Monday, September 17, 2007

Vegan Delights

"MMMMmmmm..... these are the best chocolate cupcakes I've ever tasted!"
said the carnivore to the jin as he is madly consuming one of these:jin- "HA! They're Vegan!"
carnivore- "Whaaaaaat??? NO! You're teasing me!"
jin- "If I said you couldn't have a second one, that would be me teasing you!" *wink*
carnivore- "You're serious!??!"
jin- "Noooo....... of course you can have another one!" *grin*
carnivore- "No! Well, I mean yes... I want another, please! But, they're really Vegan? I thought Vegan food is supposed to taste like crap?"
jin- "Certainly not my Vegan food! The cupcake you just ingested was 100% Vegan and mostly Organic. Amazing aren't I?" *huge grin*

After I politely turn down his marriage proposal I let him taste these:
Chocolate Shortbread Heart Cut-Outs Dusted with Vietnamese Cinnamon Sugar. Made with Vegan Non-GMO Earth Balance for a healthy delicious snack! No eggs, no dairy, no guilty conscience! Yay!

Lemony Filled Shortbread Sandwiches, also made with Earth Balance. These babies are addictive!

Baklava. Nearly Vegan... I do use honey in it, but the ONLY honey I use in my shoppe is locally harvested by a wonderful caring man who treats his bees like they are his children. Kinda like how yours truly treats her Vegetarian Daughter/Fur Baby/Companion Animal:
The jin & The brioche

P.S. Do click on the photos. They will cover your screen and make you drool all over your keyboard. ;-)

37 Responses to “Vegan Delights”

MeHereNow said...

You know the only reason I got firsts is because the insomnia has well and truly got hold of me right?!

Anyway,drooling at 5.56am really isn't attractive you know?!

Love the lemon shortbread - yummy!

Although the fact that I'm fasting doesn't help either. *note to self - DON'T VISIT JIN WHEN THERE'S STILL 8 1/2 HOURSE TILL BREAK OF FAST!!!*

jin said...

Up at the break of Dawn are we?

Are there exceptions?

Oh my... I'm just full of it tonight aren't I?


MeHereNow got FIRSTS!!!!

Bla said...

Looks tasty! :)

jin said...

Thanks bla and Welcome to my Blog!!

MeHereNow said...

I was up so early I wrote 8 1/2 hours when it was actually 13 1/2 hours!!!

Hahaha about "jokes"! Obviously you've got sugar in your system - me missing sugar!!!

Ah well only 4 3/4 hours left!!

Anonymous said...


your baklava
looks too good
to be legal... are you sure you're allowed to post this stuff here?!?

awesome! yum! uh oh... needing a new keyboard...

*splish* *splish* *splash*

¤ ¤ ¤


Vegan food only taste crappy if the Vegan in question doesn't know how to cook or is a self rightous jerk.

But then that is the case with any food.

Everytthing look great!

Ruela said...

nor you know what you made!
I'm to dribble... ops!
I have that to clean the keyboard.
Here in the convent do not have of these cakes...
I go to have a long conversation with the nuns.
Hey brioche, lucky guy!

Anonymous said...

ha hah hah ahah ha hah aha hhahah aha haha hha ha ha!

ruela is off to have a long conversation with the nuns, no doubt to seek forgiveness for desires now coursing through his taste buds!

ruela -- wait for me...


jin said...


...annnnd by the time I type this you have a full belly I bet!
Fast over! lol

jin said...

/t.: should taste the baklava, it's one of my faves!!!
Mine has Indian influences... a secret spice!

I took those photos myself and I was pretty pleased with the results! It was the first time I ever used a tripod. I set up the table in my garden and was very very very lucky to avoid any bees/wasps!!!

jin said...


GOOD philosophy!
I agree with everything you say!
Now can I touch your light saber?

jin said...


Haahahahaaa!!! :-)))
Sorry about your keyboard!

Maybe I could pretend to be a nun and sneak some of the sweets in for you....???

Uh.... maybe not. I don't think I could get away with pretending to be a nun. I'm a little too bad to fake being so good.

Brioche says, "Hi Ruela! My Mum says you are really cool!"

jin said...


I wonder what those nuns would have him do for all those sinful thoughts?!!?

P.S. I'm working on a surprise post. It may take me a few days to complete though... it will include a tribute to you and Ruela and a few others.

Dino aka Katy said...

oh yummy that reminds me the AP birthday party is coming up (3 weeks) can we do the same cake as last year? I need it by Friday the 5th (the party is on Sunday) - oh but I got one boy now

jin said...

Sure can Katy!! :-)
I could ship it on Tues. (post office, would be there on Fri) or Wed. (UPS 2 day air, few more $$) of that week.

I believe I am remembering alternating layers of red velvet and devilsfood cake with cream cheese filling and chocolate glaze?

Ruela said...

A tribute?
What it will be?
Already I have the head in peak as of the artist of /t of in such a way thinking.;))))

jin said...

ruela: will be a great surprise! ;-)))
I have started creating it, but work has been very very busy so you have to wait a few more days before I can finish it!

Dino aka Katy said...

yep that was it. i probably should do UPS.

jin said...

Ok... will send it out the 3rd via UPS... to your office address or home?
I could put:
Happy Birthday Au Pairs
on it?

jin said...

This would probably go faster if I'd just sign into my IM wouldn't it?!!? LOL...
blog funk = IM funk
and they both got me!

JLee said...

I'll take one of each, please :))

jin said...

*jin hands one of each to jlee thru the monitor.*

Beth said...

You ARE amazing! I may ask for your cooking hand in marriage, too.

Kingcover said...

Hey those chocolate hearts remind me of a three leaf clover! And I'll bet they are significantly more edible than clover too. Not that I have tried to actually eat clover before because that would just be silly and stealing food from any wandering horses. *hides secret picture of me eating clover under couch*. Nooooooooo, I didn't just say that did I. Harumphhhhh, now I have to search for a new hiding place *sniff*

jin said...


Well... ok, but only if you do dishes!!!


jin said...


You'd better not be eating clover...
It increases the sex-drive!!!

jin said...

Hey everyone...
INSANELY busy the last few days...
will catch up with your blogs ASAP!

Ohhhh.....I have been taking LOTS of piccies.

Miss You!

Nice pair...of cupcakes. Vegan, eh - so there's no meat in them??

Gyrobo said...

I rarely expect to find meat -- such as premium corned beef or pastrami -- in my baked goods. But it's always a welcome surprise. In fact, sometimes I'll slip my bakist a fifty to get a pound of ham soldered right into a marblecake.

jin said...


Haahahahaaaa.... about that?!

jin said...

Hi gyro!!!!:

If you slip me a fifty
I'll get you a nifty
and very thrifty
beef pie!

*jin knows he won't notice it's really soy...*

angel said...

divine. delicious. exquisite... oh how i wish i could frequent jin heaven!!!

jin said...

Ohhh... I wish you could too!!!!

Know any geniuses? You could ask him to create a teleportation device!!!

Middle Child said...

Oh my God... have to admit to a small but delicate and very discreet drool of dribble myself

jin said...

Heehee! Thats ok Therese! I won't tell!

Katie Schwartz said...


Must have lemon shortbread cookies. They look divine. What have you got for me in the savory department that's vegan and low fat? Talk to me, girl. I need some pre-made foods that I can fly in the oven.

Spill, lovergirl.