Monday, December 11, 2006

AND, The Winner Is.....

Right, so.....would you believe that NOT ONE OF YOU picked the THREE CORRECT answers??? What kind of Cyber Stalkers are you?!!? I guess that means I still retain a little bit of my mystique. ;-)

But, never fear! I have still picked a winner! There were THREE of you that chose TWO correct answers. Those are the guys (Yep! ALL guys.....sorry ladies!) whose names went in the trusty Kitchen Aid.

FIRST: The Answers

#1 As a child, my Grandmother would tell me stories of her life growing up. She was one of 13 children. Her Mother died when she was very young & her Father remarried a homicidal maniac. The children all had to sleep in one bed as the family was very poor. She told me how her Father would have to lie across the bottom of the children's bed to stop her step-mother from lighting the children on fire each night.
100% TRUE
This was like 80 years ago & mental illness was not something that was talked about, so instead of doing anything with his wife after he caught her with lit matches trying to set the children's sheets on fire (while they were sound asleep) my grandmother's Father simply kept watch over them each night. Suddenly my problems don't seem that bad!??!

#2 When I was 17 years old I attended a Metallica concert with my older cousin. (She was sent along, by my parents, to keep an eye on me.) We were lucky enough to get a chance to be in the mosh pit. They had started their second song, "...And Justice for All", when I realized I was getting raised up in the air! I was carried forward & thrust onto the stage! I was so excited, I thought, I'll get to touch James Hetfield! But before I could even stand up two bodyguards ran over & carried me off the stage. Then they made me leave the arena. I was escorted to the door with instructions not to come back in. I had to sit & wait outside for 2 hours before the concert ended & my cousin came looking for me.
This was a bit of a trick question (statement?). If you took my current age & subtracted the age I was at this supposed concert, you would be able to figure out the year (1980) (should read: 1990). This was many years before Metallica even released their single "...And Justice for All" (1988).
***Edit: Someone's paying attention! HAHA!! Serious typo here people! Thanks to "anonymous"...a super math whiz (or someone who gets more ZZzzz's than I do!). So...yeah...maybe I was at that concert after all??? NOT!!! I suppose this also proves I'm not much of a Metallica fan if I didn't even get their album release date right? Did I get the lead singers name right?

#3 I used to be a TOTAL tomboy. At the age of 19 I started honing my drinking skillz. I continued my research for 5 more years, until I could keep up with the best of them. Guys, I mean. I could drink ANY guy under the table & still keep my wits about me. You name it, I could drink it non-stop without puking: Tequila, Jägermeister, Sambuca, Beer, Beer, Beer & more Beer. I was not dating anyone but I had lots of guys as friends. I was a legend. I'd be invited to all their parties because they would tell their friends about this chick who could really hold her liquor!
100% TRUE
Yeah...what can I say about this? Haven't had a drop to drink for about 4.5 years now. I don't need to.....I drank enough then to last me a LIFETIME!!! Hahaha!

#4 When I was a wee child my parents took me to the store to pick out my very first pet, a guinea pig. I chose the only white one they had & called it "Corky". We took it home & put it in a small aquarium. My parents left me alone with Corky. I repeatedly picked it up by it's tail & 'played' with it & kissed it & squeezed it.....oops....."Mom! Dad! Corky won't play with me anymore!" They explained to me that Corky was dead & in a much better place. I cried. The next day I got a black one & called him "Midnight".
100% TRUE
Yes, yes.....this is where I got most of you. Because no WAY would a vegetarian that won't even buy leather shoes ever do something like this, right?!!? It was a total accident & if you must know, I still think about it a LOT & feel like shit! I had to be about 6 years old & the poor poor thing probably died of a coronary. I wasn't as graceful & gentle as a child as I am now, go figure???

#5 I have a tiny scar, about an inch long, on my derriere, right side, lower down. It's very faint now as it happened 11 years ago. I was dating a guy that was a total gentleman. He was very polite & well educated (he was *ahem* a bit older than I was). We had been seeing each other for months, when I decided I'd go back to his place with him one evening. One thing led to another, my skirt was off, we were kissing ... when all of a sudden WHHACK! He had spanked me! I was surprised, but I kind of ignored it. All of a sudden WHHHHACK AGAIN! I jumped. I said, 'Take it easy'! Before I knew it WHHHHACCCCKKKK! A third time, this time hard enough to draw blood as his ring must have turned around & caught me just so! I turned around, kicked him in the leg, grabbed my clothes & ran out the door, never to see him again!
OMG! C'mon people...I can see a wacko coming from a mile away! No chance I'd ever end up with my skirt AND my guard down at the same time!!! PLUS...I gave you a clue here: I said this was 11 years ago & we had been dating for months. I also said in #3 that I was not dating anyone during my drinking years (& gave the age I was), so-if you factored in my current age you'd find one of the statements was false. Am I too crafty or too anal retentive?!!? (DON'T answer that!)

#6 My first job was in a fast food restaurant. I worked at McDonalds. I was supposed to be a cashier but I was so shy & quiet that the boss moved me to the back. He said he was afraid I couldn't handle people giving me their orders. I was crushed. It was just McDonalds, after all! It mattered not for I wouldn't speak up at that time. I ended up frying french fries all evening & sweeping the floors & emptying the garbage cans in between. I only lasted one month. I had only made enough money to buy a walkman & 2 cassettes.
LOL...what's to say about this one? Never worked in a fast food joint of any chain.

The 3 Finalists Are:
Bathroom Hippo
(chose 1, 3 & 5)
(chose 1, 3 & 6)
Coaster Punchman
(chose 1, 3 & 5)

(You'll all get another chance, I'll be doing this again sometime!!!)

37 Responses to “AND, The Winner Is.....”

Rich said...

What, I didn't win? I'm so disappointed ;)

Anonymous said...

oh no I lost :( now I guess I'll have to put my order in. But first I have to finish my paper. Congrats Dan I hope you enjoy the cookies as much as I would.

jin said...

rich: But you did, in a way:


*jin hands rich a book of matches*

"Knock yourself out!!!"

katy: That's the reason I told everyone to guess twice...I didn't think I have enough commenters to actually guess all three things!!!
Don't you get time off from school soon?

Anonymous said...

WHAT? It can't be? Are you sure Jin?? I never won anything in my entire life. Is my perfect streak now broken? It can't be! It just can't be!

Wow! Awesome! Coolness! And, as I indicated, I'd like to purchase a sweet box for Justmee, so hopefully she will see this and e-mail you her shipping address.

Thanks my friend! I'm going to love them!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Does this mean you're a friend of Bill's then Jin? Just curious. :)

Rich said...

Actually, something about that tale rang true for me. Which is why I made the joke about the matches. I must be psychic... wait, no, it's something that sounds like it starts with an S... hmmmm... stupid? yeah Stupid, that's it!

jin said...

dan: LOL! I'm sure...that's why I had D take the it'd be official! HA!

LUCKY justmee, too!!! If she doesn't see it I can email her...but I think she'll be around! ;-)

seb: seb? seb! SEB!!!
OMG! What're YOU doing here in all your (chilly) male glory???
You don't EVER visit lil ole me!
*jin starts dancing around & chanting*
"seb visited meeeeee, seb visited meeeeeeeee!"

SIRE!!! You totally missed a contest! I gave away 500 pounds of those chocolate coins you are so fond of!

rich: I'm sooo confused. Which tale rang true? Matches? What matches? Are you insinuating that I'm hot?
You'd better be!
.....or else.....
*jin raises an eyebrow*

(p.s. I've got full ovens...will answer your email ASAP!)

Anonymous said...


How can a name like Coaster Punchman, or Bathroom Hippo not win?


jin said...

LOL hippo! I'm as honest as they come. Sometimes I don't think it's a good thing! :-S

I'll be doing this contest thingy again, promise!

Anonymous said...

WTG Dan!! Congrats to the runners up! Great job! Dan you silly man, you do NOT have to get me a "sweetbox". lol It's so sweet that you thought of me. Jin? Can't wait until the next contest.

Way To Go...Dan The Man!!!!!!

BTW Dan and Jin: This has just been way too much fun! I might just have to copy you guys and do the same contest on my blog....hmmmm, have to think on this a bit (what to offer, what 6 weird things - seeing as how just about everything about me is weird!). Y'all don't mind, do you?

Anonymous said...

I think I posted the ones I thought were false. Oops. I still didn't get them right anyway.

Gyrobo said...

I regret to inform you that your comment on the Strippling Algorithm was accidentally deleted, since the post itself was deleted and reposted.

You are under no obligation to recomment, but you are entitled to reimbursement of your wit.

jin said...

justmee: Maybe I'll do something in January again! I need everyone to give me more contest ideas! :-)

ec: Of COURSE you can do the same contest!!! (It'll give me a chance to win something!!! :-) LOL!

ace: LOL...really?
That would have sucked because then you would have had them all right! :-S

gyrobo: Heeheee....I had a feeling I commented too early! I waited a WHOLE MINUTE & TEN SECONDS before I commented just in case the post disappeared!!!

G3T Films said...

Oh, the reason I made the matches comment was because the first story seemed true to me.

Do I have to insinuate, really, can't I just say it...

is that insinuating enough?

PS. You can win prizes I my site too.

Anonymous said...


what's up with the bee pollen?

Fuff said...

Congrats to Dan :)

Oh no, I lose again!!! Ah well, Dan'll share - won't you??

Anonymous said...

So sorry Jin for missing the whole contest- and a good one it was; damn.

Dan is so lucky & smart,
I don't doubt that he won...
he's so popular & humble).
Jealous much P? " "
and I thought I saw you
at that Metallica concert-
Could have sworn you flashed me
before being swept away.

jin said...

rich: Hahaha! Sorry, am not my astute self this week. Normally you merely have to 'hint' at an insinuation & I get it!!!
The shoppe closes in one week & 3 days.....YESSSSSSSSS!!!!
Then I can concentrate on what's important. BLOGGING! (AND cooking fabulous breakfasts & dinners & eating...MMmmm.....& sleeping &....*insert pervy thought here*...)

hippo: LOL...

*jin buzzes around like a busy little honey bee*

For those of us humans lucky enough to NOT be allergic to bees there is the AMAZING substance known as Bee Pollen. It is harvested (No, I don't know how...go to Wiki if you need to know!) then squashed into large terrible tasting wafers. If one, such as myself, chews a bee pollen wafer you are gifted with a brilliant flash of energy lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours. On days like today (most of December really) I have one yucky wafer every 30-60 minutes.
Yes it's safe. (maybe???)

Unlike caffine or sugar it's a gentle energy boost. No big let down when it runs out. Helps to keep up the immune systen too. Good at this time of the year.

Heehee...any more questions?

fuff: He's a lucky git isn't he?!!? :-D

phos: LMAO! You may have had a better chance at winning if you would have played the game!??!

poly: LOL...I think that was the Guns n Roses concert...hmmm...or maybe the Soundgarden one.???
Good to see you!
Stay sane thru the holidays!!!

Anonymous said...

Clever boy Dan...was it guessing or calculation???

Rich said...

Yup, I have a question, where do I get those yucky things?

Anonymous said...

You were 17 in 1980?

And your 32 now?

jin said...

mc: I have a feeling it was a good guess! LOL!

rich: The health food store. It's a vitamin. You can get them in capsules, too...they don't taste bad then, but those are too harsh on my tummy.

anon: I swear it took my tired mind about 20 minutes to figure out WTF you were talking about!
Ok...I edited it, sorta! :-S
Ackshully, I'm 33 now.
Good catch! Now, don't you wish you wouldn't have been anonymous so you could reap all the fame & glory???

Anonymous said...

Come over to ma house...

I'll keep your energy up for a few hours ;)

So you do or you don't have webbed feet? Which part did I get wrong? Nothing to be ashamed of, you'd be a hell of a swimmer!!

Anonymous said...

Justmee, thanks ... OK, no sweet box for you this time. :)

EC, thanks, and YES go ahead and use the idea!

Fuff, thanks!

Phosgene Kid, I'll send you everything I can't eat. I promise! :)

Polyman3, you are a great guy. In fact, I'd hand deliver some of these treats if it wasn't for the fact that ... you live in LONG ISLAND. I don't want to get run over by Billy Joel, dude!

Middle Child, almost all guessing. The battery in my calculator needs replacement. ;)

jin said...

hippo: Heeheeee! I bet!
(You just painted a very disturbing picture in my mind.)

phos: LMAO! I have GORGEOUS feet! No webbing goin' on there!

dan: Hey, maybe I can hire you for replies when I'm too busy?!!? :-)

jin said...

Will try to post something tonight. Key word "try"

Working on 2 wedding cakes for tomorrow with a third one for Saturday.

(Sorry I'm not able to get around to your blogs...I'll make up for it in a week & 2 days!!!)

I am currently FULL of energy & working FAST! YAY!

If anyone has some free time & wants to hang out with me tonight c'mon long as you bring me a fantabulous dinner & chocolate!!!


fairscape said...


you are a riot girl

i loved your crazy little stories

looking forward to the xmas cookie etc. pics


Oh geez, I can't believe it's been ALL WEEK since I've been around - I've actually been busy working.

I'm proud to be a finalist, but I will have to injure Dan AND get Poor George to cancel his recent order!!! ;)

By the way, in case PG didn't make it clear, he's ordering the PB's for his colleagues and some for himself too. But as for the rest of the stuff, if you don't have my favorites made or weren't planning to make any (lemon-rasp. and mint brownies) feel free to pack whatever you think we'd like.

It's Jin-Trinsique Christmas all around! Should I write a little Christmas jingle for your shoppe?

BTW, PG works for a fancy organic caterer in NYC, so you have the opportunity to make a real splash in the catering world when you send these PB's for George's colleagues!!!

I'd come over with some bbq ribs and Ritter Sport, except I've got to rest up so I am sharp for your next contest.

jin said...

Hey fairscape! Sorry I haven't been around...hope you are fighting those bastards with everything you've got!

The other day I was dipping truffles & dropped a big blob of melted chocolate. It ended up on my foot & because I never wear socks (only Veggie Birki sandals) it squished all between my toes. EWWWWW! I HATE THAT! So I started swearing at the nodule in your right middle lung. I still think it's a BRILLIANT theory. I DO hope it works!!! :-D

CP: I figured you were busy! That's ok, PG made up for it with his witty emails!!! They made me LOL! :-)

Oh, I plan on sending you an AWESOME selection!!! Never fear, I do have to make the mint brownies & Lemon Berry for some other customers, so there'll be a few of those in there as well.

How about you write me a jingle after you taste some of my Xmas creations! You'll be Blissed Out!

phos: MMMMmmm....Ritter Sport! I like the yohgurt/milk chocolate one!!! Did you get your spice cake yet???

flatlander said...

I would have never guessed that #1 was true. I suppose the practice of trying to set one's kids on fire was more widespread in the bad old days.

But I should have guessed that #6 was a decoy.

I've put some Fakie Agents on the job of uncovering your life's story, so that next time you run this contest we'll be sure to win the goodies ; -)

jin said...

Philosopher extrordinaire
flies like the wind & skates on air

Damn you're good!!!
How did you know about the poor little guinea pig & my lifelong struggle with it?

Yes, you should have known #6 was a decoy.
I must go now & hide all my sensitive information in the bakery vaults of sweetness.