Monday, August 25, 2008

Read! Play! Win!

Ok peeps...
we're all adults here
(Per chance, if you are not... go play at the PG rated photo blog for a few days.)

I mean...
I believe in total freedom of speech
jin's don't like Censorship.

I truly enjoy individuals who can be open, honest, passionate about their beliefs and genuine. To really get me going give me an encounter with someone intelligent who can speak their mind with no worry of being accepted or rejected. In other words: "Being Oneself". Let's not forget a Sense of Humour. This is a must to engage my attention for any length of time.

Very few live up to that last paragraph in full. But I just happen to know one awesome, soon-to-be-famous, New York Blogger & Authoress that certainly does- and I'd like to introduce you to her.


Queen of Dish

Katie Schwartz
aka "Jewgirl"
All the Way from Oy to Vey
fame hosting a Contest!
That's not all!
Guess what the prize is?
It's a dozen special cupcakes!
From Moi!!!
Shipped anywhere in the US!

Wanna try?
Are you sure you can handle it?
Ok then, go have a giggle
In Katie's own words:

Here's the dish to enter the "W*nn* F*ck McC*nt" C*nt*st

(What??? I'm not censoring anything. I have an aversion to all vowels equally. ;-)

11 Responses to “Read! Play! Win!”

vowel prejudism .. tsk .. shame on you!
i'm not prejudiced at all against vowels..
...wanna fuck mccunt cuntest .. or is that contest ..

jin said...

Oh foamy I love you!
Well, as much as a girl can love another girl without it being weird.

Katie Schwartz said...

Jintrinsique, You are too FABULOUS FOR WORDS and so generous! I am posting this right now.

I am so HAPPY we are doing this together. Yay. You are a goddess.

PS: Got your email. e-stalking you back in a few.


Bubs said...

H*ly sh*t * l*v* th*s *d**!

jin said...


I'm thrilled too! It was your fabulous idea... I'm just along for the ride!

Next time you pass thru Chicago let me know! I'd love to... what do they call it (?)... kvetch with you?!!? Somethin' like that anyway!

jin said...



Ohhh... I got your 'butter' email. I'm pathetic! I meant to reply. So glad you are enjoying it. So glad I judged you properly when I figured you to be the type of person that would enjoy a gift of Euro butter as opposed to a person who would think that's a weird gift! LOL!!!

Cunt think of anything clever at moment...

G3T Films said...

Oh you and your only in the States rule. I'll jest make my own ferkeng crudcups... huh?

jin said...


I expected nothing less of you!

jin said...


:-D :-D
:-D :-D :-D

You're back!
You're healing and as fabulous as ever (I hope)!
I miss you!!!!!

...and, for the record, I'd send you free cookies to speed your recovery but you don't like cooki... er... biscuits. See? I remember these things!!!
I can't send you what you like... savouries and cheesecake and jins... the first two wouldn't make it there and the third would upset mooncar... unless she's into that sort of thing... uh... that'd be awkward then tho cos I'm not.

angel said...

oh jin... how could you torture me so? jintrinsique cupcakes shipped only in the us?