Sunday, December 17, 2006

Xmas Insanity

Hi All!
Sorry, but it's been CRAZY here!
Just a few pics to keep me in your good graces!
If I have time tomorrow I'll edit & add a few descriptions.
The items below are just a tiny tiny fraction of what I made this week.

.....AND this is what happens when I get tired & goofy & am all alone in the kitchen
(WARNING! X-rated! I'm serious! It IS! ;-)

I miss you all SO MUCH!

I am currently accepting donations in the form of:
Foot Rubs
Hawaiian Vacations
An ipod (am I the only one on the planet to not have one???)
A Multi Course Fancy Dinner Delivered Directly to MOI!

49 Responses to “Xmas Insanity”

Jewels said...

I am LMAO @ that little man... OH, and I use the term little loosely... ;)

Chris is still laughing, but slightly jealous. It's not often you meet a gingerbread man with a bigger wanker than your own LOL!
Sending you mass portions of energy, so you can keep up until your week off. Take care of you, and get some rest, will ya?

P.S.: FIRST!!!!

fairscape said...


as ever, the Goddess of Foodie Porn...

flatlander said...

If you scroll the photo of that tray of merringues up and down really fast, they seem to undulate in a mysterious way.

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

ohh man I want some cookies sooooo bad. i can't believe Christmas eve is a week from now. I wish I could ship you a dinner from work ... but if you make it out of the are and near here I meet you have way with it

real said...

I saw the same thing as flatlander. It was like the sweets in the tray were getting bigger.

Anonymous said...

LOL That was great!

What a wonderful selection of cakes and cookies. Now go get some rest!

G3T Films said...

I thought the penis cookie was great until I tested flatlanders undulating merringues. Whoooooooa, FREEEEEEAKY MAAAAN!

Your Cookies look super.

jin said...

jewels: Thanks a million girlie!!! I will gladly accept all that energy, too!!!
Actually, that 'little man' was a very rough I have time I make them truly realistic! Want to know what's even funnier??? I gave it to D to eat!

fairscape: LOL...thanks a bunch! I hope you are hangin' in there! My thoughts are always with you! :-)

flatlander: ***Shhhhhhh!!!! That was a secret code! Now EVERYONE knows where my Vaults of Sweetness are!!!***
Happy Holidays back at ya! I'll be around when I can for my Fakiedose!'re knew what they were!!! :-D

fuff: Still bah humbug? LOL! :-D

katy: Awww...thanks! :-) Someday we'll make it there! My bro actually just got a job offer he might not be able to refuse in Potomac...I'll keep you posted!

real: LOL! Good to see you! :-) Those are little bites of heaven!

justmee: hahaha! rest in 6 days!!! YESSS!!!

rich: LMAO! Maybe you could do a video of the
'Randy Gingerbread Man & his Sexmas-capades"!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the black-and-white cake.

The little guy's pretty funny. But no Santa hat?

And where's my invoice? I want my brownies!

Anonymous said...

Elegant, as always. Even the full-frontal nudity had a splash of class.

You are not the only person not to have an iPod. I don't own one either and don't ever plan on having one. I'm actually anti-iPod. You can't even record sound with it, what's the fun in that?

gnightgirl said...

Pretty sad when a gingerbread man turns you on. I have to get on or something, soon!

Anonymous said...

Pardon the four comments. Blogger hung me out to dry!

And I can't delete them?

Gyrobo said...

Flatlander noticed the optical illusion, too! Jomentous.

iPods aren't all they're cracked up to be, though they make bus rides a little shorter.

Gyrobo said...


Opera 9.1 just came out. Consume it.

jin said...

a. I like the black & white cake, too! Half chocolate, half vanilla. It was FUN to decorate!
b. I was wearing the santa hat (& nothing else ;-) whilst decorating the little fella.
c. Your invoice is there. Your brownies are almost there.
d. Awww...4 comments? Accidental? I just thought you liked me that much more! ;-)

andy: Hey! That's what I'll have to call them!
'Splash of Class
Gingerbreadmen's Ass

Yeah...the ipod would just be nice as my husband has been 'complaining' about my choice of music whist baking at night when I turn it up LOUD.
(Marilyn Manson is NOT just noise!!! Billy Idol is NOT just an annoying cockney!!! etc...etc...etc.) HAHA!!!

ggirl: LMAO! I can send you one if you want...but they aren't life sized! Heeheeeee!!! :-)

Opera 9.1 just came out. Consume it."


*jin cyberskips as fast as she can across the keyboard to the Opera site.....*

To the fella that left the deleted comment: I'll hand deliver if you meet me there (and pay for the trip...that's gotta be an expensive place! ;-)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Christmas cookies, will it never end?! That is all anyone has brought into work the past week.

Sell many fruitcakes??

Anonymous said...

I noticed the same optical illusion with the meringues! Is that some sort of food porn trick? I wonder... ;)

The black & white cake looks amazing. And I love the gingerbread men -- they look so festive!

(it took me 4 tries to leave this comment -- blogger is re-tah-ded! But at least now I can once again comment on non-beta blogs.)

I've eaten so many X-mas cookies I have red and green "sprinkles" in my crap.

Anonymous said...

Food here!

jin said...

phos: "I've eaten so many X-mas cookies I have red and green "sprinkles" in my crap."
You're a riot! :-D
HEY! We sell GOOD fruitcake & yes I do sell a lot & if you say anymore about it I'm-a-gonna chuck one at your HEAD!!!!

lesley: Ohhh.....that reminds me I have to make like a thousand more meringues tonight...they ALWAYS sell out!

Oh, the 1/2 n 1/2 cake...FUN! FUN! FUN! It'd look really cool about 7 tiers tall!

I'll probably go beta within a week or so...when I'm closed & have time to mess with things.....

ace: YAY!!!! :-D
Don't eat it all at once or you'll have a tummyache like last time!!! LOL!!!

jin said...

gyrobo: LOL...I don't know if I ever noticed that it looked weird? I still haven't downloaded's been so crazy...if I sit down at the pc too long I'll fall asleep! HA! Not good! Too many more cookies to make! :-S

.....only 3 days to go.....

Not Ashley said...'s too bad you're not local, as everything looks delicious.

Enjoy your time off, it sounds like a well deserved break.

jin said...

not ashley: Thanks much! I can't wait to blog again, I mean, like DAILY!!! LOL!!! :-)

gyrobo: Ok...I just reread my comment...utter nonsense! You'd think I'm a stupid girl or something! HA!
What I meant to say: 'I have not had a chance to download the new version of Opera yet.'
I have used the encryptor before. (Remember, I told you I like to CLICK...I CLICK everywhere on your blog!!! :-)
In fact, I like to use it occasionally in my business,

Rich said...

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Anonymous said...

Once again I kiss your sweet sugar coated experienced fingers.
Peace, luv & happines to U & yours.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jin! That photo before the Gingerbread Men? The one with all of those white drop cookies?

Man, that one's a trip! I scroll my screen back and forth and it looks like the damn things are going to pop out of my monitor!

And I'm totally sober.

Send me a truckload of fruitcakes, I am buildlng a new wall in the garden.

Actually I could kill for a good stollen.

Gyrobo said...

Hj6enb`neC;hem/m/`?flae'jnbejrme"jhh/ln &eCenbfliefn; e`e"` /ejcehf n`i/lef?/lnfnp*

Ce?jl;nenbflieP`ln`e§g`r e6` efl2jg2/?&enbjrab*eNb/e.)Ce'r n/?ebfhe`ep/`me`ajecjmen`4ecm`r?*

jin said...

rich: Vjre`m/e`le¶Q,PIJ,e'gjae'r??pecjmejm?/mflae`ggenb`ne nrccecmjhe`e'gjaa/mecjmejnb/me'gjaa/m 111

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poly: Thank you MUCH friend! :-)
I'll be around in a few days to visit!

dan: LOL! It's like one of those mezmerizing screen savers! For FREE!!! :-D

phos: too! LOVE stollen. My Mom makes AWESOME stollen. She never got to it this year...maybe after the first, I'll be sure to take photos & upload expressly for you! ;-)

gyrobo: L/`mm`la/enb/eg/nn/m efleP`ln`e!epjrea/n[

Cenbfliefne6` e`ggebf e?jfla*


Qb`ne?`pef efn{

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@CenbflieCel//?e jh/e g//kelj61e[UP@

flatlander said...

ahhh! Your comments page has been infected with strange cyber-code!


This translates into the following poem:

There's alot at stake
When you bake
Wouldn't want to
Wreck a cake
But when your back aches
From too many cepes
I hope you get to
Take a break!

Merry Christmas and all that jazz!

Gyrobo said...

I'm not sure, but I think my brain has been overloaded.

fairscape said...

please jin no beta

fairsCaPe can't even visit beta

can't visit mummified
can't visit seb

fairsCaPe Mac Netscape crashes and sometimes can not even reboot without help

please jin?

Anonymous said...

Brownies and cookies came! Brownies and cookies devoured.

Word "delicious" was used a lot by many people.

Munkee enjoyed special cookie.


jin said...

flatlander: LOL!!! :-D back aches AWFUL right now! Maybe I need some soothing Xmas jazz...& chocolate & tea...

"Break is officially ON."
"Commence 2 weeks of nothingness."

gyrobo: My plan worked! I was trying to overload your circuits so I could sneak in & mess with your blog.

fairscape: Awww....really?! I just noticed that they are starting to switch some over already & I'm scared they're gonna screw my template up! :-S I'll wait as long as I can.
Hope you had a COOL YULE!
(I'm celebrating late...better late than never!)

ace: LOL! GOOD! YAY!
I miss you! I'll be back to my old blogging self within a couple o days!
(I've officially been up for 24 hrs as of now, with 3 hours of sleep the night before...& 5 hours the 2 nights before that...sometimes I amaze me! LMAO! Now I gotta go home & cook food for tomorrow...but, hey...I'm at home, so I can cook nekkid if I want to!!! *That makes the food taste better, you know! :-D
HAAAAhahahahahahaah!!! ;-)

jin said...

I made it!
Sold out early today...
finally got a chance to go visit my Dad in the hospital tonight (he's been in ICU since Thurs.) He looks much better...but I still need your well wishes! I usually am NOT a crier...but I was soooo tired & I walked in & saw him hooked up to about 10 machines & just let loose! DAMN! Bad jin! I even made HIM start crying & my Dad does NOT cry either (maybe that's where I get it from, hmmmm? ;-)

K...going food for tomorrow...getting some sleep...hopefully! Back to blogging in a few days! Miss you guys! Hope everyone has a SAFE & HAPPY holiday season!!!


p.s. Will have some great pics & funny customer stories coming up soon!!!

Anonymous said...



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C enb`neA`lenb/eNmjgg; e bmf2g/?ek/lf {eeGr nen/` fl;

Jf epjr*eeJ/mmpe§bmf nh` 1

jin said...

B`b`1eV/ n/m?`peCec/gne?/`?1eQ` enb`ne'/"`r /ejcepjr{{{

Q` enb`nem/`ggpepjrmeg` necfgh{
§`leCe'mf'/epjre6fnbe"jjif/ ejme"`i/{{{

Cel//?e g//k***ljne"`rabnerkep/n***gjg***Ce6fggeb`2/e 6//ne?m/`h enjlfabnejce;'`?e `ln`;eFJ¶I1



jin said...

Merry Xmas
Happy Holidays

Still too tired to post & visit...might be around tomorrow to everyone's blogs.


Merry Christmas Jin! I do hope you've had some rest, and I do hope your Dad is doing better. I had no idea, I'm so sorry! How is your Mom? Hope everyone is holding together. Best and fondest wishes to you and yours, always.

Merry Christmas! George and I, along with various friends and co-workers, have been enjoying your treats!!!

fairscape said...


Sending a release from machinery vibe to your Dad. Hope you see one leass machine hooked up to him each time you go to visit til he is free of machinery completely and ready to come home.

Anonymous said...

Oh I never responded...

No, I won't retire the least not this month. I'm postponing the decision for February. I've got two more movies I want to make.

Jin!? Where the hell are yee?!

Hope your father is home by now. Great way to spend Christmas, hope his New Years is much better and he gets to spend it with you!!

Love and bestwishes,


jin said...


I LOVE you guys/gals!!!
I am HERE right now.
It's not been a good week & if you want all the terrible away.
after that post
I think:

I guess all it takes to get a jin back on [blogging]track is 3 evil heartless people trying to crush her. I am SO WAAAY stronger than them.

In fact, I may even post a new 'HAPPY' entry here this evening.

I may even be around to all your blogs again.


Diana Crabtree said...

I am disappointed that Rich's gift wasnt a box of those gingerbread men!

Maybe you should sell those for valentine's day :)

jin said...

Haha! Diana! Maybe I should start a I can tell other bloggers what other bloggers like best!!!
Thanks for stopping by! I meant to post that link to your blog a while's just been too hectic here of late!

All your dreams have come true, Jin. There is a new installment of "The Mama Gin Files" featuring your cookies. Sorry the picture isn't better. I'll need to get some tips from David on food photography.

jin said...

I'll be over to comment cp! I saw them in my feedreader! You made my DAY!!!!