Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Help yourself.
I'm too busy for a *real* post.

You can have either
A Scone

A Tart
w/ A Brownie

24 Responses to “Hungry?”

jin said...

...or is that a Brownie w/ a Tart?

Does it matter?

Are we really alone in the universe?

Is there not ONE man suitable for moi?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Most importantly...
Who the FUCK had the moronic idea to deep fry Twinkies?

jin said...

I'm an Existentialist jin 2nite.

angel said...

ooooh yummy... what did you do to those brownies?

Bobby said...

Is that some kind of minty stuff?

foam said...

scones are my favorite!
i'll let a deserving nice man go for the tart ..
or the brownie ..
or both!

ps: of course, i'm sitting here not having had breakfast and sans coffee. sigh ..

G3T Films said...

Traditional scones are definitely one of my favourites... but just for you I'd eat that tart any time.

Probably the same one that thought of deep-fried pickles! (*_*)

(LOL so hard I'm squinting!)

(I crack me up!)

jin said...


Brownie on the bottom
Mint frosting between
Dark choc. glaze atop!

jin said...


Spot on!
You're good.
Triple layer Mint Brownies.

jin said...


Awww... you're so sweet!
If I find a man you can have all those scones!

jin said...


You have NO IDEA how much much that there comment done made me grin during a day that would have been otherwise grinless.


Have I told you how brilliant you are lately?

jin said...


deep fried pickles?
I think I'll pass that one up too.

Eebie said...

You are on occasion quite tarty, you know...lovely but certainly tarty.

jin said...


Coming from a studly Gemini such as yourself, I'll take that as a compliment.

Anonymous said...

<3 = mint + choc

¤ ¤ ¤


Uiquely Yours voted best bakery of the Phos house hole=d.

Jin: Voted most popular girl among married men with lousy wives of Manitowoc.

jin said...





/t. = <3

jin said...


Glad you like everything!
Post Office got it there FAST!

lmfao! Yes yes yes... so it seems, eh?! ...and I didn't even know I was in the running! Who the hell nominated me for that?!!?

Ruela said...

ooooh yummy...

not the brownies ;)


The box you sent is looking pretty empty - odd, I don't remember having any of the cookies...

Sex without love is like cake without frosting as far as I am concerned.

Exactly right Phos! (the sex thing - not the empty box thing!)

Now why is it more men, married or single, don't get that?

jin said...



You are very yummy yourself!

kisses back

jin said...


Ah... the old 'mrs phos ate it all on me' line?!!?

Uh-huh. Suuuure.

jin said...


aw crap I gotta pop my .02 in there between you n the phos...

because you know me and that technical 'love' stuff...

best sex I ever had was not with any of the guys I *thought* I was jin love with. It was with a very very good friend... 'course, rationally speaking one can love a friend... but in a different way.

am I making sense? I am most over-analytical this eve...

you are both prob referring to casual sex which I agree is completely unsatisfying...