Saturday, December 02, 2006

Bakin' In A Winter Wonderland

This was the scene here yesterday.....

Snow snow snow

everywhere you go
filling the air
coating my hair

Some in the oven
& much on the lawn
jin wanted lovin'
instead worked til dawn

Snow covered the xB
And every damn cookie!
They glistened & gleamed
"Eat ME!" They screamedAt 2.40 AM jin's hands start to shake
There were so many cookies I still had to bake!
More decorated ornaments 30,000 & counting
All I could picture: A giant Gingerbread I was mounting.
Real snow or fake snow or cookies or icing
All my molecules started splicing
Everything blurred
The blizzard whirred
Past the windows & into the shoppe
Great. Now I have to fucking mop!
But, not yet! The pretty babies need to be finished!
Except my life energy has really diminished!
Last thing is DONE! YAY! I can go home!
I must be tripping...I've turned into a gnome!!!

54 Responses to “Bakin' In A Winter Wonderland”

Anonymous said...

Ha first comment!

Anonymous said...

I WANT SNOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW I miss snow we had 80 degrees yesterday and 60 today. I WANT SNOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh and I really like the poem. can you ship me some snow?????? The cookies look yummmmmmy

jin said...

katy: NO, you really do NOT want's fucking FREEZING HERE!!!! OMG!!!! 16 degrees...with wind chill it's 3 fucking degrees!!!! I never get cold & I am an ice cube right now! I can't move!


C H O C O L A T E ! ! !

*jin moves in slow mtion towards the chocolate but freezes into a block of ice when she is merely a centimeter away....*

Here Lies:
miss jincapable of thawing out

Anonymous said...

It was 8 degrees here this morning...and it's 6 degrees right now.

All I'm thinking about is me and Jin in the back of that nice lookin' Volkswagen (it's a volkswagen right?) making beautiful food together.

jin said...

hippo: I'm a firm believer in huddling bodies together to create warmth. Strictly scientifically speaking, of course.

Close call on the car...*GOOD GUESS!* Actually it's a Scion, made by Toyota. 35 mpg, easy on the emissions, a trunk large enough for a 6-tier wedding cake & the ability to switch the engine over to an alternative fuel (I forget which type of alternative fuel...ok, so I'm not perfect...but, HEY, I can COOK! ;-).

Oh, don't have that chocolate bar for you yet, however...I am currently (slowly) consuming a wintergreen candy cane. YUM.

Mad Munkey said...

I never did understand sprinkles on christmas cookies. They ruin the texture of the cookie in your mouth. *Sigh*

Anonymous said...

Nice poem. lol Those brownies look delicious. I wish I knew how to make royal icying.

I'd take some snow over ice anytime. :)

Love the snowflake cookies. You know what I miss? Gingerbread form Heinemann’s bakery (AKA the Kooky Cookie House at Capital Court mall). Those had to be the best damn gingerbread cookies ever. I haven’t had one to compare since. If X-mas had a taste Gingerbread would be it.

The Lebkuchen in Germany were pretty good too.

jin said...

mad munkey: I don't ever use sprinkles (aka jimmies) on cookies. Unless you meant sugars?

justmee: You've got mail! :-)

phos: MMmm...I agree. My shoppe doesn't smell like Xmas until I bake the first batch of gingerbread, hopefully tonight (if I can peel my ass off this chair! LOL!)

I can't even make enough gingerbread people to keep up with the demand. I do tiny ones, small, medium, jumbo, houses & 3D sleighs. I truly ENJOY doing the houses & larger cookies. It's relaxing for me! I can have 13 gallons of dough rolled & baked in about 1.5 hours, if I've had sufficient amounts of espresso beforehand!

ticharu said...

I once worked in an organic bakery. I made cookies in the afternoons for a while. Nothing fancy like your stuff though. Ours were kinda industrial primitive affairs. Your cookies are an artform!

jin said...

Thanks ticharu:! :-)
I do all that I can do organically. I wish I could switch over to 100% organic but it seems impossible, for now anyway.

Rich said...

I ate a cookie once *stares blankly in to the distance* the horror, the hoooorror.

Funny-arse poem Jin! Snow is good, I grew up in the snow, snow is good.

jin said...!!!! Cookies CAN be GOOD!!! LOL!!!

Snow is not good when you are all grown up & have to shovel it (or PAY someone to shovel it) instead of playing in it!!!

fairscape said...

hey jin jin

You're not a gnome, you are The Goddess of Cookie Porn. I hope Yule remember that...

Snow is a fact of Nature.Part of the Cycle. I wasted a lot of Energy hating snow. Now I just try to enjoy it's intrinsique beauty, and love it for the pleasure it brings other people.I try to find exhillerating comraderie in shoveling. This is one time of year you find yourself in the company of others working on a common purpose. I like that sharing of Energy.

"It's not doing the things you like to do, but, liking the things you have to do, that makes life a joy or a grind."- Mann (?)

Rich said...

We used to get between 6 to 15 feet of snow fall. It was my 'chore' to dig the door out in the morning. Shovelling snow is hardly a chore, it's too much fun. Especially when the snow is so high over the door you have to dig a snow tunnel just to get out and ski to school.

Nothing good ever came of a cookie! Look what happened to Hansel and Gretel.

jin said...

fairscape: "You're not a gnome, you are The Goddess of Cookie Porn. I hope Yule remember that..."
Heeheeheeee!!!! LOL! :-D
My 3 busiest days o the year...Dec 21st, 22nd, 23rd...I never get to celebrate yule on yule! I take time after we close, though. I feel it's enough to celebrate when I am (somewhat) relaxed & (more) thankful anyway. :-)

Thank you for the snow philosophy. I am sending thousands of 'spirits' to be with you on Wednesday. Take advantage of them!!! :-)

rich: Australia? Or somewhere else? I thought it doesn't snow in Australia?
*jin scratches her head*

Anonymous said...

Aha! I've caught you Jin!

Your watch says 2:40...are we to assume you made these at 2:40 in the morning?!?

You think we're that stuupid?!?

Hahaha...I got you!

Oh I totally forgot about PM...

Anonymous said...

Either way...AM or PM...

You shouldn't be handling the merchandise.

jin said...

LMAO hippo!!!

You were RIGHT to assume AM!!!
I am a Night Owl
(or a Vampiress?)
I shy away from the light
Prefer to be active at night

I usually leave the shoppe about 5AM ish
Come back in about 1PM ish
Unless it's December....
Then most days I leave at 4AM ish
Come back in about 10AM ish I did today...
so that's why I'm tired & not witty right now! LOL!

caroline said...

hahaha your poem totally had me laughing out loud here at work, epecially about mounting the gingerbread man haha
the cookies look beautiful - i like the simplicity of the circle cookies with the hole cutout at the top

Captain Canuck said...

A mild to moderate case of frosting overdose.

I recommend a day of, make that two.

And get someone else to shovel the walk for you.

; - )

jin said...

caroline: Thank you & WELCOME!!!
Good, I LIKE to make people laugh!
"Laughter heals the soul."

Captain C: I'll take your day of rest or two & raise you 4 more!!!
YAY!!! do get a few days off after Xmas, then another week or two after New Year's!!! All I have to do is hang in there until then.

You're a superhero....can't you shovel my snow with a whistle & a wink?!!?

Your cookies really yell "EAT ME!!"? What language!

G3T Films said...

Ha! Yep, Australia... it's a big and varied country.

jin said...


rich: Well, I'll be damned!
Oh, sorry, wasn't talking to you rich...I was addressing the Devil's Food Cake!

Snow sucks. Just my opinion, but there you go.

Anonymous said...

Not to big on snow, it's more of an acceptance and a grumble once I start shoveling. Could use some of those wonderful cookies. 30,000?
Wow. That would last me a night.
I love your cookies, babe.

Anonymous said...

Must feed Jin!

Rich said...

I've never actually googled the town I used to live in (highest town in Oz) it's quite interesting. This was my primary school, my house is just a little further to the right of the pic.

jin said...

phos: I'm afraid I might be starting to agree.....

poly: Thanks poly...It wasn't really 30,000 in one night, more like one month. But it sounded good?!

hippo: You MUST! I am going off 3 hours of sleep last night (3 the night before also) came in early today & ate NOTHING until 7PM. I never do that on purpose, it just happens when some days are INSANELY busy...all of a sudden I'll feel like crap & think, OH! I need FOOD! Where's that hippo with my FOOD!!!
.....but, alas, hippo never comes, so I start to devour COOKIES!!!!

rich: Wow! It's SNOW! In Australia!!! COOL! Should I send over our snow right away?! Really...WE don't need it!!!

Rich said...

We'll gladly take it!

jin said...

Is that you?

Do you snowboard?

jin said...


Ok, I know I promised a few people a "Xmas cookie post" by tonight...SO NOT going to happen...maybe by Friday or Saturday.
*jin pauses to think for a second*
Yeah...Saturday at the latest.

SOOOO crazy busy this week...I had to do some treats for a 'thing' tonight that D & I also had to make an appearance at (NOT fun:-P) but if I write about it I'll put it on the other blog as there are not really any dessert pics (somebody forgot to bring the camera in & it wasn't moi! Not that I'm pointing the finger at anyone in particular. *jin points at D*).


*jins stomach grumbles with hunger pangs*
I need to go to the store. Buy food...but it's SOOOO cold out. It's slippery, too.
Am I the only one who is not into
*sing along*
'The most wonderful timeeeeee of the year'

Anonymous said...

I work outside, so I took Friday off. I was in that same, damned storm system...

Rich said...

Indeed! Snowboarding is cool but I prefer skiing. I've been skiing since I was five, before snowboards existed, and it's just more natural. Snowboarding is easier for the uninitiated though. Particularly if you've done any skateboarding or surfing. I'd love to ski/board in the US and Canada, you get a lot more snow.

Anonymous said...

I dreamed about Jin covered in cookies.

Then I turn my head for just a second and somebody bit your face off!!!

Anonymous said...

I am not in the singalong mood either but thats because its blue sky, sun and 60+ degrees here. I wish for snow and ice and an excuse to make hot coco!

Gyrobo said...

I can taste the icing on those SnowPrettyBabies.


In the part of New York I live in, snow is seen by some as evil incarnate. I, however, see it as an excuse to sleep.

jin said...

andy: *jin shudders just remembering all the snow & cold*

rich: Wow! I've never done either. I don't think I'd be into it. LOL. I'm not good at stopping. I found this out whilst rollerblading on one (ONLY one) occasion. Long story short my jeans saved my ass...literally. I had to walk the rest of the way home like this.

hippo: Really?!!? sweet!
Wait! ...they bit my head off??? Did you try to rescue me?

katy: LOL...sit outside nekkid, then you'll have an excuse for hot cocoa!!!
*I'm just trying to help!*

gyrobo: COOL!!! Does that mean it's official? With your help I have created
Taste O Vision
We'll make a fortune!
You can BUY New York!
I can sleep!
It's a win/win situation!
Now all we need is 19 billion dollars to fund our advertising. I made the SnowPrettyBabies, so you can fund everything.

Rich said...

That is the worst photoshopping I've ever seen. It's great, nice ass too!

Stopping is easy. Fall over.

jin said...

LMAO rich! It's not MY ass!!!

I just did a search for ripped jeans & that was the closest thing I could find! LOL!!!!

Rich said...

I don't believe you. You're going to have to post a picture of your ass for comparison. Well, that, or ignore me...

jin said...

Dum de dumm dum dee dee

"Hmmm...I forgot what I came here for...I wonder if anyone left a new comment?"

*jin checks the comment section.*

"Nope, no more new comments."

Rich said...

Helllllllloooooo, over here *waves arms frantically* Hello?

Rich said...

I love it when I turn invisible but it's the first time I've done it on a blog. Bugger!

jin said...

Hey rich!
Long time
no see


Anonymous said...

Did someone mention Jin's ass??

Oh I'm too late..

jin said...

You're not too late!
We never start the party
until hippo arrives!!!

Wait...what'd you say about my ass???
It BETTER be nice!

L>T said...

Your prolificness(?) blows my mind. When i was a kid i used to have this reaccuring nightmare about cookies flying off a cookie sheet & whizzing past my ears. they just kept coming faster & faster & bigger & bigger. Do you ever feel a little frightned making all those cookies? Just looking at them all freaks me out, a little.

Anonymous said...

see I would go for the sitting outside nekkid part but Grumoy always fuzzes when I let the dogs out in just panties. (I refuse to wear clothes in the house.) But he thinks the neighbors wait at the windows for me to do that. I just don't care.

jin said...

l>t: Haha!!! I never get frightened, although, on very rare occasion, I get pissed off enough to throw a pan of those cookies across the kitchen!!! Hope I don't give you more nightmares now!!! ;-)

katy: The body is treated differently in Germany than it is here, right? I mean...D says they are more open, lots of nude beaches too he says.
People (esp. neighbors) are NOSIER in the US! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

You are so very clever Jin...I'm trying to catch up withy'all but will have people staying till after Christmas...sigh...: )

jin said...

Thanks MC!!!
Take it easy & try to enjoy the company. Don't stress over it!