Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Blogger Love Volume II

Scott Novota
aka Gnat of Glass

Had this awesome contest a while ago.
I did not win said contest.
one winner came from my blog
so I got a referral prize!

It's a super heavy marble!


I also saw this picture on his blog:
He made this bowl.
How incredible is that?!!?

I have decided
after much jintrospection
that Scott
(in my delusional jinmind)
can be
none other
a vanilla cookie bowl.

Scott is also very Green
and swirly.

Watch his progress in Florida
as he creates his own
Glassblowing Studio (!)
and all the incredible pieces that come out of it
Gnat of Glass

30 Responses to “Blogger Love Volume II”

Dino aka Katy said...

oh wow I love his bowl - the one he made - yours does however look tastier! PS I am FIRST!!!!!!!

Middle Child said...

Is there no end to what you can do with a bit o sugar and flour...?

jin said...


First time in a long time you got FIRSTS!!!

Yeah... isn't his bowl awesome?!!?

jin said...


Sometimes I think there are too many limitations and sometimes I amaze myself!!!

Gnat of Glass said...

I am speachless. I have no idea how to react to this.

So I will just say the first couple of things that came out of my mouth.

Woh! Sweet!

That bowl came out of it's packing yesterday to be put on the sales shelf. Now I have trouble with selling it because it has been imortalized by "The Jin".

Ok time to make a quick post and point it here. MiniMolli is not going to believe it.


Jewels said...

I'm going to send you a photo of what my cookie should be... Three guesses as to what it'll be. ;)

Ruela said...

Creativity above jin.
As well too Gnat's art, like very much is pumpkins.
Hope Smashing Pumpkins don't go there ;))))

angel said...

marvellous stuff jin!
i just love your ideas- and gnat's bowl is just perfect!
i got my glass from scott... its still in its box coz its gorgeous and i'm terrified it'll come short. i take it out and admire it every now and then, then i put it back in its bubble wrap... i'll use it eventually i know... its to beautiful to keep hidden!

Anonymous said...

& cookies

all beautiful!


jin said...


Yeah!! Glad you like it!
I always loved that bowl... I knew that's what I wanted to make when I did yours.

I wish I would have waited 3 days before I took the photo... the green faded and sort of ran and there were whole other dimensions of colour... ah well.

So far all the blogger love cookies have been given to kids to eat, free of charge. Now, that's priceless!

jin said...


Yours will take some time... I've got a vision, tho. Wow... a vision that will take some serious decorating stamina! LOL
You my dear, will be Jewellery!!!!
Of course!

Ha! Noooo, not boobs. ;-)

jin said...


Thank You!!! :-)))

I used to love Smashing Pumpkins! I haven't listened to them in a long time.

Yes, gnats pumpkins are great. The internet is so wonderful for artists! We can all admire each other from halfway across the globe!

jin said...


Thanks!! :-D

Tell you one thing about gnats glass... mine seems to be indestructible! I have been showing it to customers like crazy and I was horrified when two different people dropped it on my hardwood floors! Know what? It didn't break or chip or anything! Altho I have been more careful about showing people!

jin said...


Thank you! :-)

Look what you have started...
Now I fully understand your looooong sidebar list. All the beautiful creations you made for family, friends and bloggers!
You are one serious inspiration!
Thank YOU!!!

foam said...

i never realized that a glass bowl, despite it's amazing beauty, could make me hungry..
oh, wait.. it's a cookie!
and, of course the actual bowl is stunning itself.

Jewels said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Will you use one of MY creations? Now that would be neat! Which one? OMG! I can't imaging how long it would take you to make one of my pieces! Well, as a cookie anyway. LOL!

puerileuwaite said...

Yeah, yeah. Nice marble, neat bowl. Now where's my cookie?

jin said...


A HUGE glass bowl
FILLED with cookies!
Damn, now I made myself hungry!

jin said...


I have a little jar of decos just for your cookie. Sitting there... waiting.
Ohhhhhh..... they are PERFECT!
You seriously won't believe how much they look like...

Best stop here. Don't want to ruin the surprise!

jin said...


Did that comment come from the dog or the man behind the dog? Someone needs to learn a bit of patience... or you need to kiss up to me more.

There will be no more blogger love this week. For the record I had a few cookies cut out and ready to start creating... but last night I had an opossum visit the backyard at my shoppe and... I knew he travelled miles to come here just for my sweets and... I had nothing else to give the poor lil fella and... I gave him 6 undecorated blogger love cookies.

jin's <3 wild animals.
Er, maybe I should rephrase that...

Kingcover said...

Now all you need is about 29 more marbles and you can play a game with them. You can hide them any where and then go and find them. Just spin yourself around a few time until you are dizzy and that will help you forget where you hid some of them. It can last ages if you hide them well enough :-)

p.s. I already know what you are going to say in reply to all of that, lol.

Aunty Belle said...

Oh gracious!! My, Sugar, but ya' has one whale of a talent---wish't Wisconsin weren't so far!

Now you can have your bowl and eat it too!!

Jewel's baked item should be interesting - you could probably start with two Hostess snowballs...

You really bowl me over - ack, ack, ack,ack!!!!

jin said...


What was I gonna say?
That I can make that marble disappear without using my hands?

jin said...

auntie belle:

Thank You and WELCOME to my blog!! :-)

jin said...


Ohhh...you just gave me a FABULOUS idea for Jewels!!! Haaaahahahahaaaa!!!!
Thanks phos!

jin said...

Miss you ALL!!
Will post tomorrow,
wedding cakes galore!
Got some FANTASTIC photos!!


TAG said...

Wow, I gotta stop by more often. Love, love, love the Blogger Love concept.

Most excellent Jin.


jin said...

Tag, you are most definitely on my list of guys to do.

For Blogger Love I mean.