Saturday, August 09, 2008

Do you play Chess? No, but I eat the Pieces!

Really, I don't think I can say much about this creation.
Except maybe for anyone whom isn't familiar with my anal-retentiveness.
(I am, after all, a textbook Virgo people!)
Still, the only thing I'd say to them would be:
"Of course those chess pieces and that chess board are NOT plastic! Sheesh! What kind of Pastry Chef do you take me for? I cast those myjinself out of delicious Imported Swiss Dark and White Chocolate then finished them by hand."

27 Responses to “Do you play Chess? No, but I eat the Pieces!”

jin said...

For the Record:
Yes, I do know that is not an actual Chess move and that the pieces are improperly placed.

If you were going to say something about that I say:
"Piss Off!"

If you want to know why I did it that way I say:
"It is jincredibly aesthetically pleasing in this fashion!"

If you are an intelligent handsome available man and would like to teach me how to play Chess I say:
"Contact me ASAP!"

Kingcover said...

Wonderful cake! I'm blown away by the intricate designs you make and they get better with each time you do it :-)
I don't know how to play chess. Sorry. I'm pretty good at chest though. Haha.

jin said...


You're such a perv!

"get better with each time you do it"
"good at chest"

...and don't go telling me it takes one to know one!

I'm a sweet 'lil jinnocent thing!

Bubs said...

Wow. That is amazing.

Now I know where we'll get our cake for our 25th anniversary.

foam said...

wow! i'm speechless ..
and hungry ..

You are insane man! ;)

Kingcover said...

LMAO I can't say anything without you reading something else into a word or a sentence or part of a sentence or a syllable or a short paragraph or heck even a full stop (period) :-P

Dino aka Katy said...

amazing as always. I have to say the cake at the wedding on Friday was amazing too - the design pretty and it was yummy. Have I mentioned how much (yummy) cake i have been eating since I got home and how many currants - fresh ones oh i can't believe i wont get to eat is again for a year or more. I spend +200$ on candy at the store today and I may need another suitcase to take it with me - why is Germany so far from the US!!!!

Jewels said...

I'm sorry.
I'm speechless.
I'm just blown away by your skills. You are so incredibly talented. You gotta let that take you places.

David said...

"Praise [your] ambrosial ass afterwards" eh? Well, I am above all of the immature, clichéd sexual innuendo that generally permeates the comments on your blog. I will simply state that the cake is absolutely stunning, is indeed a work of both art and enviable skill, and that you are without doubt one of the best damn pastry artists currently inhabiting this planet. It is ubercool.

You people need to grow up and cultivate a little dignity.

And...if I were the king on that board I'd jump your queen's ambrosial ass faster than you can say "checkmate!" Bwahahahaaaaaaaa!!!

jin said...



Hey... and I deliver that far y'know!

jin said...



jin said...


Coming from you that's a great compliment!

jin said...


You're right. You're better of just keeping your mouth shut. Why don't you just stand there quietly looking handsome.

Ohhhh... wait... but your accent turns me on. Ok, go ahead, keep talking!

jin said...



Ohhh.... I can only imagine what you are eating and all that chocolate you're bringing back!!!
Maybe I should come for a visit!

jin said...


Goddess willing!

jin said...


Why Thank YOU Sir!!! :-D

heeheheheeee... I figured you'd get a kick outta that comment!

Now thanks to you I'll never look at a chess board the same way again!!!

Ace said...

That is amazing!

And I'd offer to teach you to play, but I suspect you're hoping a handsome, single man takes you up on the offer!

oh, Chess! I thought you said chest and I really started to get interested. Nice cake, though.

Ruela said...

I love play Chess ;)

wowwwwwwwwwww Jin
I love it.


jin said...


Right you are MarriedMunkee!!!

jin said...


Ha! Yeah I do those types of cakes too!

jin said...


Oh wow!
a Chocolate Chess Set.
I can just imagine all the possibilities!!!

angel said...

oh jin

~~breathes an awed "wow"~~

that chessboard cake is spectacular!

jin said...

Thank You Thank You!
*jin takes a bow*

kabonfootprint said...

that was amazing, I thought they are real chess pieces...

I trying my best to learn how to cook (decent meals :-) thanks for sharing your ideas. Busby SEO challenge


Katie Schwartz said...

Your work is off the hook, sister. You are so damn creative and everything looks delish.