Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Different Shade of ..... Tart

An Array of Tarts for my Blogger PalsHelp Yourselves!
What flavour would you like?

Chocolate Brownie topped with Real Vanilla Whipped Cream

Authentic Crème Brûlée

Frangipane with Fresh Organic Peaches

Eccentric Naturally Sweetened jinspice

40 Responses to “A Different Shade of ..... Tart”

MeHereNow said...

Oh Oh Oh can I have a Chocolate Brownie please Oh and a Creme Brulee too please thank you please!!

/t. said...

Chocolate Brownie
topped with Real Vanilla
Whipped Cream is me...


Jewels said...

Now, I know I just placed my order, but do THOSE travel? ;)
Mmmmmmmm, I'll have two of EACH please. But none for anybody else!

U've got mail!

Ruela said...

please i have a request:
i want a dozen of
Chocolate Brownie topped with Real Vanilla Whipped Cream,
a dozen of Authentic Crème Brûlée
and a dozen of Frangipane with Fresh Organic Peaches
it is everything...



I want plus a dozen of Chocolate Brownie topped with Real Vanilla Whipped Cream.
They seem all good ;)

Just in case I needed to know, whats the shelf life? can they be mailed or Fed-Exed?

jin said...

...will reply tomorrow.
Too tired.
Busy busy busy jinny...

JLee said...

I'll take a chocolate one!! mmmm

Does your town have any idea how lucky it is to have you!!!??

Anonymous said...

i'll have all of them, pretty please..:)

angel said...

i'll have the brownies please jin...

Anonymous said...

Showing a wee bit of clevage too, Jin; that looks like a delicacy ;) !!! [I've had a bit to drink, so I'm posting anonymous.]

jin said...

You bet! Here's 2 of each! ;-)

Ahhh... good choice! I had one of those myself. ;-)

jin said...

Oh, unfortunately only the Frangipane would travel well!
Cool! Thanx for the reading! :-D

I could do raspberry cheesecake too, fyi! ;-)

jin said...

Haahahahaa!!! A man after my own heart! I would love to watch you eat all those tarts! ;-)))

The brownie tarts can be mailed without the cream, but I can top them with ganache! ;-)
No on the creme brulee, you need to visit me to taste those! :-D
Yes on the frangipane tarts!

jin said...

Done! (I knew you'd want that one! ;-)

Honest? Nope. Well, a select few do, the majority do not.

jin said...

Yay! You aren't shy about tasting (and asking) for all of them! I like that! ;-)

Ok... will 6 be enough? (For starters... ;-)

I like how you think! ;-)
Thanks!!! :-D
(Hope you had a glass of wine for me as well! ;-)

RIch said...


I just felt like saying something other than 'Cake!' for a change. You been good me hopes.

Gnat of Glass said...

Man those brownies look serious.


jin said...


Plaits it is! Well, some days.

Uh... life? Uh... good?
jins are eternal optimists.
So I shall say yes.
If you ever need an actress for one of your projects I'm damn good at pretending.
Oh, and I'm free as long as I get sex or chocolate.

jin said...


Oh, they are. They are indeed.
Almost like the oblivion in a shell with whipped cream.

jin said...


You finally have an avatar photo!!!

Damn you're hot!

jin said...


I may be scarce when it comes to commenting at your blogs the next few weeks.
I've got several projects going that seem to be taking up much of my free time.
Plus my busy season is almost here.
So, apologies if I just lurk in my feeds instead of engaging in my usual amount of blogbanter.
I need more free time!
Visit me here as much as you want to though, for I will keep up with my replies 'cause I <3 you guys!!!

kateeighty said...

I'm at kateonthenogo.blogspot now because Google are horrible people.

jin said...

Awww... so sorry Kate!
I'll change your link as soon as I get a chance.

Gnat of Glass said...

I think you should make something "Jentacular"

That is actually a word. To bad it did not have the I.


Rich said...

I can certainly arrange both... but that will just be the private audition for the Director, I'll make sure he's hot... by hot of course I mean, me.

Ewww, that's just a little too pervy.

Well I'll keep my fingers crossed that whatever is bubbling uncomfortably under your calm and composed exterior quietens down soon.

jin said...


Well I'll be damned!!!
It is a word!

"pertaining to breakfast"

Well, my real name is jen, so... whatever works!

jin said...


I've heard that line before!
Then they just ask for a blow job and try to pawn a shitty Hershey's bar off on me. Bastards!

Ruela said...

yes i'm hot!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Happy Halloween

jin said...


LOL! That's a mighty fine skull you have there! ;-)

I spent my Halloween watching horror films! :-) What did you do?

Ruela said...

the same ;)
watching † † † † † Ghost Rider

Happy halloween you tarte!!

jin said...


OH! I haven't seen that yet. I want to. Was it good?

jin said...


If I'm a tarte
you're an old fart!

Hope you had a good one!

Ruela said...

yes † † † † † :)

jin said...

Cool! I'll have to see it soon! :-)

puerileuwaite said...

I think I might actually prefer the tart who made them.

jin said...

EEEeeEEeeE...heeeheheheeee! :-D
puerileuwaite you are the first to leave the correct answer*!
You winnnnnn!!!

*The correct answer
The answer a jin likes to hear