Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Words of Love

Each and every "Words of Love" cake is totally unique.
I personally tailor it to suit the Bride & Groom.

a jin's cake might say something like this:

passion SEX
Togetherness BEAUTY
Embrace the Unknown
Hold Me Thrill Me KISS ME
chocolate truffles
Laughing Dancing Thrusting Trusting
Holding Hands Listening to Bands
Your CARESS FOOD perfectionism
Our NAKED flesh Sweat Beaded Brow LUST
Intrinsic Trust Talking LISTENING
How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways!
Sultriness You Complete Me LIVE to LOVE
Melding of MINDS Ultimate Pleasure

28 Responses to “Words of Love”

Kingcover said...

HAHA! I'd love to see the expression on the mothers-in-laws faces when they read some of those words on their off-springs cake. I mean "Holding hands listening to bands" - the debauchery of it! ;-)

Anonymous said...

lovely, as always. The penmanship made me gasp! I should get married just so you can bake me a cake.

Dino aka Katy said...

you know I have to agree with with KC mother in laws , aunt in laws and grandmothers would all have an unbelievable facial expression

Anonymous said...

loves it
when our jin
talks the dirty!


Ruela said...

yes, we loves it ;))))

how big of a cake would you need to say all that. It would be taller than a 6'4" clone trooper. ;)

Wordvert: pfovl = party foul said by a really drunk person

jin said...


Heehee... I told you I wouldn't put that on their cakes!

That's what I'd put on mine, maybe...

*jin goes back and reads the post again*

I sound like a slut!!!
WTF was I thinking about when I wrote that?

jin said...


I have worked very very (very!) hard at perfecting my writing on cakes as I have seen horrid writing on many 'bakers' cakes. It always makes me involuntarily cringe when I see sloppy writing on a cake!

I wish I had someone to set you up with! You would not believe the amount of guys who ask me to set them up... only trouble is it's only guys who ask me! I don't really know any single women. Well, not any nice ones anyway! LOL

jin said...


Haahahahaa.... I could always write it in a different language!!!

jin said...


Who, ME?

*jin looks around*

Not, ME?!

*jin points at the dog*

It was her.

jin said...


I'm glad.
I was worried It was a bit too much after I posted it. It's very true though! LOL!!!

jin said...


Wow! Could I pipe a LOT of frosting verse over the body of a 6'4" Trooper!
Not that I ever have...
thought about it I mean.

jin said...


Very busy week/weekend.
Might not get out & about for commenting.
I'll make it up to you all, I swear!

Full Moon coming up,
Enjoy it!
(jins LOVE Full Moons... we come alive!) ;-)


Jewels said...

Full Moon Spell coming up then eh? ;)
Yup! Yup! Yup!

I love the 'Belle Lettres' cakes, they're beautiful. Hmmmm, a Blue Moon Spell cake would be awesome! (with all the right incantations per tier)

I have to echo Andy here on your penmanship: How do you write so well on the vertical? And with ICING?!? WTF! You really ARE a WITCH! LMAO!

*Girlie, I need something very special for a special little Highness who'll be celebrating her 6th Bday very soon, do you know anyone who could help me with that?* ;)

jin said...

Jewelsssss!!!! Ahhhh..... you've no idea how happy I am this week!!!
It's the first full moon in well over a YEAR and a half that 2 out of 3 of the houses that border the shoppe's back yard are EMPTY! YES YES YES!!!
You'd better damn well believe I am taking advantage of this baby.
(for the lurkers reading this, no I do NOT do my spells in the nude...perverts)
I've always been a solitary but damn... if you were here I think we'd work GREAT together!!!

Re the penmanship on cakes: like I said, I worked HARD until it was totally perfected! ;-)

Re the little highness: Well, YEAHHHH!!!! :-D Let me know when & what. Did you see Katy's post on the cake she got a couple weeks ago? She posted pics, too. Shipped fabulously!

Anonymous said...

HAHA, you don't have to set me up. I wouldn't charge that task with anyone.

Ruela said...

Full Moon auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
au au au
big night ;)

jin said...


Hmmm... ok, how's about you ride around your neighborhood serenading ladies bedroom windows with your mad banjo skillz?

jin said...


Come join me by the fire & we can do witchy things under the moonlight!

Ruela said...

good ideia! ;)

Anonymous said...

i think i met a witch in meatspace recently. i was so tickled. kind of unusual in the baptist overrun backwaters i live in..
lovely cakes.
i love the wording on your love cakes..lol

Anonymous said...

oops, oh me, foam

angel said...

oh jin- you truly are a genius- i love this idea!

jin said...


Oh! I had a GREAT full moon, did you too? ;-)

jin said...


Thanks!!! :-D

Ahhh... not many around here either & it took me many years to outwardly admit my witchiness! LOL! Your average person around here thinks of 'horror movie stereotypes' if you say you're Pagan or Wiccan. I like for people to get to know *me* first, you know?! But, there are still some that find out and freak out! lmao! Whatever...

jin said...


I've made sooo many of these already! Each one different! :-)

puerileuwaite said...

I would like mine to say:

Pug Doesn't Do
Pre-nuptual Agreements
So Don't Even Bother To Ask For One

jin said...

Brilliant sir Pug!