Monday, September 03, 2007

But I'm jinnocent!

I had one whole day off.
I mean the entire day!
This only happens a few times per year.
So how did I spend my day off from baking pastry?
Why ..... making Ice Cream, of course!
(Ok, so I'm an addict, what's it to ya?!)

This Ice Cream was so good I decided not to share with mr. jin.
I wandered into our backyard garden with my delicious frosty treat.
I went into the far back corner,
behind the lilac tree and
next to the wrought iron bird feeder.
I knew he wouldn't find me.
I took a taste.....

So smooooth,
so luscious,
so, so, sooooooo...

OH! MMMmmmmm....
I closed my eyes
and savoured every creamy mouthful!

But a jin sometimes forgets
the moans of gustatory delight are not in her head
they escape her lips
with each taste
of something phenomenal
and sometimes
if I lose myself in the moment
mr. jin can hear
exactly where the jinsounds derive from
and he will sneak up on me
with digicam in tow
and catch me

A 1/2 empty Goblet
Lemon Verbena Ice Cream
Coconut Ice Cream
Made with Organic Whole Milk, Turbinado Sugar and Egg Yolks.
For the Lemon- I hand picked 30 Lemon Verbena Leaves from my garden, infused them with the milk for 30 minutes & added a tablespoon of Vanilla.
For the Coconut- I added 1 cup of Coconut Milk, 1 cup of finely shredded organic Coconut & 1 tablespoon of Coconut Rum.

Please, allow me to share with you?
Here, have a taste & tell me what you think:

43 Responses to “But I'm jinnocent!”

Jewels said...

'Scuse me. I just made a mess...

Jewels said...

K. Now that I've composed myself:

You had me at coconut...

Kingcover said...

Oh you were so 'busted'!!! ;-)
Caught like a deer in the headlamps, like a young kid going to the toilet when its sibling walks in on it and like stepping into a freezing cold shower in the morning.


Dino aka Katy said...

yummmmmm I want some lemon icecream

Anonymous said...


or should i say,
very cool!

your ice cream would have been a monster huge hit around here in july :)


Ruela said...

Double cool...i want ice cream today ;)
Uf! today here is very hot bffffffffff.

jin said...






jin said...


"freezing cold shower"

this post was about
what were you lookin' at?!


jin said...


I knew you'd eat that!!!

I remembered about you not liking coconut.

The lemon would be good with fresh raspberries on top, too!


jin said...


Oh! I bet it would have been!
Luckily (or unluckily?!) it's hot hot hot here today! Perfect ice cream weather!


JLee said...

You are so naughty....

jin said...


Then I am sending you *virtual* ice cream to keep you cool.

Even though you are pretty cool already!

jin said...


Well, maybe a little.
I think you know what I mean!

Anonymous said...

/t. makes
mental note,
jins love red *


Great! Now when I swing buy the local Baskin-Robins or Cold-Stone Creamery, I am going to get jinwood.

That two more places I'll be banned from, all Cuz I saw Jin eating. :p

jin said...


jins do love red!!!
(and pinks and oranges too!!! ;-)


jin said...


OMG!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Ruela said...

thank you.
After this compliment I go to need more icecream, my face was red. You are very amiable, thanks ;)

jin said...


Heehee! :-)
I'd let you have all the ice cream you long as you bring over your Marilyn Manson CD's to listen to!

OH! Only a few days to go! Are you ready? Don't be nervous!

Zed said...

I'll only have some if you share with Mr. Jin. It's only right.

Gimme gimme please!

jin said...


Oh zed...if you only knew how much mr. jin gets you'd be sick! LOL!!!!

I always joke that I married the perfect guy, for he can eat tons of food and never gain an ounce! (I tend to constantly feed him as well..."Here, taste this! "What do you think of this?" "Eat another one!" etc etc etc....)

...and, yes, I did share! So you can have a big dish too!

Ruela said...

yesterday i made the
waiting to have a good time ;)

Middle Child said...

Jesus, Mary and Joseph that looks so good, I cannot imagine the flavour... haven't had ice cream for being winter recently...but noting would taste as good as yours Jin... Poore old Mr Jin... Did he get to lick that least?

caramaena said...

mmmmm lemon. /drool

Gnat of Glass said...

What the hell is going on here!

Jebus on a pogo stick you have to warn people woman before you put stuff like that on the interwebnetthing.


ROFLOL at Gnat! What a way with words.

Almost as good as Jin's way with ice cream!!

(You did have your way with it, didn't you Jin?)


What luscious soft white billowy mounds...of icecream!!

jin said...


Sounds great! ;-)

Have lots of fun at the show and take photos so I can see!!!


jin said...

middle child:

Ohhh... no worries... mr. jin gets more than enough food! I swear that's the only reason guys ever want a jin... for her mad kitchen skillz!!!

jin said...


Good to *see* you!! :-D
The lemon verbena is yummmmmmy! :-)

jin said...



I *heart* your comments!!!


jin said...


Gnat sure does know how to leave a comment!!! ;-)

Haahahaa!!! ...and yes I DID have my way with that ice cream! Didn't stand a chance!

jin said...


What ever are we going to you with you phos....hmmm?!!?

Did you get an icecream headache???

Eebie said...

Jin, I loved your post cuz I luv ice's my kryptonite. you've left me longing...

Dan said...

You had an entire day off?? And you took it?? Slacker!!! :)

Jin, those pastries were phenomenal. And I have nothing to worry about them expiring. About 75% are already gone!

jin said...


Actually, I did not!

Altho I used to.

Had another dish tonight...MMmmmm.


jin said...


Have I ever told you I like your name?

EEEeeeeeeeeeeebie. :-D

OH! I gotcha? Cool! ;-)

*note to self... go through the streets trying to entice men with ice cream... and see what silly antics they will follow through with to get some*

Hey! That could be a new reality show!

jin said...


It's Dan! :-D

*jin does the vegan dance of joy*

Yay! Soooo glad you enjoyed them!


angel said...

oh it sounds divine... especially the lemon one! i am not as big an ice cream fan as i am of sorbets...

jin said...

The lemon one was GREAT!
Ohhh....sorbets are yummy, too!!

Mad Munkey said...

Feed me Seymour. I'm hungry. So not fair posting all those food pix.

jin said...

Sorry Munkey!!!
I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't do it again....

Welcome to my Blog!!! :-D