Thursday, August 31, 2006

"I Know This Dude!" Volume I

It's time for another new multi-part series at jintrinsique! I will feature a new person occasionally (this translates to: whenever I feel like it! :-P) that helps to make my Pastry Shoppe COOL! YAY!

*Right now I know there is at least ONE dude reading this that knows the dude that I know already cos he's the dude in the 'I know this Dude' post! Haha!* (I dare anyone to say that out loud three times fast!!!)

Ok, I'm going to give the rest of you ONE clue:

Now, there may be a wife out there who is thinking, "Gee, my husband delivers eggs that look just like those!" Heeheehee...could it be???


"Ta da! dada, dada, dada, dada, dada. daaaa"

"I Know This Dude!"
It's Mark!
From Humpty Dumpty Eggs!

He brings us this:

...and this, too:

So we can make these:

...and these:

...and don't forget about these!
Humpty Dumpty's eggs are in all our goodies! They are not one of those gigantic factory farms (BAD!!!) they are a family owned business (YAY!!!) who have the best products! (Plus, they deliver right to us, how cool is that?!!?)

Now, everyone say hello to Mark & his wife Shelly in the comments section. I have a feeling they will both be reading this! :-D

OH! One more photo! I almost forgot! Mark said his next delivery was to the local strip club, so my Dad unselfishly volunteered to go with him.

We knew Humpty Dumpty delivers almost anywhere, but to a strip joint?!!? When asked what he delivers to them, he replied, "Why, whipped cream, of course!" HAHAHA!!! Turns out he was joking.....I think?

21 Responses to “"I Know This Dude!" Volume I”

Fuff said...

Fabulous. This is the way produce was supposed to be made. I hope you keep some for omelettes and wotknot :)

Katy said...

hi Mark and Shelley

Mark and Shelly said...

Thanks Jennifer !
Tell David that he should have came along with your dad and I..... it sure was fun....(just kidding)

jin said...

fuff: I make lots of quiches!!! LOL!!! MMMmmm... :-D

katy: Thanks for saying hi! I'll be at your place in a minute, I see you posted! :-)

Mark & Shelly: Hahahaha!!!
:-D I told David you said that!!! I'm glad you both got to see it tonight! I tried to post earlier than my 'normal' time! :-)
So, how does it feel to be famous?!!?

MeHereNow said...

Well hello there Mark and Shelley from over here in the UK. Do Humpty Dumpty eggs deliver over here?? ;-)

Cherry! said...

Hi Mark & Shelley!

I used to work on one of the bad chook farms, collecting eggs. It was really revolting and when I left there at the end of the day I stank of chook shit. Fucking HAWT!!

Anonymous said...

Stand up looking guy, that Mark.

Reason #1299 why I miss the homeland: Quality delivery personel.

jin said...

meherenow: Hmmm...maybe if they'll deliver to you I could stow away on their truck! LOL!

cherry: Haha! I had to google 'chook'. Semms it's slang & native only to Australia & New Zealand. For those of you wondering:
YAY google! :-)

andy: HAHA!!! I get it, cos he's 'standing up' ! Clever! :-)
He is a COOL delivery guy, tho! For sure!

jin said...

I'll catch up with any more comments tomorrow night. Great post tomorrow, too! I've got an open house & 2 HUGE weddings!

Jewels said...

Mmmmmmmmmm! Fresh produce: THAT'S what I grew up on. My nana being from a family of 13, every single one of them had their own farm: Poultry, beef/dairy, gardens, the works!

Oh, and do my eyes deceive me? Or do those goodies look suspiciously a LOT like the ones in my sweetbox? ... Wait, that sound naughty. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Jin thanks for the camping receipe link you gave me. Came in really handy and minimized the amount of gruel we consumed.

I'm not sure if I would want to know if my dad was going anywhere near a strip club....

Gyrobo said...

There should totally be a song with "dutch cocoa" in the lyrics.

I don’t think Humpty Dumpty is a good name for an egg company, considering the bad end ol’ Humpty came to. How'd he come by the name humpty anyway? Who was he humping? Did he fall off the wall or was he pushed by the humptee??

jin said...

jewels: Ok, that DID sound naughty! You must be PUNISHED! I'm going to tease you with SWEETBOX item #2!
*Insert Evil laughter HERE!* ;-)

turtle: LOL! Glad it helped! Good to know you are back safe from the 'wilderness'!!! :-D

cp: HAHA! My Dad's a total PERV! LOL! He's 100% Polish & you should see him RUN to help young chicks carry stuff out to their car. On occasion, he's been known to come back in the shoppe & proclaim: "Holy Shit! Did you see the knockers on that little honey?!!?"

For the record: I tell most people I'm adopted. ;-)

*Snap Snap Snap Snap*
Dutch Cocoa feels like silk
Dutch Cocoa tastes nice in milk
It's chocolateeeeey
So yummyyyyyyy
Wah Wah Wah Wah.....

Take it from there Gyrobo! ;-)

phos: Ok, well, their business is on Humpty Dumpty Road. But I don't know what came first, the chicken or the egg?!!?

jin said...

I know, I've let you down. *sob* No post as promised. Only got 1.5 hours of sleep very early this AM. I got as far as gimping my wedding cake pics & I can't keep my beautiful baby blues open enough to actually type anything with substance! LOL.

Will post the pics Sunday late afternoon/early evening. Might I add these 2 wedding cakes were ULTRA AWESOME?!!? Both unique to my portfolio as well!

Will catch up on ALL your blogs the next 2 days, I know I'm WAY behind. But I've got Sunday & Monday off! YIPPEE!!!

fairscape said...


say coo coo cachoo to the Eggman


OK, your dad's personality seems cute & all, but if my dad said anything like that to me I'd barf and then smack him. And I'm a GUY! :)

PS: my friend last night served me fresh raspberry pie. She reminded me of you because she also uses turbinado sugar, which I had never heard of before reading your blog. Oh, and can I tell you how turbinado sugar tastes in Earl Gray tea?????

jin said...

fairscape: HAHA!!! I will do! :-)

cp: LOL! So, if that really ever happens make sure George gets it on tape, for me to view on youtube! :-)

Turbinado IS AWESOME! :-D I don't do sugar in tea or coffee, but D does, & since he met me all he gets is turbinado! LOL!

The absolute BEST you can buy is a brand called Rapunzel. Their Rapadura tastes PHENOMENAL! I'll bet you can get it at Trader Joes (That's what you called it if memory serves...)

Polyman2 said...

Thank you Mark, and Dad.

jin said...

poly: I thought you'd be with them on this one! ;-)