Sunday, November 23, 2008

Want to Hang w/a jin?

Those hip happening peeps over at
Stumpjack Coffee in Two Rivers
are pimping me out for the night.

The Skinny:
I'll be there on the evening of Thursday, December 4th.
I'll be bringing pastries for sampling.
They'll have coffees for sampling.

The Fine Print:
You MUST book ahead of time!
Please call David or Kim: 553-5282 to register
or email
There is a fee, but trust me, whatever they charge it's worth every penny!
(I promise to wear something smokin' hawt & will give out free wiggly jinhugs as long as you keep your hands where I can see them! ;-)

19 Responses to “Want to Hang w/a jin?”

Eebie said...

Great opportunity, I'm really happy for you!

(Do you realize that for men, "jinhugs" equals "chance to cop a feel"?)

jin said...


Noooo... really?!!?

Well, if they do that then they'd damn well better tuck a 50 in my thong!

G3T Films said...

I understood nothing in that post, nothing at all...

Now... Where did you want this fifty?

jin said...

WARNING! I'm feeling particularly naughty this evening.


Tuck the 50 here please.

G3T Films said...

Pffft, that's worth a hundred and you know it!

jin said...


I can't even come back with a witty retort when you leave the
Most Perfect Fucking Comment EVER!!!


Are you going to be hanging out, 'casue that'd be worth a trip home. I'll bring my camera...

G3T Films said...

Ooops, I wasn't here when you swooned and now you're lying awkwardly on the floor... that's, um, uncomfortable...

**shakes head**
One monkey thong and this is what happens.

Jincheeks all around.


Jewels said...

mmmmmmmmm, love those petits fours... Can't wait to sink my teeth into them again

**¤ ¤** said...

i'lll give you a friendly hug ..
but these hands here will be all over those pastries ..

JLee said...

Just stopping by to say hi to my ol' fellow Jen/Virgo type person... Hope all is well! :)

jin said...

Yes I'll be hanging out! Oh... wait... you meant cleavage, didn't you!

OUCH! Days I laid here... DAYS! I'm starving and dehydrated!

So, this time, will you send me a thong that I pick out?!!? ;-D

jin said...

Ahhh... soon! Soon you shall again.

Yeah, that'd be a Libra.
Hands on the pastries instead of the jin. HeeHee!!!

Good to see you!!!
I am fabulous! Hope you are too!!!

So, this time, will you send me a thong that I pick out?!!? ;-D"

Lets just make a deal where you don't wear any thongs at all.


jin said...

I'm not.

Oh wait, you didn't mean right now did you?

Dang it, you always win!


G3T Films said...

So? Now I have to buy you a bite and a drink? ;)

angel said...

aaaaaaawww nooooooooo...