Monday, November 10, 2008


Oh Oh Oh!
Still busy.
Talk amongst yourselves
Have two
or three even!

Cheeeeesecake anyone?

Do me a Fave...
'Tis my busy season.
I may be scarce.
My cyberstalking may dwindle.
if you want me to read somethin' somethin'
Leave a comment, send an email, text me.
(No I'm not putting my # up here-
but if you ask me nicely, why...
who knows?!
You might get lucky. ;-)

20 Responses to “jindustrious”

G3T Films said...

Did I ever tell you that I'm a handwriting expert. I analysed your bittersweet chocolate filled hazelnut.

I found your mind is at least twice as dirty as that sounds.

jin said...


Don't tell THEM that!

It's supposed to be our little secret!


foam said...

and for once i was smart.
i've eaten and have had a cup of coffee before coming here.
although, i have to admit ..
i'm still drooling.

Dino aka Katy said...

okay I take a dozen sandwiches and 3 slices of each cheesecake

caramaena said...

Oh my... cheesecake is my weakness.

What flavours do we have to choose from today?

G3T Films said...

Worst. Kept. Secret. EVAH!

jin said...


Coffee goes great with my blog, doesn't it?!

jin said...


Oh, you'd love the sandwiches! They are basically the Vanilla Bliss except these have Hazelnut Paste in.

jin said...


We have:
Sour Cream topped Pumpkin
Strawberry w/ Red Velvet Crust
Eclair Cheesecake!

jin said...


I'll be single forever won't I?!

Wait that's AWESOME!!!


jin said...


You wish.
'Cause donuts can be awesome.


okay, no awesome with donuts.....only Jins.


jin said...

Yeah yeah yeah... I've heard it all before... you only want to be a blogfan at my door for the pastries!!!

Happy Holy Beerfarts, it's X-mas time again. Happy birthday Jesus wherever you are - hope you didn't side with Obama or the Pope'll kick your ass. As an "Ex-Nazi" he's probably still pretty tough.

Hope you stay busy, not that I don't want you to visit, just no it is good for Jinbusiness.

Jewels said...

bittersweet chocolate filled hazelnut sandwiches... I think I just made a puddle... *drooolz*

Um, maybe it's a good thing I haven't visited yet. I'd probably eat each and every thing in sight...

(Pst, if you come to my JG side, you'll be able to share in some of my wonderful news. :D) I'm a happy, happy jewelery Goddess!

David said...

As I will likely forget to tell Kim about this come ordering time on Tuesday, I will say it now while I'm here...we want a dozen of those hazelnut chocolate sandwich creations please. Lovely.

angel said...

oh how i wish i could stroll into your little nirvana and sample the goodies whenever i feel like it...

jin said...

Thanks ALL!!!

Middle Child said...

Jin, I would love to oblige and eat it all ....have been told NO more wheat - because of gluten but a product called gliadin (???) anyhow feel a lot better without it...but everything is made from wheat even gluten free breads...oh well