Tuesday, March 11, 2008

jin Near Fatally Wounded!

I got into fisticuffs with ms. convection.
My rack was bigger
but her rack was 400

Other than that I've been a busy jin!

Making Chocolate Ruffles

and chocolate hedgehogs

lots of hedgehogs

to go on a hedgehog cake

Now listen up!
I want ALL of you
to go over to my
ba-uddy Scott's blog.
He's having another one of his fantabulous contests!
Tell him "jin" sent you!
Because if YOU win
I win too!
Just like last time.

34 Responses to “jin Near Fatally Wounded!”

Gnat of Glass said...

Oh noes! The loyal followers of Jin will unite to form a the Cake form of Voltron and secure her prize.

I kid, come on over the contest last for 2 more days. I also plan to post some pictures of the stuff being made after the winners are announced.

I hope to do this more often and let the prizes get bigger...which should be fun!


ps. what are we going to do if you win? I guess I could let you send some second place seeing how you sent yourself.

Wow, that ruffle.... Slurp!

G3T Films said...

That freak'n cake is look'n et me *slap* Mmmmm, dead chocolate hedgehog!

I want Gnat's green marble to go with the marble I have which is the sister of the marble you have. I'll fight ya for it!

Love them burns! I still have a mark left from being burned by a tray of lobsters fresh out from under the broiler when I was in my twenties. That was a great burn.

Jewels said...

Oh dear Goddess!
A HEDGEHOG CAKE?????!!!?????
Are you trying to kill me? No, seriously, I've had your hedgehogs, they're rich, and creamy, and oh so sweet and delicious, heavenly chocolaty goodness... And you topped a WHOLE cake with them?

Yeah, you're trying to kill me.... ;)

jin said...


Next time I'll be faster at posting and offer a prize to my readers if they get your prize from my link kinda thing like Jewels is doing. Sheesh... did that make any sense? I'm a tired jin!

jin said...


Ohhh... they taste delish, too!!!
But you'll never get one because of that shit you pulled with your last post... omg and I fell for it. Evil bastard!!!

jin said...


Let's wrestle for the marble on top of the dead hedgehog cake. That way when you lose to a girl you'll still feel as if you've won.

jin said...


Mine actually heal pretty fast. A week to 10 days. Even ALL of my caramel burns are gone & I've had my share of those over the years! Whoooooweeee. Melting jinskin doesn't smell too hawt.

jin said...


...and would you believe that cake was indeed for a 40something adult. Altho he grinned like a kid when he saw it! I even got a huge bearhug from him!!!

I'll make you one when you visit meeeee!!!! We'll take blog pics of us full of chocolate & hedgehogs.

Ruela said...

Ouch! poor Jin

many kisses


G3T Films said...

Lose to a girl? Pfffft!

I'll wrestle you on top of the hedgehog cake, fine. I'll even be gentle on you for the first fbit so you feel like you're doing well. But then I'll whip your ass!

jin said...


Thank you sexy!! :-))))
I always feel better after your kisses!

jin said...


that sounds totally hot...
what I meant to say was...
I have no idea what I was going to say...

foam said...

eeeeee rack burn..
i used to be an early morning baker in a small french bakery here in nc ..
i remember rack burns...
i do occasionally get them at home too though.
love the hedgehog cake...

JLee said...

OUCH! The wound was well worth it though. Looks awesome, especially the truffle.

I once burnt my thigh with an iron. Dont' ask.

flatlander said...

Are you sure that's really a rack burn and not, say, a WEREWOLF SCRATCH?!!

...there is a cure, but trust only licensed Doctors of Metaphysics.

jin said...


Ohhhh.... so you have experience!
why the heck do you not live closer to me?!!?
I feed all my volunteers mass quantities of fabulous food!!!

jin said...


Haaahahahaaa!!! OMG!!! I have images of you trying to curl your... um... hair there ... heeeeheheheee... or straighten it maybe?! lol!

Remember sausage bangs?! *YUCK!* I bet you had them too... I had a forehead burn throughout the 80's... lol.

jin said...


*huge jingrin*
I miss you so much!!!

Ohhh... I was concerned it was a werewolf too, at first. But only because I was worried I'd have to get my bikini line waxed more often than normal!!!

G3T Films said...

Good lord girl! Or is that just good girl?

jin said...

Me, a good girl?
Uh-huh... yeah... riiiiiight... Always!

G3T Films said...

Depends on your definition of good. I'm sure my definition would bring me one step closer to a burning at the stake by puritanical America. So yes, I'd say you're a good girl... veeeery good!

jin said...

I'm goood?!
Yes I agree.
Rich have I ever told you how brilliant you are?!

G3T Films said...

I was told that just last night actually. You see, I'm very good with my hands...

...at making miniature film-sets out of pieces of paper. I know, not as exciting as I was hoping either *shrugs*

jin said...


That's ok. Don't feel bad.

I swear the guys always ask if they can get into my panties...

...but when I start to strip they say,
"Pastries! I said PASTRIES!"

G3T Films said...

Occupational hazard of working with hot buns, am I correct?

jin said...

... and pie too!

Middle Child said...

As I have gotten older for some werd reason my lifetime love of Chocolate seems to have lessened...but after seing these I think I have to go out and find some CHOCOLATE....aaaarrrrgggghhh!

angel said...

whew, so glad you survived! LURV the hedgehogs!

jin said...


Haahahaha!!! Oh, am so sorry! Hope you found some chocolate!

jin said...


...and the hedgehogs would love you, too!

Kingcover said...

I'm sorry, did you say something after "rack"??? :-D

jin said...

...and that's exactly what I adore about you king, always straight to the point (and honest, too)!