Sunday, January 20, 2008

8 Things Meme Contest

Per chance there are a few peeps out there reading that are not familiar with the blog meme- click here for the general rules.

I was tagged months ago by MeHereNow. I didn't forget- life just got in the way! Everyone knows a jin always sucks it up & faces her tagger- the only caveat being: jins usually like to change the rules.
(Rules are made to be broken, aren't they?! ;-)

Don't Worry-
I'm still going to give you 8 facts about moi.

The Catch Is-
Only 4 will be true; the other 4 are absolute jinlies.

The Contest Enters Play-
YOU need to guess which are which.

The Fun Part-
He/she who wins gets a yummy delicious jinscratch made SWEETBOX for free!

The Rules-
One guess per person. The names of those who have the most correct guesses will be tossed into a mixing bowl & one winner will be picked. It'll be my treat to ship a SWEETBOX filled with 2 dozen items of my choosing directly to your home or office anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. (Please Note- Canadian residents may be subjected to an import fee before being allowed to accept your package; this fee would be solely the winners responsibility.)

You don't have to be a blogger to play! Simply leave your choices in the comment (epicureans) section after the post along with your first name (or nickname); should you win you can contact me by email with your shipping information.

A Confession-
This idea for the meme contest originated by Dashing Dan. I merely borrowed it & I swear I'll return it one day when I'm finished using it.

Winner Will Be Announced-
In a week or so... let's see how many peeps we get to play!!! Play everyone! C'mon... puh-leeeeeeease? *jin bats her eyelashes*

1) I have always been a closet basketball fan. I watch those tall lean dudes play whenever I get the chance!

2) I love camping. I used to go once every summer with my parents as I was growing up.

3) The worst live concert I ever saw was Guns N' Roses. They really sucked!

4) I totally enjoyed every entry in the Saw trilogy & look forward to seeing part 4.

5) Yours truly prefers to sleep in the buff most of the time.

6) I change the homepage in my internet browser every 2-3 weeks depending on my current obsession.

7) I am in possession of a VHS collection with titles such as: Tampopo, Aria, Singing in the Rain, The Evil Dead, Victor/Victoria, Cronos, Looking for Mr. Goodbar.

8) I hate mushrooms. Ewww... they're a fungus!

23 Responses to “8 Things Meme Contest”

angel said...

i'm first! i'm first!

i reckon #1, 3, 6 & 8 are false!!

how's those for wild guesses!!!

Dino aka Katy said...

1 and 8 got to be false I do not think you are a closet anything

as for the rest I have to guess - 3 and 6

MeHereNow said...

I'm not playing coz I can't get the sweetbox! SO THERE! *sulking BIG time*

Anonymous said...



Ace said...

I'm going with:

True: 3, 4, 5, 7

False: 1, 2, 6, 8

But I really have no idea. Maybe a little idea. But really, not much of one.

You'd have thought I paid more attention during our dinner. But I had enough trouble remembering how many true and false ones I was supposed to guess for the contest. You expect me to remember every little detail beyond the cookies?

jin said...

angel: FIRST!! Woo-hoo!!

katy: OH OH OH!!! I have a sweetbox to ship you n grumpy as the Vegas thank you. Should I send it to the office or your home?

meherenow: I am soooo sorry! I can't afford the British shipping right now, starts at about $50 for a small box. Maybe next time?!!?

/t.: Huh? OH! Wait... ah-hah! Hmmm...

ace: I assumed you listened to me at dinner for you laughed at all my jokes... or were you just buttering me up for cookies?! *gasp*

1,2,3, and 8 are false. When I win, remember I have a passion for snickerdoodles with sprinkles on top, none of that crap cinnamon...

Dang! Ace and I are tied! I also say 3, 4, 5 & 7 are true!

1 T
2 F
3 F
4 T
5 T
6 F
7 F
8 T

I guessed randomly. Let's see if the universe has us in synch.

jin said...

phos: Crap, I figured if you win I could get away with one emailed cleavage pic!

EC: Well, you both think alike! (Is that scary or cool?!)

CP: OH! I was gonna tell you to come over & play... you beat me to it!

jimbo said...

You're lies are 1, 4 , 6 & 7.

GnR suck soooo much ass live.

jin said...


*giggle .. snort*
I didn't figure any of my readers would be the type to go see GnR live.

I shall never underestimate a musician again!

Hey you.... why aren't you on American Idol? You are a kazillion times better than 99.9% of them and you're cute!!!

Anonymous said...

1,2,6 and 8 are false. It was hard not to look at other's answers to try for a gleam of insight.

Beth said...

My guesses on the falsies:


jin said...

andy: We both have something in common... after living in WI for so long we have a higher tendency to become serial killers.

beth: heeheeeee *giggle* You said falsies. *giggle*

jimbo said...

Come on now... I grew up in the 80's listening to metal. Appetite for Destruction is one of the best albums of all time. Too bad Axle is a little cry baby.

Yea... American Idol... People tell me I should do it all the time. I know I'm better then a lot of people that are on there, but I'm not great. They pick most of those people just for ratings anway. My buddy Chris Proctor who is 10000 times better then me tried out 3 times and was turned down because he didn't have the image they were looking for. Not skills... image. I should try out just to see... But I'm scared. Those people got guts to get up there and do that. I like to hide behind my guitar.

G3T Films said...

When you start shipping to Australia I'll start playing your games. I'll even play them twice depending on how 'good' you are...

Surely it wouldn't be more than a few thousand dollars to ship a few cookies down here.

jin said...

jimbo: Of course you listened to metal in the 80's! I keep forgetting that my profile age is screwed up & I'm really a year younger than you! ;-)

I like to hide behind my blog. :-D

rich: I'm goooood! Wait, what are we talking about here? Oh... yeah... shipping
Idea... we can trade delights!
My pie & your eclair.

G3T Films said...


a;lkjf;lkqoewriuqkjldjazcvnz., that's what happens when there are just too many jokes to be made and the keyboard and hands can't keep with typing them all.

No, I'll refrain from typing terribly inappropriate éclair/cream statements.

Middle Child said...

2. false
1. true
8. false
3. true
4. false
5. ture!!!
6. false
7. true

hows that?

jin said...

rich: Yes, I know how hard it is to not make inappropriate comments. Well, uh... not me personally. Those all come from my evil twin sin. I'm jinnocent. :-D

MC: haahaha!!! Well if that didn't confuse the hell outta me?!!? I had to really concentrate to check your answers! heeheheheee!

Lori said...

My guesses are 1,3,5,8 are False and the True ones are 2,4,6,7

jin said...


Welcome & thanks for playing! :-)