Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summertime Sedulousness

Sweet Stuff
Deep Dark Chocolate Angelfood Cake
(I may or may not have been responsible for the first slice that is missing. *ahem*)

Blueberry & Blackberry Custard Slices
(I may or may not have tasted one or two or three of these. *ahem*)

Organic Mint & Dark Chocolate Petit Fours (left)
Pecan Pie Tarts in Cream Cheese Pastry (right)
(I may or may not have consumed a few of each of these delightful delicacies. *ahem*)

Scratch Made All Butter Cut-Out Cookies
(These are soooo awesome! Not that I ate any. Errr... I mean many. *ahem*)

Non-Sweet Stuff
Organic Crimini's & Summer Squash
Lightly Sauteed & resting in Delicate Parmesan Crisps
(Alright already... you bet I ate some of these too! A jin need not be ashamed of indulging in healthy vegetarian organic perfectly seasoned foods!)

Caramelized Sweet Organic Onion Tartelettes
(Yes I ate some! Oh and I MMMMmmm-ed the entire time!)

Just the tiniest glimpse of items procured following an afternoon spent in my Organic produce guys garden. Herbs and Heirloom Tomatoes... Oh My!!!

Oh... wait... did I just insinuate that I'm not sweet?
Sooooo NOT true!
For I am the sweetest thing on this entire blog!

9 Responses to “Summertime Sedulousness”

jin said...

I've been busy. Really really really busy. Much better than the alternative! Yet, I seem to be running terribly late with email responses, voicemail from my cyberfriends and even lax with my texting lately!

I'm so so so sorry! Don't give up on me, I will catch up eventually and if I seem to have forgotten someone don't think twice about resending... or leaving another voicemail... or retexting (is that even a word?!!?).

In the meantime, if anyone would like to purchase my services for a week, I'd gladly take a vacation with you. I cook! I clean! I do laundry! I'm gr8 arm candy!

I'm kidding. No I'm not. Wait... well, maybe yes and maybe no. It all depends. I'm confused... I need some sleep... or a vacation... HEY! If anyone wants to purchase my services for a wee.....

angel said...

wow... you have been busy!!!

and i may or may not have drooled over - and destroyed - yet another keyboard

jin said...

Haha! I LOVE it! :-D
Thanks Angel!

Jewels said...

Your petits fours come in MINT? MINT????????
Fuck!And here I sit,having missed that delectable flavor rolling on my tongue?

meanie! :(

You better believe there'll be a few of those on my next order...

foam said...

busy in business is good!
and for once i was smart ..
i ate breakfast before i came by .. ;)

jin said...


Ahhh.... I only do the mint during the summer for I organically grow the fresh mint that turns these from fantastic into orgasmic!!!

They are perfect sex wrapped in a tiny chocolate coating.

jin said...


Hey you!
Looks like you're on a vacation!
Eat chocolate for me!!!

jin said...


I knew you'd learn eventually!!!