Friday, December 08, 2006

It's A Contest! Play! Win Something!

Have you heard of the "6 Weird Things" Meme that's been going around? Basically, you are supposed to tell your readers "6 Weird Things" about yourself.

I can hear you asking, "But miss jin...what does a meme have to do with a pastry shoppe?"


Because we're going to play with the meme.
mix it up
knead it until pliable
shape it with our imaginations
& let it sit until finished.

Does that make sense now?

What do you mean, "NO"???


Ok, Ok.
I'll try again.
Plain English.

Blah Dan had this FANTASTICALLY BRILLIANT idea which I am shamelessly stealing.
I am going to post 6 weird things about MOI.
The catch is, 3 are true & 3 are NOT true.
I want all of you to guess which 3 are TRUE.
Just put your guesses in the comment section.
Each person may enter TWICE!
(Post each guess as a separate comment, I don't get confused! :-)
For those of you that guess correctly, I will toss your name into a mixing bowl & pick ONE winner on or around Tuesday, December 12th.

The prize is a SWEETBOX from my shoppe, containing a 1# assortment of our tiny delicious Xmas cookies (with a retail value of $25.00) shipped directly to your home or office. No cost to you what-so-ever. How COOL is that?!!?

Ok, now for the bummer. There's restrictions. The winner can only have their SWEETBOX shipped within the US or Canada. (Canadians may or may not have to pay a duty to receive the imported package, that fee would be your responsibility.) I know I have readers from all over, that doesn't mean you can't comment anyway!!!

So, here goes!
#1 As a child, my Grandmother would tell me stories of her life growing up. She was one of 13 children. Her Mother died when she was very young & her Father remarried a homicidal maniac. The children all had to sleep in one bed as the family was very poor. She told me how her Father would have to lie across the bottom of the children's bed to stop her step-mother from lighting the children on fire each night.

#2 When I was 17 years old I attended a Metallica concert with my older cousin. (She was sent along, by my parents, to keep an eye on me.) We were lucky enough to get a chance to be in the mosh pit. They had started their second song, "...And Justice for All", when I realized I was getting raised up in the air! I was carried forward & thrust onto the stage! I was so excited, I thought, I'll get to touch James Hetfield! But before I could even stand up two bodyguards ran over & carried me off the stage. Then they made me leave the arena. I was escorted to the door with instructions not to come back in. I had to sit & wait outside for 2 hours before the concert ended & my cousin came looking for me.

#3 I used to be a TOTAL tomboy. At the age of 19 I started honing my drinking skillz. I continued my research for 5 more years, until I could keep up with the best of them. Guys, I mean. I could drink ANY guy under the table & still keep my wits about me. You name it, I could drink it non-stop without puking: Tequila, J├Ągermeister, Sambuca, Beer, Beer, Beer & more Beer. I was not dating anyone but I had lots of guys as friends. I was a legend. I'd be invited to all their parties because they would tell their friends about this chick who could really hold her liquor!

#4 When I was a wee child my parents took me to the store to pick out my very first pet, a guinea pig. I chose the only white one they had & called it "Corky". We took it home & put it in a small aquarium. My parents left me alone with Corky. I repeatedly picked it up by it's tail & 'played' with it & kissed it & squeezed it.....oops....."Mom! Dad! Corky won't play with me anymore!" They explained to me that Corky was dead & in a much better place. I cried. The next day I got a black one & called him "Midnight".

#5 I have a tiny scar, about an inch long, on my derriere, right side, lower down. It's very faint now as it happened 11 years ago. I was dating a guy that was a total gentleman. He was very polite & well educated (he was *ahem* a bit older than I was). We had been seeing each other for months, when I decided I'd go back to his place with him one evening. One thing led to another, my skirt was off, we were kissing ... when all of a sudden WHHACK! He had spanked me! I was surprised, but I kind of ignored it. All of a sudden WHHHHACK AGAIN! I jumped. I said, 'Take it easy'! Before I knew it WHHHHACCCCKKKK! A third time, this time hard enough to draw blood as his ring must have turned around & caught me just so! I turned around, kicked him in the leg, grabbed my clothes & ran out the door, never to see him again!

#6 My first job was in a fast food restaurant. I worked at McDonalds. I was supposed to be a cashier but I was so shy & quiet that the boss moved me to the back. He said he was afraid I couldn't handle people giving me their orders. I was crushed. It was just McDonalds, after all! It mattered not for I wouldn't speak up at that time. I ended up frying french fries all evening & sweeping the floors & emptying the garbage cans in between. I only lasted one month. I had only made enough money to buy a walkman & 2 cassettes.

Well, there you have it!
Now, which 3 are TRUE???

40 Responses to “It's A Contest! Play! Win Something!”

Anonymous said...

Not a huge fan of that Blog troll Dan you just mentioned...

but I'm gonna guess that

#1, #3, and #5 are true?
You'll have to prove #5 to me.
If you know what I mean...
and if it's offensive..then somebody else told me to say it!

jin said... that the reason you picked #5? Proof?!!?

Off topic: It's Friday! Movie Friday, hopefully? *jin crosses her fingers*


Anonymous said...

mhhh okay those are some good one. After carefull consideration I'd have to say #2, #3 and #6 (not sure about 6 but I figured I may try again later). Good luck on the movie night thing Grumpy and I still haven't made it to the movies (it's been 2 months now)

Anonymous said...

Hmm 1,2,6! I want me that sweetbox!!

Jewels said...

#s 2, 3, and 6 are TRUE!!!!! LOL! Oh, and I don't care that you've JUST sent me a sweetbox, I want your COOKIES!!!! ;)

Fuff said...

2,3 and 6 or 5. Hehe!

fairscape said...

2 3 6 are true

1 4 5 are hysterical

jin said...

Well, I can't really comment back too much with this thing or I'll give something away!

Good guesses from:

Thanks for playing everyone!
Gee, I wonder if we have any winners yet?!!?

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Free cookies! This is so easy!

You can't fool me! These are all true. Or ... er ... on second thought I think they're all false. Hmmm ... this isn't so easy.

OK, here are my choices for the ones that are true: 1, 3 and 6.

Anonymous said...

I think 2, 4, & 6 are true.

My email is

jin said...

dan: Haha!!! It's a LOT harder than it looks, isn't it?!!? Took ME a whole day to come up with them! (I did work while I was pondering, btw! ;-)

Thank you for the inspiration!!! I've been wanting to do a contest forEVER but I didn't have any idea what type to do! :-)

Your pics have been noted!
Good Luck!

april: WELCOME!
Your pics have been noted & thanks for playing!!! :-)

I think the one about you having webbed feet is true... Did I win yet??

jin said...

phos: You are ALWAYS a winner in my book!

(Was that too cheesy? Is it obvious that I am kissing up in case I need to borrow the mask?)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jin, I'm feeing really bad right now about blogging in general becaue of the guy at the top of your comment list here (Bathroom Hippo). Not only has he badmouthed me in my friend's blog (yours) but he is actually so incensed by me that he incorporated me into his latest video.

What did I do to him? According to him, I had the audacity to not only leave him a comment one day but then I left a comment for some of his friends. That was what ticked him off so much.

With all of the personal tragedy I've been through in the past two months with the terrible accident of my brother and the grave health condition of my dad, this is a minor annoyance. But I tried taking the high road and sent this e-mail to him yesterday afternoon:

----- Original Message -----
From: Dan Balogh
Sent: Friday, December 08, 2006 9:18 PM
Subject: What's up?

I just noticed something you said about me on Jin's blog.

I think I visited your site once. Did I offend you? If so, I didn't mean to and I apologize. It would have been nice to
hear from you.


----- End Message -----

I received no response. After seeing his video, I left this comment on his blog (which you may have seen, since I e-mailed you with the comment right after I posted it):

Funny stuff!

I visit blogs because I believe that's what blogging is all about. I love
people. Visiting blogs via the "Next Blog" button is much less desirable
than finding a blog you like (like yours) and then visiting their friends.
Why do you have a blogroll if you're only going to get annoyed if others
visit them?

I can dig you feeling differently -- but to hate me for it? Geez,
dude, I don't even know you. And I don't hate you at all. I think
you're very talented. And that's why I visited the blogs of your friends.

Don't always suspect the worse in people, my friend.

Peace and love.

How did he respond? By deleting the comment.

As I said, I'm feeling very weird and saddened about all of this. I probably won't be hanging out around here for a while because I don't enjoy visiting sites where someone is bad-mouthing me.

Back to more important things like my dad and brother.

Again, I'm very sorry I had to leave this comment here, but I just had to respond somewhere.

Best of luck with your contest. And
peace and love my dear friend.

Anonymous said...

#3 reminds me of Lenny from Of Mice and Men.

"I was only petting it, George..."

flatlander said...

I will guess that 2, 4 & 6 are true.

I've suspected for a long time that the artistic perfectionism with which you create your edible art is feuled by the childhood guilt you still carry regarding the death of an innocent guinea pig.

But you can let it go now (just don't stop baking).

Oh yes, and FAKIEGRIND MUST DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that 1, 3 and 5 are NOT true and the remainder are true.

That was a toughie. I need a cookie break!

jin said...

dan: I certainly do hope you'll reconsider visiting my blog. I really LOVE all my blog fans & would hate to lose anyone!

I will open my comment section to all, as I always have, so they can say their peace.

(Ummm...except for that guy who had a big boner for his avatar...he got deleted immediately! :-S)

I wish I could just pass out cookies make EVERYONE happy! I SWEAR it's TRUE!

andy: Heeheeee....yes, it does...gee, I wonder if it's true or not?

flatlander: Wow! That stuff they have your brain hooked up mean you must have a background in psychology!

Your answers are noted & Thanks for playing!!! :-D

evi: Cookies help you think!
(It's a GOOD theory, isn't it?!!?)

Thanks for playing & good luck! :-)

Anonymous said...

How can I stay away from my beautiful cookie princess? ;)

By the way, if Justmee doesn't win, I want to buy her a sweet box. If I don't win, I want to buy myself a sweet box.

Hugs and kisses!

Anonymous said...

so whos the winner???? Did I win I am dying for some Vanila bliss cookies and raspberry brownies.

(Ummm...except for that guy who had a big boner for his avatar...he got deleted immediately! :-S) hey was that the stroker guy that visited me a while ago too?????? Just curious

Rich said...

Well... obviously I'm not allowed to play seeing as I'm outside your 'postal region'.

I think I'll just sit in the corner and play with matches. Got any matches?

jin said...

dan: "I want to buy a sweet box"
Hey, you said that twice in one comment!!! COOL!!!
Did you know I just happen to SELL sweetboxes?!!? What a coincidence!

katy: We've got 1 day left to play yet!!! I'll give people all day Monday to enter.
(I emailed you on the rest of your comment.)

rich: Tell you buy me an airplane ticket & I'll deliver you a HUGE box o sweets, for FREE, IN PERSON!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll buy you an airplane ticket if you deliver the goods...

jin said...

LOL hippo! That sounds suspiciously un-pastry related?!!?

Anonymous said...


jin said...

hippo: So, this isn't what you meant?

Anonymous said...

That too!

jin said...

The contest ends tonight!
If you've only guessed once & want to give it another's your chance!!!


Anonymous said...

2, 5 and 6.

But I didn't read any comments so if you gave any hints or anything I didn't see them. I just wanted to guess. I'm hungry.

Anonymous said...

Jin, of course I knew you sold them. And, as you know in e-mails we've exchange, I was planning on ordering one. Since you're sweet enough to give one away for free, I figure I may as well order them now to spread the overhead across more than one box, and save you some expense.

You and David, that very cool husband of yours, are good people and deserve some business. So try and stop me! ;)

Thanks Jin. I may try to bake some X-mas cookies - any tips? My attempts at baking usually end in disaster, though I haven’t had to reach for the fire-extinguisher... yet.

I'm going to guess:


Guinea pig

Hope I win!!!!!

My vote: 2, 3 and 6 are true.

Rich said...

I'll tell you what, how about I buy myself a plane ticket, fly over and visit your shoppe, start wrecking the place and test out your 'batting' skillz?

Anonymous said...

Since you're sweet enough to give one away for free, I figure I may as well order them now to spread the overhead across more than one box, and save you some expense.

Yeah, wait for me, too. I need a second one for the holidays. E-mail me. Or should I e-mail you. I know I put that menu somewhere.

jin said...


Contest is OVER!

Would you BELIEVE NO ONE picked all 3 correct answers?!!?

That's ok...we're still going to pick a winner out of the commenters that got 2 correct choices.

I'll pick in a few minutes & hopefully post it within the hour (2 hours? LOL!).

jin said...

ace: No, I didn't give any hints away in the comment section!
I'll be posting tonight (lol..."my" tonight, prob after midnight) about the Xmas cookie assortments. I'll email you after, unless you email me before! LOL!!!

dan: I can't stop someone who wants to send me $$$!!! LMAO! Hey, as far as I'm concerned it's a fair trade, D will agree...he sure tastes enough of everything!!!

phos: Tips? You want tips? Hmmm...ok:
1. Keep the huskies away from the dough at all times & if you accidentally drop the dough on the huskies...30 second rule applies.
2. Make the annoying neighbor sample the goods first to make sure no one will get food poisoning.

cp: were in the running. Maybe next time?!

ec: Good guesses! Thanks for playing!

rich: Hmmm...depends. I hear some of you Aussies are very big, very strong & very dangerous. Course, I could always charm you with my buttercream!

Husky fur adds fiber

jin said...

Oh, phos!!!