Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Belated Blogiversary to me!

I can't believe I missed it!
March 6th marked my 2 year Blogiversary!

In the past two years I have:
-met some awesome bloggers both in cyberspace & in person
-spent countless hours sitting in front of my monitor
-made a few cakes
-chatted on the phone with several of you
-left one or two inappropriate comments
-spent countless hours sitting in front of my monitor
-made a few muffins
-sent sweetboxes to several of you
-spent countless hours sitting in front of my monitor
-made a few cookies
-admitted to a few jinbarrassing secrets
did I miss anything?

In honor of this special month
I want to share these sweets with you!
Help yourself!

Wafer Thin Lemon Sandwich Cookies filled with Cream Cheese Frosting

French Feta Cheesecake Topped With Wine Poached Dates

Chocolate Shortbread Shells Filled With Frangipane & Raspberries

For the Die Hard Chocolate Fanatics

25 Responses to “Happy Belated Blogiversary to me!”

Dino aka Katy said...

congrats - speaking of lemon sandwiches - those lemon thingies in my box were to die for. I have added them to my favorite cookie list - right next to the vanilla bliss ones

angel said...

happy happy blogiversary to you jin! luvverly stuff- i wish i was there to share those nibblies with you!

G3T Films said...

Happy Blogiversary! Inappropriate comments? You? Never! Yeah, OK, maybe once or twice.

Mmmmm, wine poached date! Sounds fantastico.

jin said...


Ohhh... the citrus swirls! GOOD! I thought you'd like those!

jin said...


Thanks so much! I wish you were here too! We could compare tattoos & eat pastry! lol

jin said...


Oh. Um... but I wasn't counting the inappropriate comments that I leave at your place.
Cos... um... well... that'd be shitloadz!!!
*double gulp*
I only do it cause I know you can take it.

G3T Films said...

By 'take it' you mean, 'know you're only joking' right?

What an unashamed flirt you are! :) Anybody would think that giving sensory delights is your business... wait... anyone for cake?

flatlander said...

Congrats Jin! Seems like just yesterday that you seduced all the Agents in Fakie Central with your delectable cyber treats.

Glad you're still rockin the blog! Hope to taste some of those feta cheesecake delights someday...just as soon as the Fakie Replicator machine is up and running, we should be able to turn 2-D picture downloads into 3-dimensional edibles, the trick is getting them so they don't taste like microchips.

I'm on for fondue streaking anytime, just let me know.....; )

Ohhhhh - grrrrroooooannnn!
Why are you so mean, Jin?
(I love dates, too!)
(And everything else, of course!)
Ohhhhh - grrrrroooooannnn!

(Happy blogaversary, BTW!!)

Ace said...

Yay! Congratulations!

jin said...


I mean that I know you aren't secretly a psycho cyberdude that'll come after me for blogflirting with you just like you know I'm not secretly a psycho cyberchick that'll come after you for blogflirting with me. Ha! Say that 3x fast! Call me naive... but I trust anyone who bought my sweetbox over the internet! *Um... that didn't sound pervy... did it?!*

Oh... and for the record I so don't flirt and I never lie.
*jin crosses her fingers behind her thonged backside.*

jin said...


Heehee... and that Happy T. Fluke still sends me emails begging for seductive cyber sweets! Gotta watch that one! He's trouble.

We could do the fondue deal during the giant Easter parade! We could use your skateboard for a fast getaway! (Assuming I don't end up on me chocolate coated arse!)

jin said...


*jin makes a mental note that Pat loves dates...*


jin said...



Ruela said...

Happy Easter!

mmmmmmmmmmm fantastic ;)

Ruela said...

...and Happy Blogiversary ;)


miss you

jin said...

Thanks Ruela!!!

I miss you tooooo!!!

Sending you cyber chocolate for Easter!

JLee said...

Happy Blogiversary you pastry goddess!!

Kingcover said...

I've never been able to resist shortbread. My granny used to make the at home and they were awesome. I used to easily pack 3 or 4 of them in my cheeks like a hamster and eat them slowly later. Lol :-P

Happy blogversary Jinny. Two years is a long time to be stick at anything so congratulations!

Oh that's appropriate - the first two letters in the comment moderation for this comment are "jn" ;-)

G3T Films said...

I still can't believe you made me pay for your sweetbox and then had me sit half way around the world watching over the internet while two different people slavered over it at the same time. Wait... yes, I can believe that.

jin said...


Thank You!!!
I aspire to hang around the blogoverse as long as you!
Long cyberLive the j Virgo's!!!

jin said...


Ohhhhh...... I MUST send you some shortbread! Mine is divine! (If I do say so myself! ;-) In fact, I always keep shortbread on hand just for lil ole me, for it is one of my own faves. Plus, it ships fantastically! (Esp. if you happen to be on a different continent! ;-)

Um, would you freak out if I jumped out of the box holding the shortbread?!!?

jin said...


I only do that to customers whose credit cards work.
If the card didn't go thru you never would have had to watch those two scarf up my goodies! Hee!!!

A girl always remembers her first! ;-)
[International transaction, that is. *giggle*]

Happy Blogiversary! So proud to be an original Jintrinsique reader!

Middle Child said...

Wonderful Congratulations! What wonderful food you create, that lemon thingie looks amazing and the fetta one, and the chocolate shortbread one but that one down the bottom sounds like something I would have to eat now even at 5am (just can't sleep of late sob!)