Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Really Ravishing Rosy Rhinestone




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jin said...

Thanks Katy!
I thought so too.
I was quite pleased with how it turned out.

MeHereNow said...

That's really elegant,and I am so not a pink person but found myself imagining the venue and the flowers and the dresses etc!

It's all Lesley's fault getting me thinking about weddings again!!

Still,nothing matched no.101!!!

I bow to you once more oh genius of the cake making!!

Anonymous said...

that is
a pretty cake

a work of art, jin

and it looks good enough to eat!


Ruela said...

yes that's true
very pretty.
It was of that I spoke, here are not thus.
It stows to see blogue of jewel and saw you;)

Rich said...

You ARE a clever Jin... as always... do we still need to say how much we like how you decorate your cakes? Cause if it isn't obvious by now, then... well... um... very pretty cake Jinster!

jimbo said...

Man... You should have done our wedding cake.

Look at this piece of crap!
I hated it. Wife liked it. I think she must have been experiencing temporary blindness.

It was all bumpy and looked dusty. I only ate one bite of it... yuck.

Save the top tear in the freezer? HELL NO!

jin said...


Thanks so much!
Ahhh... pink is my fave colour. I always adore when someone wants pink on their cake.

Oh, is she getting married?! Are they engaged?! Wow! Another cyberromance strikes again!

jin said...


Thank You!! :-D

Ohhh... good enough to eat alright! It was all Red Velvet Cake layers brushed with a Turbinado Sugar Syrup and Cream Cheese Filling. Frosted with White Chocolate Buttercream!

jin said...


Thank you!! :-)

Hmmm... I think that wasn't me???

jin said...


"do we still need to say how much we like how you decorate your cakes?"

Ummm... Yes?!

jins like compliments.
jins NEED compliments.
A jin can never have too many compliments.
However, a jin can have too few compliments which can cause a multitude of problems. So, you'd best air on the side of caution and keep 'em coming!

jin said...


She was maybe just trying to be positive as no bride wants to be unhappy with her wedding cake!!!

Ready for my analysis?
(Emphasis on analysis because I'm an anal-retentive jin! Esp. when it comes to cakes! LOL)

Here goes:
1. Your cake was covered in rolled fondant. Personally I hate the taste of it so I never ever ever cover cakes with it. I have managed to mimic the look of it by smoothing buttercream perfectly.
2. If it was all bumpy that means they used...

Uh...are you sure you want to hear this?

Yeah, well, you've already eaten it so what's the harm? ;-)

2. If it was all bumpy that means they used very old fondant. Fondant that had gone dry and hard and they tried to roll it out anyway. Hence, the powder everywhere...
3. They had trouble rolling out the fondant because it was old and had to dust it generously with either powdered sugar or cornstarch.

On the positive side, at least it looked fairly straight! I like the design concept too... just that those colours don't totally jive together.

Thanks for sharing the pic tho! :-)

Ticharu said...

Does the top pop off???

that cake is far too pretty to eat

Anonymous said...

exactly! ditto what east village said.

I'll bet the rhinestones add some real crunch!! Did Jewels make the pins???

jin said...


Wow! Thought you'd already hibernated for the winter!
(Or your guest tired you out!!! ;-)

Yes, the top pops off and out pops...


jin said...


Ohhhh..... I don't think you'd have said that if you were standing in front of it while they were cutting it!!!

jin said...


But you wouldn't pass up a piece, now would you?!

jin said...


Ha! The groom asked me if I was going to poke the pins *into* the cake.
When I said "NO!" he looked at me strangely.
I replied that I never ever ever stick a pin inside of a cake as that could be much too dangerous!

puerileuwaite said...

Wow, IMHO that's even nicer than Elvis and Priscilla's Wedding Cake! Plus I'm sure it's tastier, because the King probably insisted on peanut butter and bananas in his cake.

Now I'm REALLY excited about my Pug cookie!

Ticharu said...

Well it looks like one of 'those' cakes!
Yes, I'm in hibernation mode, so if yer know any bears, tell em to come keep me warm! :)

Middle Child said...

So does one stick a knife into this... but then it would taste as good as it looks so that would be a big incentive.

angel said...

squealing with delight
i love it! its exquisite!

Rich said...

Oh, I see, that's how it is!

BTW, you're looking beautiful today.

jin said...


Deep fried p.b. & banana filling. Ewwww!

Ahhh.... I've yet to enjoy more blogger love... ohhhh and do I ever need me some more of that!

Take comfort in knowing I have downloaded the image of the pug, ready & waiting for my dainty fingers to work magick on his bone.

jin said...


Well, us veggies can still let bearskin keep us warm as long as the bear is still wearing it, right?! ;-)
I'll try to send you a randy female bear that's not too big & vicious.

jin said...


That is half of the fun to me! Watching it be destroyed & consumed! Unfortunately I rarely get to witness that!

jin said...


I made you *squeal with delight*!!!
That's AWESOME!!!
:-D :-D :-D

jin said...


You are a sweetie.

Might I add that:
You are also highly intelligent.

.....annnnd you always know just the right thing to say!!!

Ruela said...

It must have given much work to make these drawings

SO the ground glass between the layers is probably out of there too, eh?

jin said...


You mean the 'scroll' patterns on the side?
That took about 1 hour. I recreated the design they had printed on their invitations. I piped it freehand right onto the cake with the pink frosting. I work pretty fast!

jin said...


I have had people ask me to use actual champagne glasses between the cake tiers.


"Hello... is there anyone in there?"
*pointing to thier head*

'Course I don't really say that.....
...not out loud anyway.