Thursday, December 28, 2006

Back with a [Vanilla]Vengeance


A Truffle Tree
Now, does that look good?

Does that look GOOD?!!?

Top View

Buche de Noel
A traditional Xmas 'Yule Log'. A thin chocolate sponge rolled up with a fresh raspberry whipped cream & frosted with Belgian chocolate glaze. Topped with *jinuine* sweet meringue mushrooms....MMMmmm.....OMG you people NEED to taste one of these!!! It's an "Oralgasm" (Thanks Jewels!) from "The Baksexry" (Thanks Rich!).

Yummy, healthy, Delicious, Vegan Treats!
These were sent to Ticharu from Rich!
I think they call it:
"Blogger Lourve"
They went with these:
Vegan Coconut Truffles:

"Citrus Swirls"
A 'swirl' of lemon curd holds these two buttery citrusy sandwich cookies together.

We interrupt this blogpost to bring you linkys to other blogposts about bloggers who ate lots of jinsweets!!! (Remind me if I forgot someone! I'm still not rested! LOL!)
Coaster Punchman & Poor George
Diana Crabtree
***EDIT 12/29/06:
Eternally Curious

.....and now, back to your regularly scheduled blogpost!

Peanut Butter Cookies
(disguised due to daily decorative dipping distinction)

Flourless Clementine Cake
One of the TOP 10 BEST items I make!!! It is DIVINE!!! Almonds, clementines, eggs, sugar & lots 'o jinlove!!! Topped with Vanilla whipped creammmm.......

We interrupt this blogpost to bring you a REALLY CUTE story!
One of my most favourite customers came in on Saturday to pick up her order of 2 pecan pies. (She was in a week before & I was telling her how one of my FAVE desserts is the pecan pie that I make. But it's a catch-22. I WILL NOT set one aside for myself if I can sell it first. Well, since it's so AWESOME, they ALWAYS sell out! I haven't had a pecan pie in over 2 years.) So, Roxanne hands over a BIG bag & says, "This a gift for all of you. It's something you never find the time to do for yourself. Open it later on, when you have some free time."
Later on, I go over to the bag. It's taped shut. I break the tape & peek inside. OMG! It's one of our boxes! I think, 'Gee, Roxanne must have baked us something & put it in one of our boxes.' Ok, COOL. I slowly pull out the box & stare with a dumbfounded look upon my face. It takes at least 2 minutes for it to connect that it's one of the pecan pies that I made for her!!! Hahahahahaaha!!!

Oh, & let me tell you all...we enjoyed that down to the last CRUMB!!!! It's kinda like I got paid to eat my own stuff!!! I'll do that again ANYTIME!!!

.....and now, back to your regularly scheduled blogpost!

A Chocolate "Treestump" Wedding Cake

I LOVE this cake! It was soooo much FUN! What do you think?! Well, I'm off for now...GLAD to be BACK! I'll be around to all your blogs tomorrow. Hope this satisfied your 'jinfix' for the holidays!!! :-D
PEACE to you ALL! (or is that...'May you all have a piece' ... *ahem*.....
Yeahhh....I'm definitely BACK! ;-)

33 Responses to “Back with a [Vanilla]Vengeance”

Welcome back! As you know from my post, we loved your sweets. George's boss at the organic catering company was VERY down with the petit four he gave her (she ate it right in front of him and her eyes lit up), and then he also gave her two pretty babies to take home.

Oh - my friend Imran was also given two PB's for him and his wife. He called George the next day and said "what in the world was in that cake? It did something to our love...." (a nice way of saying it made them all h**ny....)

My favorite thing was that as G's boss was perusing the list of your products you typed up, she noted, regarding the lemon berry dream bars, "oh, those sound marvelous!" Of course she would pick MY FAVORITE! (They are still divine, btw.) I only gave George one, and kept the rest to myself.

Nice to have you back.

Anonymous said...

uh what lovely pictures especially the one with Brioche :). I think it was great that you got paid to eat your cake. You desserve it. Nice to see you in better spirits.

Anonymous said...

Too much post. Too many questions/comments.

1. What's a clementine? Is that one of those runty oranges?

2. I love pecan pie!

3. Lots of logs. Very cute. Not sure how I'd feel about the shrooms growing on my cake, but I'll bet they taste better than real ones.

4. Welcome back!

5. Hungry again.

Fuff said...

Everything looks fabulous,especially the dog!

jin said...

cp: YAY! I'm sooo glad it went over so well!

Oh! Re: Imran's story! *HUGE jin GRIN* I LOVE to hear that! Heeheeee! :-D I tend to think I bake with so much passion that it somehow 'magickally' infuses itself into the pastries!
Of course, there's that old saying 'overworked & underpaid'...I usually say I'm 'overworked & underlaid'!!! LOL! I guess I gotta let it out somehow! Hahahaha!

Good. I hope I sent enough? I hope I didn't send too much? LOL!
Good to be back. :-)

katy: Thanks! Yeah...I had to put that one in of Brioche...I thought she looked so CUTE there! :-)

ace: lol...I think I was trying to make up for lost I mean, posts. :-)

1. Yes, LOL...runty orange. Usually from Spain. Sweet & delicious!

2. too! Hmmm...maybe I'll have to experiment on you sometime to see how well they hold together when being shipped!?

3. Ohhh...they're sooo good! sweet crisp meringue put together with chocolate & ground pecans (minus the ground pecans for can eat pecan pie??? I thought no nuts?)

4. Thank you! Glad to be here! :-)

5. Me too. Heehee...might make myself another pecan pie tonight!!!

fuff: Thanks!!! :-D Awwww...she's such a GOOD GIRL, too! We had her for 1 year as of the 23rd. :-D

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable cooking Jin...just unbelievable

gorgeous baked goods, extremely cute puppy -loved the story about the lady who gave you a shot at one of your own pecan pies!! I was disappointed; no deer shit on the Yule log, but carving the bride and groom initials in the top of the wedding stump was pure genius.

Happy New Years!!

jin said...

mc: Oh, thank you!!! :-D

phos: I did used to put little chocolate rabbit & dog poop in the 'snow' around my gingerbread houses!!! Hahaha!!!

Caroline said...

wow jin, what beautiful treats!
i absolutely love that tree stump wedding cake - how sweet and romantic with their initials "carved" into it! the mushrooms are neat too - i've never seen anything like it! i wonder if you could order one with "special" mushrooms hehe:)
yay - it was nice to see that sweetbox with all the vegan goodies in it. once i get over all the holiday excess i intend to order one from ya - ooh maybe as a gift to ourselves for valentine's day?!?
happy new year's!

Anonymous said...

The truffle tree is gorgeous.

Brioche is so precious!

And are those minty-chocolate peanutbutter cookies?

jin said...

caroline: Welcome back! So glad you got to see this post with the vegan assortment! I got rave reviews on it, too!!! All taste tested by David, Brioche & myself as well!
I am hoping to add an all vegan page to the 'sweetbox info'...time has just been non-existant for me lately. When I do get to it I'll add a link in my side bar!

Thank you & lol at the 'mushroom' comment! :-)

sarah: Thank you! I LOVE making truffle trees! I LOVE watching people DEVOUR truffle trees! LOL!

Isn't she?! LOL...I take SO many pics of her! I just HAD to post that one! :-)

Just plain old peanut butter cookies dipped in chocolate. The green is tinted white chocolate. I just wanted to make them more festive! Would you believe I did not end up with even ONE extra?! I'd have loved to eat one of those! LOL!!!

Jewels said...

Okay, I always thought I'd get a beautiful, fancy-shmancy wedding cake (you remember the one I described to you? the 'Dome' with the Ganache icing?)... Well, scratch that: I want a tree stump cake!!!! That's an awesome idea! I love it!

Oh, and those little Citrus Swirls, you think those would 'travel'? 'Cause I'm DYING to sink my teeth into them! YUM!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wahoo Jinny Binny is back!

Oh so many nights I have cried myself to sleep just waiting for this moment.

jin said...

jewels: Do I remember???
*AHEM* I'm THE JIN, aren't I?!!? i remember....sheesh!

Quote: "a dome shaped dark chocolate cake with raspberry filling and ganache icing? ;) I'll even let you pipe as many lovely lilac flowers you want to decorate the surface"


...AND, since you are THE JEWELS, you get BOTH!!! (Next time I'm in your neck o the woods!!!;-)

YES. Citrus Swirls travel AWESOMELY!

hippo: Hahahaha!!!
I bet!

but...jinny binny? :-l
How's about
"jin sin"

Anonymous said...

I will have the chocolate dog, please.

Does that come in white chocolate?

Gyrobo said...

That tree stump cake is magnificent.

You're like Picasso.

Wait... that would imply your food is abstract...

I may not know cake, but I know what I like.

jin said...

hippo: Yeah...aren't I amazing??? I made her look JUST like a real dog, didn't I?

gyrobo: *jin grin*
Thank you! :-D

Funny you should say Picasso...when customers ask me to decorate the cake with frosting people...I always tell them I only do Picasso people!
Heehee....I CANNOT, for the life of me, get human perspective right. On paper or
But I bet I could do a PERFECT gyrobo & hippo! Hmmmmm...that gives me an idea....
*jin puts tape over her fingers so she doesn't spill[type] the secret before she puts her plan into action*

fairscape said...


We have a nice bakery by us, but now, when I look at the cakes I think of your posts and everything here looks so ordinary...sigh...

Gyrobo said...

You're going to bake likenesses of bloggers, aren't you?

Wait... that's a great idea! You can bake a bunch of cakes, and put pictures of those cakes next to the avatars they were based on!

BoingBoing would eat it up!

ticharu said...

...the Citrus Swirls never arrived :( me thinks the UPS man ATE them! Ha! Ha! Merry Happy new Year!!!

flatlander said...

Ok, now I'm super hungry! Time for the last meal of 2006.

And then.....desert!

Happy New Year Jin !!!

jin said...

fairscape:'s a trick: close your eyes whilst eating their sweets & pretend! The mind is an AMAZING thing! (I think you know ALL about that! ;-)

gyrobo: OH! I've never heard of BoingBoing before! COOL! Actually...I have an idea for my first SCUBA post...a 'tribute to gyrobo & hippo'
I need a few days though, to make it happen.

ticharu: Dude! You are lucky you received the box AT ALL!!! Those UPS guys can be pretty shifty when the box says Uniquely Yours on it! :-D

flatlander: I didn't think of it in those terms:
"the last meal of 2006"
I should make something fantabulous then!?
*jin thinks for a moment*

Nahhhh.....I'm just gonna blog all night!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you. I've been told that cabbage and herring are good for prosperity in the coming year.

I had the cabbage, but I have yet to enjoy any pickled fish product.

jin said...

I had a lucky portabella mushroom sandwich. It was after midnight, though.

For YEARS my Mom ate the proverbial herring on New Years eve...didn't make her rich...unfortunately.

Me? I could never get past the smell. (Cabbage or herring. HA!)

fairscape said...

Wishing the Happiest, Healthiest, New Year Ever for You and Yours!

Thanks for the Zap!

Gyrobo said...

To put a favicon into your site, put

<link type="image/x-icon" href="(Your Icon's URL)" rel="shortcut icon" />

into your template's header. You'll need a 16x16 icon, though. Here's a list of cake icons.

Howdy Jin! Hope things are off to a better start for you this New Year! Didn’t seen you on “America’s Most Wanted” so I suspect your less then favorite family members are still among us.

I experienced two cakes this weekend –a Thomas the Tank Engine cake at a kid’s birthday party (I don’t; eat anything that shade of blue, plus there was gray frostings, another pallet pleaser I am sure, but not mine. The second was another industrial strength market cake, I did eat some but the cream cheese frosting in-between layers made me gag. I don’t think I was the only one because most of the cake was still there and I didn’t see anyone lining up for seconds.

Take Care!!

jin said...

fairscape: Thank You & you're welcome! :-D They say everything happens for a reason...maybe it was so I could 'zap' you...I don't normally get that mad! HAHAHA!!!

gyrobo: EEEEEeee!!!!
*jin squeals with delight*
You even found me images!!!!
You are a SWEETIE!!!!! :-D
I'll do it tonight! :-D

phos: Haha!!! They are still around...from what I hear. :-P
America's Most Wanted? Hell no...I'm so talented I'd be able to turn their corpses into spice cake. *evil grin*

LOL!!!!!! Your 'cake experiences' were VERY FUNNY!!! Thanks for sharing!!! LOL!!!!

jin said...

Happy New Year to ALL!!!
I will try to upload a New Years post on Tuesday sometime.

Wishing everyone the BEST of everything in 007!!!
(to be read as double oh know...shaken, not stirred)

***subliminal message***

from now on everyone will agree with miss jin that Roger Moore was the BEST Bond EVER!!!
***subliminal message***

Have a GREAT week blogfans!!!

Gyrobo said...

That 007 thing is going to pervade the blogosphere this January, and (hopefully) this December.

Anonymous said...

Good thing I got a head start on the 007 thing.

0069 would be a lot more interesting.

jin said...

gyrobo: I never crossed my mind until I saw it...hmmm...was it your place or hippos or both?

hippo: You are ALWAYS one step ahead of all of us. We cower in your shadow. We bow to you.
;-) :-D

phos: LMAO!!!! :-D phos you're such a perv! I love it!