Wednesday, September 12, 2007

22 *cough*

a jin on her birthday
seldom gets cake
for that is something
she'd have to make.....

.....and why the hell would she want to do that when there is soooo much chocolate to be tasted???

Galaxy Bars (and several others that I already ate ;-) courtesy of Katy. Thank You!! :-)
Dagoba were enjoyed at Kavarna where I blissed out on the Perfect Birthday dinner.

44 Responses to “22 *cough*”

Middle Child said...

Happy birthday to Jin...happy birthday to Jin... happy birthday to Jiiinn happy birthday to Jin...

Happy birthday to Jin...happy birthday to Jin... happy birthday to Jiiinn happy birthday to Jin...

Happy birthday to Jin...happy birthday to Jin... happy birthday to Jiiinn happy birthday to Jin...

Hip Hip hooray,
Hip Hip hooray,
hip hip hooray

jin said...

Thanks Therese!!!! :-D

I did have a nice one!!!! :-D

Kingcover said...

Now there's one happy Jin munching away on her wagon load of chocolate! That's an amazing talent you have there being able to balance chocolate bars like that. I'll bet you couldn't balance them on your nose. Hehehe :-P

Andy! said...

Happy birthday. Here's to 22 more!

Dino aka Katy said...

yeahh they made it in time!!! Glad you got to go out for dinner

Gnat of Glass said...

You mean there is food named after the planet that Yoda lived on?! HOT DAMN! Ok so what if it is missing an H at the end, that is yoda chocolate! Had I known you birthday was coming up I would have put something else in with the marble.

HB dear!


MeHereNow said...

Happy Birthday "SWEET" lady! XX

I am positive that Dagoba is that swamping, stinky planet Yoda lived on in the "Teh Empire Strikes Back", So I owuld be careful about its "natural" ingredents.

Ruela said...

Happy birthday = Parabéns ;)
2 uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Ace said...

Happy birthday!

jin said...


I could for sure balance them on my nose!
Bet you couldn't tho!

jin said...



Can the next 22 be new and improved tho?


jin said...


Me too!!

I would have been one pissy jin if I'd have had to cook for myself!

jin said...



Ohhh...I was thrilled with the marble! It's way cooler in person than in the pics!


jin said...


Thank You!!

jin said...


um yeah.
I'll try not to think about that when I am eating the rest of it!

jin said...


Thanks!! :-)))

Ok, got it!
jin says, "Parabéns".

Now, when is your birthday so I can say it to you???

jin said...


Thank You!!! :-D

Kingcover said...

I'll bet I COULD balance those on my nose! ....... There, did you see it? ....... I did it again! ......... You have to have seen it that time! Oh well, your loss. HA!

jin said...

I sure did see it...
But that was
your nose!
(well, ok, maybe not disgust)

jin said...

Takes one to know one!

Kingcover said...

What thaaaaa *gasp*

Ruela said...

13 February shhhhhhhhhhhh!
it's a secret ;)

/t. said...


you cake baking
chocolate loving jin!


¤ ¤ ¤


jin said...


I was so jinnocent before I met you!!!

jin said...


Heeheee!!! :-)))
Your secret is safe with me.

jin said...


You found me out!
I am very guilty of those.

Thank you!!
How can one not have a happy birthday with chocolate around?!!?

caramaena said...

Happy belated birthday!

angel said...

happily belated birfdaze jin dahlink!!!
oh how i hate missing a friend's birthday... i won't do it again!

jin said...


Thank You!!!

jin said...


Better late than never! ;-)
Thanks!! :-D

Zed said...

If I waited any longer, we'd be celebrating your NEXT birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day, Jin!

Might want to avoid drug testing 'til those hemp seeds make it through your system...

JLee said...

Happy Birthday!!! (sorry I am a couple of days late) ;P

jin said...


Haahaa! No problem!!
I had a great day, even without cake!

jin said...


Good catch!!
...or maybe I'll take them out, suck off the chocolate and make myself a shirt out of them!

jin said...


No worries...better late than never!

Zed said...

Make the hemp shirt Jin! It's so easy to do, what's your problem?

jin said...

Haahahahaaa.... Zed, you're a smartass!!!

I like it!! :-D

Did you share your chocolate with Beetle-boy??

jin said...


OMG phos, I nearly spit my coffee ALL over my keyboard!!!!!!!

:-D :-D :-D

Gyrobo said...

Everyone seems to be having birthdays lately. Well, here goes:

Grumpkin, bumpkin, have a thumpin' happy, sappy birthday!

Full of paste and frozen haste, have a happy birthday!

Photoshop and bribe a fop, subtracts your ages thusly!

Prank call Moe or break a toe, to supercharge your funday!

From sunny swamps to stompin' comps to the shore of the banks of Jersey,

Unwrap your fist (as Chuck Norris would say!) and scratch your back with a gardening spade,

And break a sweat while seeding rows,

Of tomatoes,

While eating crow,

And have a happy birthday!

jin said...


Thanks gyro!!!

I hope you didn't overload your circuits on that one!