Friday, September 28, 2007

Blogger Love Volume I

Welcome to a new feature here at jintrinsique ladies & gents!
A feature where, YOU, the blogger, are the star.
I will use you like putty in my hands,
er... maybe more like dough.

Cookie dough, that is.
Yes, that's right friends,
mistress jin is going to turn
each and every one of YOU
my blogstalkers
into a jinoriginal edible delight!

Uh, when I have time.
This may take a while before I get to all of you!

For the first post I've started with a few men.
(Because jins like men.)

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


(Check him out here & here & look what he made for me!)

Step #1
/t. as shortbread (approx. 7" x 4")

Step #2
/t. is a bright eggy yellow

Step #3
/t. made me pipe a LOT of tiny code

Off the page cookie.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

(Check him out here & here, he's way cool!)

Etapa #1
Ruela é um bolinho do vanilla.

Etapa #2

Ruela é coberto com o chocolate.


'The Being' as interpreted by the jin.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


(Everyone's favourite V Agent for Breakfast!)

Step #1
Phos is not a Spice Cake

Step #2
Phos is still not a Spice Cake

Step #3
Always take the chewing tobacco out of your mouth before donning your M-17 gasmask.


ala pastry queen.

63 Responses to “Blogger Love Volume I”

Little Lamb said...

Phos should see this!

Ruela said...

He is fantastic, you put me a smile until the ears! ;))))))))))
Everything to the detail, nails, wire and the colors.
You are a great artist.
thank you u u u u u u you you surprised me.

Kingcover said...

Neato! I wonder how you'll do me??? :-)

Dino aka Katy said...

oh how cool. Wonder what yours truly little dino will look like as a cookie. It was great talking to you last night

Anonymous said...

ha haha hah ha haha ha ha ahha ahah a ah ahh ah aha ha hah ha haha ha hah aha hah h ah a haha hah ah ah ah ah ah ah aha hha ha ha ha a a aha a ha haha ha hah haha hah ah ah aha hah ha ha!

FABULOUS! you creative jin, you!

we all look good enough to eat!

thank you, jin, for this wonderful, creative surprise, and for this great honor you bestow upon us :)


jin said...

little lamb:

I'm sure he'll be around soon!
Welcome to my Blog! :-)

jin said...


YES!! :-)))))))))))))

I am SO happy you like it!

Thank you for the great compliments! The first time I saw 'The Being' I wanted to recreate him with frosting! lol!
Thanks for your inspiration!

jin said...


OMG, I couldn't do you first because I only came up with one image!

jin said...


Unfortunaltely yours won't be a dino as it's copyrighted.... but I will create something that reminds me of you!

Ohhhh...I'm sooo glad you called! Was great talking with you too!

jin said...


You are most welcome!
I had fun doing it! :-)

I suppose I shall have to take photos as we are madly consuming them, hmmm?! heeheeee

foam said...

wow! i followed /t's link on over here. these are fantastic!

jin said...

Thank you very much foam and Welcome to my Blog!!!

Not Ashley said...

OMG...those are fantasticly (is that a word?) creative!


I never looked better!! Thanks Jin, you are the cookie master!!!

jin said...


Haahaaaa! Thank You much!!

*jin takes a bow*


jin said...


Yay! You finally saw it!!! :-D

You're welcome!

Just pretend it's spice cake shaped like a cookie!

Middle Child said...

What a character you are Jin... if there were more of you you'd be dangerous and the world would be a hugely much better place... You make me smile

jin said...

Haaahahahaaa!!!! MC that is by far one of the greatest comments (and compliments! ;-) I've ever received!!!

Thank YOU!!!

angel said...

oh wow jin... once again you have blown me away with your genius! love your work!!

MeHereNow said...

HeHeHe! Brilliant idea! How do you find the time to think these things up never mind follow through?!

OMG Jin! You are amazing! How DO Yo do it? Where's the time? Oh this is just wonderful. I so totally love Phos (not just the man - but now the cookie too!) ... and Ruela, and /t, and ... oh, just can't wait to see the others as they come out!!

You could market those - /t. Tea cookies and Phantastsic Phosies. I think cookies like that would put the Girl Scouts out of business once and for all.

Mad Munkey said...


I'm probably too new, but I'll keep checkin'.

puerileuwaite said...

Hi Jin. I'm here via the Phosgene Kid's blog (but PLEASE don't hold that against me). I love your creations! I would like to officially request one with MY likeness, which I would then like your permission to place in my Sidebar. Thanks!

jin said...

Hey Everyone!
Sorry I haven't been my sociable self lately but I have excuses!
1. I spent too much time playing with Blogger Love cookies.
2. I just got done with a 24 hour shift when...
3. My produce guy generously gives me about 200 pounds of organic heirloom tomatoes that were 'perfect ripe' yesterday. You're all thinking, "So what?".
Soooo... that meant I had to make tomato sauce immediately or I would be inundated with fruit flies whuch is EWwww in my book. I just spent 3 hours washing & chopping. OMFG I never thought I'd get done!

I know what you're all thinking.
You can't believe that's how a jin spends her Saturday night. You thought I lived a much more glamorous life, didn't you?! Harumph! Well, I'll show you! It was exciting! Titillating even! After all, how many of you cook tomato sauce in the nude?

It's damn hot in the kitchen with four huge pots boiling!


p.s. Will be around to your blogs (and reply to your comments) as soon as I get a chance!

caramaena said...

Just brilliant Jin!

Ruela said...

One again i’m thankful to you because this work does not go for no museum or gallery and leaves in it one litlle of your soul, persistence, generosity and creativity. You make the work most important that it exists and nor always recognized because without food we die, is a well essential one. You write in the text as you passed Saturday night, therefore i know what this is, I already was a cook in Switzerland.
Yes Ruela already cooked very.
I hope that you understand everything what I wrote ;)
best wishes.

Jewels said...

Oh geez. I'm afraid of what you'll use to identify me... A boob?!?

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ;)

... thats how I recognize you jewels. Speaking of that haven't seen any belly dancing in quite a while. Jin made me such a wonderful cookie, I bet you could come up with the dance of the seven phosses or something...

Ian said...

We need someone like you in our midst.

So lovely and so talented.

jin said...

Thanks!! :-D You do know I visualize you as a dragon, right?! (A nice one, of course! ;-)

My brain never stops. LOL, seriously! I have to do fun things like this on occasion or I'd go crazy!!! :-)

jin said...

Aww... thanks! You're too kind! Sometimes I look back at a piece I've created and I think, 'How the hell did I do that?!' LOL!!! :-D

I could call it the 'Woman Scouts' and all the members would have to host dueling cleavage matches whilst selling cookies!

jin said...

mad munkey:
By the time I get around to everyone you might not be that new anymore! ;-) I intended to make these over a month ago! lol! Your avatar would make one cool cookie tho!

Haahaa....any frind of the phos is a friend of mine! ;-)
Your likeness or the Pug's? *giggle*
I'd have to cartoonify him (or her?) first as I openy admit I cannot do people or pets realistically. (Not for lack of trying! They just always turn out looking like demented psycopathic beings and mutant animals.)
Anyway... when I get around to everyone since you can't really eat the cookie (I do that :-P) permission is granted to use the image on your blog, of course. :-D

jin said...


I understood everything.

To know that you appreciated it so much makes me very very very happy.
I am so glad we crossed paths, your work is amazing and I would love to be able to see it in person one day!

Ahhhhhh!!!!! You were a cook?!
WOW! I had no idea. Cool!!!

jin said...

Thank you!! :-D
Might I add that's a cookie-looking avatar if I ever did see one?!! ;-)

I am a woman, so the first thing I think of when I think of Jewels is jewels!
But we both know the guys would prefer a boob, wouldn't they?!!?

jin said...

Dance of the Seven Phossies
I second that! Jewels? Jewels honey! When can we see that one?

Aren't you sweet?! :-) Well thank you very much and Welcome!!
Hmmm... you do remind me of someone else... do you have multiple blog personalities?

Kingcover said...

Will you be commenting on our blogs in the nude too??? :-P
And LOLOL at your comment to me. You were talking about the whole leprechaun image, right?? Right? *chuckle*

jin said...

I always comment on your blogs in the nude.
Doesn't everyone?
My neighbors love me for it.

Uh, leprechaun... yeah. Uh-huh. You betcha that's the image that was in my pretty lil head.

Eebie said...

Jin, I love reading your blog, many appologies for not posting replies, stalks or otherwise, still Ilove the pics and all the creative stuff - much of which makes me hungary!

All the best, eebie.

Ace said...

There's another munkee?


I've been gone too long. Sooooo busy.

But cool cookies! Poke me when it's munkee time!

jin said...


GOOD to *see* you! :-D
I know you're busy, no problem!

You know when I get to you, you'll be a whip, right?!

jin said...


Oh, no worries, I think that's a girlmunkey... and she spells it different.

When I do the monkey cookies I'll be sure to put a munkeepenis on yours so everyone knows it's you.

Tiffanie said...

Wow Jin! That is totally cool.

Gnat of Glass said...

Jen can you send me a write up on how you make tomato sauce? I have an metrix ass load of tomatos and need to do something with them.

I love the Phos!


Rich said...

I think you should do a cookie of the picture on my blog... but only if you bake it in the nude.

All I can say is "Skin to win, baby, skin to win!!"

We need to have a convention - all these wild cats get together and get really drunk and swim naked in the fountain and shit. I'll bring the beer.

jin said...


I think I have an idea for you already!!

jin said...


Can do... coming soon.

jin said...


I saw!!!

Nude? Me?
I don't post pictures of me like that.
Not here anyway.

jin said...


Sounds grand!

I'll do all the video camera work seeing as I love to make fun of the drunks!

jin said...

Hey everyone:
Insanely busy all week thru Saturday night.
My posting and commenting may suffer.
Do you still love me anyway???

Zed said...

Beautiful stuff, Jin!

I want to be an edible delight! I want to be an edible delight!I want to be an edible delight!

Okay, I'll wait my turn and try to be patient. Sigh.

angel said...

hey jin-licious!
i so hope you're catching up properly on all your work so i can see what you've been up to!
so is it wedding cakes? is it more blogger love cookies?
i'm waaaaaaiting...

Ruela said...

for goodness'sake...yes ;)
you are very affectionate with us and a pretty girl ;)

jin said...


Thank You!! :-D

Let me guess...
you want to be an edible delight?

I'm SO psychic!!!

Maybe I'll turn you into a Sushi cookie.

jin said...


What have I been doing????
Wedding Cakes, yes.
Blogger Love, yes.
Muffins, yes.
Scones, yes.
250 decorated cut-outs, yes.
Birthday cakes, yes.
Anniversary cakes, yes.
Apple desserts, yes.
Breads, yes.
Oblivions, yes.
Shipping orders, yes.
Tired jinny, YES!!!!!

jin said...


You are soooooooo nice.
You are muito muito muito muito cute too. ;-)

How was the Dali exhibition?

I have pictures of a beautiful wedding cake I made. It turned out fantastic! I will post this evening.

Ruela said...

you find some photos here:

jin said...

Ruela, thanks for the link, I looked at them! Looks like a really neat place! Cool! :-)

Gyrobo said...

Sometimes I think you just like baking.

Take some time from your ovens and mits to appreciate broadcast signal intrusion -- 'tis the season.

jin said...


do you think?
Well, ok.
Maybe just a little.


They rhyme, you know?
I must follow my destiny!

Gyrobo said...

I can't argue with words.

jin said...


It's your calling to be an exotic dancer! Who knew?!!?