) I know he'll like them too!

meherenow: WELCOME BACK!!!
I was wondering what happened to you! I kept checking your blog...some people just quit though, without any notice! I was hoping you didn't do that!
I missed your comments!

Bathroom Hippo said...

I felt like calling your shoppe the other day...

I'd be like:

"Get me a thousand of something" ...
then give a fake address and credit card info.

Jin would post the sad experience of the bad day on her blog. Then I would comfort her...and the process would start again.

It's brilliant...the only flaw...I probably shouldn't have commented...

Howdy, just dropping by to see if there be anything new...

See you later!!


jin said...

hippo: ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!

OH! You made my night anyway!
jin loeurves a smartass!

phos: NEW! NEW!
Dad's foot seems to be healing (after 2 amputated toes).
He may come home tomorrow!!!
*fingers crossed*

Ketutar said...

Ok, ok, I laughed :-)
How do these search engines work actually? It must be interesting to be looking for some hot action and get to an oven.

jin said...

WELCOME to my blog!!!
I'm GLAD you had a laugh! :-)

Ahhh...the search engines pick up comments as well & we tend to joke a LOT in the comment section!

I need to take a closer look at your blogs, seems we have a lot in common! :-) I hope you visit here again!

Anonymous said...

Alright, I giggled at 'squiral'... but that was a build up of amusement (bemusement?!).


Anonymous said...

Jin - there is NO way I found you with those searches! Now I'm wondering how I found you...who knows..I'm just glad I did.

jin said...

rebecca: glad I could make you giggle! YAY! :-)
Thanks for visiting! Come back again! :-)

evi: A lot of my earlier readers told me they saw my comments at New York Hack & came over here.
I am glad you found me, too...however it came about!

jin said...

To: Rebecca (Anonymous)

I received your other comment in my email, but short of going back over each and every post I can't find exactly where you left it!
I just wanted to say THANKS for reading it ALL! Wow!!!
Welcome & I hope you come back again!
:-) :-) :-)

Anonymous said...

Come back? How could I NOT come back with so many cakes and biscuits to see?! Your shop has me wishing I lived in America...or at least somewhere where I could pop in and order a big batch of those biscotti...I love the way they look in the jars - oh, I suppose I'd just have to buy the whole jar then...yum! Oh, and the hallowe'en pumpkin biscuits, and the snowflake biscuits, and the....

(Guilty fact: I giggled when I went onto your shop website and saw 'tarts' on the list at the side - but only once!)

I found my way here from the 'Wedding Photography Blog' - no search engines for me.

-Rebecca (Anonymous)

jin said...

AAAhhh...but I wish I was in the UK most of the time!
(I'm assuming you're from that area? As per your 'tarts' giggle! HAHAHA!!!)
My husband's from the Manchester area. I've not been over there yet...I might not leave!!!

Bear with me, posts may be sparse for a while, my Dad's been ill. But, with luck on my side I'll be at it again soon!