Sunday, August 31, 2008

Classical Chocolate Celebration

A Wedding Display
set up by a jin
Bet the peeps couldn't wait
until after din-din

For the chocolate went as far
as the eye could see
plus it was created by moi
so you'll know it's tasty!

Silvers and Golds
shimmers and such
I hope they loved it
so very much!

A groom's cake slathered in
Belgian White Chocolate Mousse
could make the worst of enemies
jinmediately call a truce!

A triple tier flourless
chocolate cake?
Is it true? Could it be?
Why yes, love's at stake!

All this imported chocolate
could bring about world peace
Let's drop these cakes all o'er the world
Any fighting would surely cease!

Beneath that chocolate coated
silver painted bottom tier
lies a ton of cheesecake
for a bride and groom so dear.

24 Responses to “Classical Chocolate Celebration”

jin said...

This cake went out on Saturday.
You people should have smelled me AND my car.
OH OH OH CHOColate wafting EVERYWHERE!!!

If the stuff wasn't so damn expensive I'd dip my entire body in melted chocolate just to see how it feels........

...moving right along...

HAPPY September Birthdays all you perfect fabulous sexy talented Virgo's!

Ace said...

Looks tasty, though I'm neither a chocoholic nor a cheesecake fan...

But maybe you should rethink "dropping these cakes all over the world." Seems like a waste of good cake to me!

Maria said...

Oh goddess Jin please drop those cakes all over the world. I'll volunteer my house as your starting point....

G3T Films said...

cheeeeeeeeeeeesecake? *Rolls in it like a dog in grass* Mmmm, chocolate.

The bride will wind up weighing a ton if she eats all that...

David said...

That's an elegantly beautiful piece...par for the course coming from you.

jin said...

Responses coming ASAP peeps!
Sorry, been busy...
there was a blogfan at my door!
Post coming soon as well...

Gnat of Glass said...

I would go straight into a choco coma.


G3T Films said...

I had half my head removed... what's your excuse? ;)

jin said...


Hey mister! I never did see your wedding cake! I also want to know more about that new movie you're involved with!!! I saw the video... looks fantastic!

jin said...


Ok... deal!
As long as you share with your poor peanut square friend!!! I hope David explained!

jin said...


"cheeeeeeeeeeeesecake? *Rolls in it like a dog in grass* Mmmm, chocolate."

Should that comment have turned me on as much as it did?!

jin said...


Yeah... so what's your point?!!?


jin said...

Sir David:

Aren't you the smooth one?! You're just lookin' for more freebies because you know flattery gets you everywhere with a jin!!!

jin said...


Well yeah! But that's 'cause you'd eat it with ice cream if I remember correctly! LOL!

jin said...


My excuses in no particular order:

1.) Peak Wedding Cake Season
2.) Sore body parts from climbing out of bathroom windows to get away from really awful dates
3.) Extreme depression because one of my very favourite blogfriends had half his head removed & my comment section just isn't the same without him
4.) Spending too much time in a hot steaming bath with my vibrating friend*

*I meant my cell phone you pervert!!!

G3T Films said...

Oh, I know you meant your cell. I'm just upset that none of those phone calls are coming my way :p

WV: sirests; yes we could all use a good rest... and one of us could use being called sir... [Homer S] with adding you're making a scene.

When did they start having grooms cakes? I'd never heard of that before watching Ace of Cakes...

angel said...

oh my... oh my, oh my, oh my... a chocolate covered cheesecake!!??!

A wedding cake with chocolate frosting. Who woulda thunk? Beautiful as always!

jin said...


Oh my... I could never call you! Me and the whole accent thing y'know... I get all turned on just listening. I'm so 'Morticia Addams' when it comes to that! LOL!

Well... that and the fact that I bet Australia isn't in my cell coverage area! Ha!


jin said...


From what I hear it used to be a Southern thing. I started having requests for them occasionally about 7-8 years back. Now I'd say 1/3 of my wedding orders include a grooms cake!

jin said...


MMmmmmm.... I know! What a DELICIOUS idea!!!

jin said...


Thankfully the traditional white with fountain/staircase cakes are a thing of the past! YIPPEE!!!!