Thursday, March 27, 2008

Flashback: Easter

Per chance you didn't visit moi
this past Saturday
here's a little of what you missed out on
besides moi, of course.

(Suitable for Vegetarians, too! ;-)

Eggs & Carrots
(Protein & Beta Carotene, kinda! ;-)

Peanut Butter Eggs
(A jin may be capable of consuming 4 per sitting *blush* ;-)

Truffles, Mints & Petit Fours
(Some of the sexiest candy money can buy. ;-)

Organic Cheesy Herb Scones & Brioche
(A jin can quite possibly become addicted to this buttery eggy bread forsaking all other breads before it. ;-)

40 Responses to “Flashback: Easter”

JLee said...

I should know better than to look at your blog when I'm hungry. That last pic is making drool run down my mouth!

G3T Films said...

Why do I even bother trying to make Easter films when obviously I should be making cookies.

*Homer Simpson style drooling* Brrrrrrioooooche Mmmmmmmm.

Cool carrot cookies!!!

Dino aka Katy said...

very yummy looking - btw booked out tickets to Chicago will be there 17th-21 July so we will be coming to visit Maybe that Friday or Monday

Next year will you make me a killer bunny, Monty Python style?

Ace said...

Oh, lordy, I knew it. You finally snapped and baked the damn dog.

Jewels said...





That is all

Middle Child said...

I am sooo hungry ...haven't got anything "interesting" to eat... you really are a food porn goddess...all hail the Jin

angel said...

oh jin... how i wish i was near you for easter! those bunnies are simply stunning!

jimbo said...

Oh how I HATE carrots! But I would go Bugs Bunny style on them bad boyz!

Gnat of Glass said...

I have a huge honking soft spot for bread.


Anonymous said...


(you busy jin, you)


G3T Films said...

Don't you know that Easter is over

An over Easter is lower than a coaster

A coaster that's used to stop marks from a glass

Now have a quick drink and post you slack arse!

David said...

As a follow-up, need a pic of all those bunny cookies with their heads bitten off.

foam said...

i just had dinner ..
i'm ready for my dessert now ..
what? you want me to come and get it?

I thought the ones in the bottom picture were parsley matzos...

jin said...

Am so sorry, I don't mean to be a tease! ;-)
*jin crosses her fingers behind her back*

Um... did you even make your easter film yet? *jin checks her feeds* Hmmm... why don't you repost last years, I'm sure none of your readers will notice! Apart from me & jlee 'cause we're smart chix! ;-)

Carrots are good for your eyes! ;-)

jin said...

Ohhh... can't wait! I'll write that on my calendar! Do you want me to cook dinner? Is it just you n Grumpy?

Oooooohhhh, yes I'd LOVE to! :-D

Leave it to you to notice the ONLY instance where I did not specify *the bread not the dog*!!!

jin said...

heehee!!! GOOD answer! :-D

Awwww... thanks so much! You are sweet! :-D

Thanks! I didn't forget your award... I'll put it up as soon as I have some free time! :-D

jin said...

MMmmm... they're gooood. I ate one in your honor, does that make you feel better?! ;-)

If I may say so myself... my brioche is addictive! In fact, I need to make more just for me, I ate the last piece yesterday. My freezer is normally full of bread.

GOOD to see you!!! :-D
I am busy... too busy!
I miss my blogfriends! *jin pout*
Send me some of your spare time please? :-D

jin said...

Ahhh... slack arse?
*jin checks out her bum in the mirror*
I wouldn't call it slack at all!
I'm so offended! I'm going to march right outta this comment section & I'm taking my arse AND my rack with me! So, there!

I only eat the male bunnies n I don't start with the ears.
*Evil Laughter*
Upon reflection that would make an awesome follow-up post.

You know the deal!
Bring me dinner first!
Hurry or the bunny gets it!

Hee! We've got Black Pearl Truffles and Amaretto di Saronno Truffles. MMmmm.

David said...

Jin, in response to your last follow-up comment from yesterday, all I can say is that when you make next week's delivery I shall be attired in full length white bunny costume. Be prepared!

jimbo said...

Nope, doesn't make me feel better... A little jealous maybe, but not better.

Thanks for the effort though.

jin said...


I do believe you've officially spent too much time in my comment section and the others perviness has negatively influenced your otherwise innocent behaviour...
...or not.

jin said...


Aw, shucks... I tried.

what if I promise to eat TWO in your honor tonight?!

David said...

Just the fact that you have conjoined the term "innocent behavior" with my name is cause for hope and celebration. I've been trying for years to foster just such an image (innocence, that is) and am gratified to see that my efforts have not been in vain. Thank you kindly.vdxixq

G3T Films said...

Heeeey! Go easy, just because I haven't finished my Easter film doesn't mean I haven't been posting. *Looks around your blog* which is more than I can say for this place ;)

Nah, the real reason my film isn't finished is because if my body has the choice between editing or sleeping it seems to choose sleeping. I can't wait to stop mutating.

jin said...


You're very welcome!
I meant every word!

Oh and btw, my showering you with compliments has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that you give me money every week.

jin said...


Which reminds me... your mutation ends soon, doesn't it?! I forgot when you said it was, but I'll be thinking good thoughts (and a few naughty ones)! ;-)

Oh dear, I do need to post don't I?! Ummm... I've been busy. Yeah... yeah, that's it. Real busy. Ah hell... I'm in a blogfunk again. :-( Hopefully I shall emerge soon. But in the interim I will do my best to try and squeeze out a post that is worthy of you.

jin said...

Actually, my blogfunk feels like this right now.

G3T Films said...

Nah, it's been delayed and delayed again. It's not until the 10th of July now. Grrrr.

I think you'd find your funk would disappear pretty quick if you started wearing a dress like the one Annie wears in that video. Gahhhrrrrr.

jin said...

Would you believe I have one almost exactly like that except it's black!!! Seriously!!! I don't think it's really appropriate attire for workin in a pastry shoppe tho... ??? But watching that video really makes me want to wear it!

July! Well... isn't that your winter? At least you don't have to worry about missing sports n stuff. Oh, right... you don't play sports do you? So much for my trying to make you feel better!

G3T Films said...

Ha! Actually the majorative of our sports are played in winter. See, it gets a little hot here during summer. About the only thing we can manage during summer is Cricket which usually involves standing around on an oval scratching oneself. Yes, I play sports.

Mmmm, Annie Lennox dress *wipes away drool*

jin said...

That sounds kinda hot actually... can I watch you play Cricket in my dress?

I was going to post tonight... honest I was! But I decided to go and do... erm... something else instead.

Ruela said...

like all ;)


jin said...

Ahhh... Ruela!! :-)))
Thank you!
I miss you!
Isn't your show coming up soon?

Gyrobo said...

The best part about blogged baked goods is that they never get stale. Yum!

*chews monitor enthusiastically*

jin said...

Gyrobo!!! :-D
Always good to *see* you!!!

You just gave me a great idea!!!
I can say that's why I haven't posted in so long... I'm just waiting to see how long of a shelf-life the cybersweets have! You're brilliant, brilliant I say!

Those cookies must be hard as a rock by now... Better put up something new before you get cookie weevils.

jin said...

Haahaa Phos!!!

New post coming tonight...
A Customer from Hell Story!