Saturday, November 01, 2008


It's November.
What happened to September?
October too?!
Where is the warmth?
What happened to all my Fresh Mint?
Why is it so dark outside?
Most jinportantly...
who is taking me to a deserted tropical island until winter's over?
Just think...
the Sun
the Sand
the Sea
(I can't swim, but I look good wet.)

Even if it's not cold
and there's no snow
I could still make us
one of my
holiday Bûche de Noël's

15 Responses to “Proposijin”

Anonymous said...

Hi how are you? I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I don't want to be a stranger so here ... a hug and a kiss for you!

I hope you are well and happy like me :)

foam said...

surly you mean a deserted tropical island with all the most amazing creature comforts your heart could desire ..

jin said...


Ahhh... what beautiful flowers!
Thanks for stopping by.

jin said...


Oh I DO!!!
You know it. ;-)
I always say,
"a jin's idea of roughing it
is a hotel without room service."

Anonymous said...


this looks better

thought maybe i'd killed your comments earlier, jin, but of course that would completely jinsane! and anyway, looks like they're working now...


great post -- jincredible!

¤ ¤ ¤


David said...

Sorry, count (yes, "count") me out of the deserted island can't bake on a deserted island with no oven and no yummmy ingredients...and I'm all about your pie you know.

Feeling apple crumble withdrawals right now, as a matter of fact.

G3T Films said...

I'm already on an Island... it's not dessert-ed but it's pretty big so there's room to spread out.

PS. We're warming up to summer here... the beach is starting to look good.

jin said...


Well, gee... maybe you did break it!
Good thing I can fix stuff... er... sometimes.

jin said...


Yeah, I hear my pie is the talk of the town lately! Who knew?!!?


You sell a LOT of my pie!
Maybe we should call you the Pie Pimp from now on?

jin said...


Ohhh... did you say summer?
Can I come live with you? Puh-leese?

G3T Films said...

You bring the cake and I'll try and explain the living arrangements to the love of my life... and then plan my funeral

jin said...

Aw... see? Now that's what I'm talkin' about. I need me a man who calls me the love of his life like that. May I clone you?

G3T Films said...

I've already been cloned by aliens beyond the moon.

You'll be able to get your own Pocket Richard by Xmas time. 6 inches tall containing dozens of handy comments full of encouragement.

jin said...


6 inches ???

angel said...

that looks simply divine...