Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It's my Blogiversary!

I can't believe it's been a whole year already!!!
Time flies when you're having FUN!

I wanted to vary a bit from my norm for this post, so I've decided to show you 3 of my fave things in the shoppe that I couldn't live without. (Besides chocolate, my computer & blogging stuff. ;-)

If I open this bottle 20 times in a day I inhale the aroma 20 times.
OOooohhhh......it's that good.

Bernzomatic Propane Torch

I use this every single day.
Great for:
- warming buttercream whilst whipping in the Kitchen Aid
- releasing cheesecakes, etc. from pans
- caramelizing Crème
- punishing annoying customers

The Professional Pastry Chef
3rd Edition
by Bo Friberg

I <3 this book.
A lot.

Thanks everyone for celebrating with me!
jintrinsique is 1 year old today
Here's to many many more!!!

69 Responses to “It's my Blogiversary!”

G3T Films said...

WooHOOOOOO! Happy Bloganniversary!

I see you're still holding a torch for me :)

jin said...

That was freaky!!!
Simultaneous commenting!
Was it good for you?!

Torch ... Yeah...I have a thing for baffoons...whoops...er, I mean baboons.

Happy anniversary.
Wish I could celebrate with you and some of your delicious cakes.

Whay a beautiful woman you are!!! And what a passionate look you have towards the torch ... He he ;)

Gareth said...

Woohooooooo happy anniversary!! I feel like baking cake right now but I think I'll leave that to the professionals. Do you know any??? :P

You have a torch! You look very comfortable and experienced with that big thing in your hands :D

Middle Child said...

Jin you are just so beautiful..., such alive eyes...you know even when you are eighty you will still have those alive eyes... and thats what people will see because you love what you do... take care with that darn torch okily dokliy

happ happ happy happy anniversary!

Dino aka Katy said...

love the pictures you look so pretty

happy aniversary mine is coming up soon too.

Sarah Letnes said...

Happy Blogiversary!

I have vanilla pods in a cabinet that I open about 10 times a day. And not because I need anything.

My husband thinks I bought them for him to bake with. :)

jin said...


Thanks so much! :-)

I wish I could share cake with all my blog readers!

Ahhh...not a day goes by that I don't use that torch! Maybe that's where the look came from!

jin said...


Thank you thank you!! :-)

How's about you pay to have me shipped over there & I can bake a cake for you?!
What? Noooo...I don't think it would cost much money?!

Ohhh...I'm good with a torch. ;-)

jin said...

middle child:

Awwww.....you are too kind!
But I thank you ever so much & you made my day!!!

*big genuine smile*

jin said...


Thank you!!! :-)

I figured yours was close behind. When did you do your first post?
More importantly, what will you post about on your Blogiversary???

jin said...


Thanks!! :-)

Haaahahaha...silly husband!
Mmmm...I love how those smell, too.
(Ummm...I mean the vanilla beans, not the husbands! LOL)
I can imagine it would fill a cupboard!

Glad you stopped by!

Jewels said...

You are so beautiful! Really, truly, and absolutely beautiful.

I'm happy you started blogging a year ago. I'm happy, because it allowed us to 'meet', and become friends.

Here's to many more years, and many more posts.

Love, and hugs.

A.K.A.: One half of the Boobsie Twins. ;)

I'd be happy with the torch and a bag of those plastic army men. Wisconsin grown women are hot!! Well, most of 'em. They get a little ugly near the IL border...

jin said...


Awwww.....you are making me *blush*.
(and get a little teary eyed)
I am also soooo glad I started blogging. I wouldn't have made it thru the last year without all the friends I've made here! Especially the Jewellery Goddess!!!

Love, hugs (and cleavage) back at ya!

jin said...


LOL! I'd love to try torching little plastic army men, I honestly never thought about it before your comment! Haaaha!

It's amazing a WI born woman can be hot seeing as it's so goddamn cold around here!!!

Jewels said...

Jin, upon further inspection, I believe you should change your avatar to photo #2 of this post.

If anyone comes to visit you here, at Jintrinsique, that's exactly how they should see you.

Happy Blogiversary! Glad that I've been around since (almost) the genesis of this remarkable blog. Love your uses of the blow torch!

Oh, and while Jewels is on to something with suggesting the vanilla picture as the new profile pic, personally I would vote for the propane torch.

jin said...


Ahh...that one was easy to pose for as it wasn't really a pose! LOL! I really do that ALL the time!

I am kinda attached to my original avatar, tho...I'll have to think on it.

jin said...


Thanks! Well, I think you were around the first month or so...heeehehehe...remember way back then when I was all shy n polite n stuff?! LMAO!

I thought you'd like my last blowtorch use! ;-)

Hmmm...like I said to Jewels I am sort of attached to my original avatar...but maybe I will add those pics to the sidebar.

HA! People might think I'm vain or something if I do that?! Reminds me of a song:
"You're soooo vain.
I bet you think this blog is about you
you're sooo vain
you're so vain!
I bet you think this blog is about you
don't you
don't you?!........."

Oh, wait.
This blog IS about ME!
I'll just tell em to fack off!

Tiffanie said...

Has it been a year already? Yep I guess so.....

I was just thinking back to my first visit to your site. It was an entry showing some of the crafty areas of your shoppe and a story about ghosts.

I've been here every since.

Gareth said...

Ummmmm pay to have you shipped over - would that also mean that I would have to have you put into a crate?! I'll make sure they cut two holes in it - one for you to breathe and the other to stick a feeding tube through :P

I don't think it's vanilla in the bottle at all. I think you poured another kind of substance in it and that is your 'getting high' pose lol. Just don't let yourself float away - have you any idea how hard it is to pull a crate back down to terma ferma?!?! :D

Happy Bloganniversary.

Cooking with blow torches? Hmmm I have seen that before but only on TV. I am not allowed near blowtorches, matches, stoves, sharp objects, the president of the united states and ducks every since that restraining order was filed agaist me. ;P.

I am glad to have gotten to blog-know you. Keep up the good work and beign you.

Dan said...

Happy Jinoversary Jin! :)

Those photos of you are fantastic. Hey, seriously, I think you should use the head shot from the photo with the calendar as your new profile photo. Your smile is totally enchanting in that one!

jin said...


AHA! "Ruthie" was the first post you read?!

I sure am glad you stuck around!

Yeah, a WHOLE year?! I can't believe how fast time flies now...I've been in this same place for 14 years (this year)!!!

Is that good or bad! LOL!

jin said...


I don't think I'd trust the feeding tube...you'd probably try to make me eat some of those horrid flavoured chips!!!

I would need LOTS of chocolate to survive the trip. Air...pft...I can take it or leave it...but chocolate is necessary!!!

I swear it was
Heehee!! ;-)

jin said...


is your helmet flame retardant?
Can I test it?
Pretty please?
With sugar on top (of the helmet)
I'll turn you into TAKaramel before the day is done!

I am glad to have gotten to blog-know you too. I <3 your sense of humour!

jin said...


Thank You Thank You!!! :-D

So everyone picked a different photo for my new avatar!? What's a girl to do???
Procrastinateeeee...what else?

(Psssst! I knew you'd get over 300 comments on that post! I told you so!!! :-)

Fire on Jin!!

I was disappointed, I thought the shop bat was your favorite tool...

How is dad??

jin said...

Hey Phos!

Oh, I like the bat, too...but thankfully I almost never use it!

Thanks for asking...unfortunately he's had a setback. :-(
His foot was healing just fine...albeit slowly, but healing just the same. The surgeon was quite pleased with the progress. But his lovely *SARCASM* assistant & my Dad's visiting nurse *CUNT* (sorry...NOT my fault! I have tourette's you know. ;-) suggested a different speedy enzyme to apply to the amputations. We were told it would heal faster. What the fuckers did not tell us was that it would reopen the wounds!!!! On a diabetic. Who's on bloodthinners. OBVIOUSLY not a supreme candidate for rushing the healing process & reopening everything that was scabbed over & uninfected!!! That's right...I said was uninfected. After 5 days of putting this shit on, his foot was so filled with infection they wanted to readmit him to the hospital. BASTARDS!!!
I have been here at the shoppe for 33 hours straight...orders I had to fill, errands I had to run etc etc etc. The visiting nurse wanted me to drive my Dad up to Green Bay (45 minutes each way) tonight! TONIGHT! To have the doc take a look at it & possibly (but possibly NOT) readmit him to the hospital for intavenous antibiotics.
She said "Maybe the enzyme was too aggressive for him. It may have reopened the wound & some bacteria may have entered the wound."

Well, do ya think?!!? *SARCASM*
I'm so pissed off right now. I am this close *jin holds her fingers a hair apart* to slamming the next MD that tries to tell me...tell me...what? I dunno...FUCK! ANYTHING!!!!
He's on TOO MANY MEDICATIONS. But, YOU know how they are, I don't have to explain that to you.
But, to top it all off...I feel that I CAN'T rant about this on my other blog because my asshole brother has NOT called my Dad for OVER a month & I don't want him knowing how he is by lurking around my blogs! If he wants to know how my Dad is the fuckers gotta pick up the goddamn phone!!!

...um...*blush* can ya tell I'm upset?! And tired...and frustrated beyond belief. :-P

"Calgon Take me AWAY!!!"


I loved looking at your anniversary pictures. How beautiful you are in every way. Cheers to making the year go by so fast.

I read the blog comment about your dad. I didn't know he was so ill and that you are struggling to take care of him despite the medical mishaps. I wish I could be of help to you.

Here you are going through all this difficulty and yet you took time to write me a poem on my blog. You're kindness and generosity of spirit leave me speechless.

I pray for your dad's health to return.

love, evi

Ace said...

Happy blogiversary!

I'm so glad I've found you. I mean, your blog. I mean, whatever. You know what I mean. My life is happier for reading your blog all the time. Even if it makes me hungry.

I hope your Dad gets well soon!

Gareth said...

Good morning :)

Gnat of Glass said...

We need a cookie of the month club.

I also think you sould have a picture of you turned sideways leaning against the stainless steel table blowing out a drag from a cig after those pictures.


jin said...


I'm glad you liked the pics! People keep telling me they want to see more of the chick behind the cakes! LOL

Time goes too fast nowadays...the world seems to be spinning out of control. :-P

Tell ya what; would you believe half the people in this shitty little town think I'm a bitch?! Well, sure...cross me & I can turn into one (LOL!) but really...I can't be uncaring/unkind. When I see a sad post like that I NEED to add a comment, no matter what I'm going thru personally. Maybe subconciously I'm trying to 'Super Size' my good Karma...I must have been an incredibly nasty person in one of my past lives to have all this shit thrown at me recently - all at once. I have had so much hostility aimed my way lately...I have ceased to accept it (well...trying my damdest anyway...stuff I can't write about here).

I'm going to share my new illuminations here, rather, what gets me thru the day:
1. Anytime I catch myself worrying (about ANYTHING!) I stop! Talk to myself..."jin, there is ONLY the present moment you are in. This moment you have all the necessities: food, shelter, clothing (even tho it's covered in frosting :-P lol).
2. I concentrate WHOLLY on whatever it is I happen to be doing at the moment. If it's baking I take in all the smells, I taste, I try to enjoy the feeling I get from creating something for someone else that I KNOW tastes & looks WONDERFUL.
3. If I'm cooking breakfast/lunch/dinner...it's the same...flavours, smells...even the careful chopping of the ingredients. I listen to the sound of the knife hitting the celery on the chopping board. The smell & sizzle of the garlic hitting the pan of hot olive oil. Whatever detail I can concentrate on so I forget anything negative.
4. I don't dwell on the past. I can't change it & it has made me who I am. So, fuggeddaboutit. ;-)
5. No worrying about the future. Whatever happens, happens & it's meant to be, however it was meant to be!
6. I CONSTANTLY speak out loud when I realize something good in my life. Like:
"MMmm...great cup of coffee!"
To my pup: "I LOVE you Brioche!"
"MMmm...these are the best scones I've ever made!"
(Ok...I just realized most everything centers around food & my dog so I'll quit w/ the examples! ;-) LMAO!
7. LAUGH out loud as MUCH AS YOU CAN!!!
8. When I can't sleep I fantacize about sexy movie star guys because the SECOND I get to the good part I ALWAYS FALL ASLEEP!!!

That ends the jin philosophy for the day. Hope it helps!

p.s. I enjoy writing poetry for people I like!!! Thanks for the well wishes! I'm glad we *met*!

jin said...


Thank You!!! :-D
I don't know what I'd do without my MUNKEE!!!???
(Whoops! I think that sounded kinda pervy. LOL!)

I, too am so glad we *met* & I adore all your comments!!!

aka girlMUNKEE

jin said...


*HUGE jingrin*
Awww...that was sweet!
You made me smile first thing this morning! Thanks!

jin said...


"We need a cookie of the month club."

Fanfuckingtastic idea mister!!!!!
(Well...soon. I mean it! SOON!)

"a picture of you turned sideways leaning against the stainless steel table blowing out a drag from a cig"

Hmmm.....I could be blowing out an accidentally lit on fire dish cloth or hotpad or my hair....because I've done those before. :-S HAHA!!! Not many times mind you...um....but I'm NOT claiming to be perfect.
Oh, shit! I DO claim to be perfect, don't I?! Just forget I said that I occasionaly light things on fire....mkay?!

Anonymous said...

B/peGfl n/m&

Vjrme'jj' e`m/egjjifl;ehfabnpecfl/*




jin said...


I can't believe you said that!

What on Earth will Kyle say once he deciphers it?!

*jin waits in anticipation*

Nb`lieVjreBfkk n/m1
@dflen`i/ e`e'j6@
Qjjk p1ePrk/me§g/`2`a/ePbjn1

Sorry to hear about your dad. I think the Drs get a kickback from the pharmaceutical companies. I have learned medicine doesn't really cure anything in the first place, just holds the symptoms at bay. Hope he gets well. It must drive him crazy seeing all those beautiful cakes in your shop and he can't touch!!

Hey the structure in the picture on your calender- is that the temple of the goddess mammatus?

melanie said...

Awwww..Happy Belated Bloggerversary thingy majiggy! Looking lovely there petal...

Gareth said...

Hey I like your philosophy from your comment a few comments above. I pretty much follow all of that too. Worrying gets people nowhere. Far too much time is wasted thinking about the past and not living in the here and now. We can influence the future but we can't change the past. What's done is done I say.

Ok so saying "Good morning" gave you a big grin? Well .....

Good morning
Good morning
Good morning
Good morning
Good morning
..... all of that must REALLY have sent you over the edge :D

Have a good weekend ;)

flatlander said...

Jin liked to sit on her porch
and sing little songs to her torch
which at certain refrains,
would spit out blue flames,
her troublesome neighbours to scorch


You are the Culinary Monarch of the Blogosphere!

Long may ye Bloge

jin said...


You'd better believe the docs get a kickback from the pharmaceutical companies...and the next doc jin runs into is getting a kickback, too...right in his ass! :-P

*jin runs to get the calender she bought in Feb. at a drastic discount! LOL!*

Ummm...it says it the "Art of John Jude Palencar" and that particular piccie says it's a "Beehive".

I only bought it because it had the neatest images for the best price! LOL!

jin said...


Thank You Thank You!!

You look pretty lovely there too with your new avatar...and is that a new hair style, too???

jin said...



*jin flies over the edge
of her desk
onto the hard cold floor*


:-D :-D :-D

I like my philosophy, too...I just need to keep implementing it constatntly!!!

Makes it a LOT easier having AWESOME blogfans like yourself around daily!!!!

Thank you!!

jin said...


You came for my Anniversary!!!!
It would not have been a perfect party without my FAVOURITE fakie agent!!!

You know I adore you!!! ;-)

You brought me a poem, too!
I LOVE it!

Long may ye Bloge as well!

Dan said...

(Psssst! I knew you'd get over 300 comments on that post! I told you so!!! :-)

Yeah, but when I subtract my own responses (which don't count), there are about 250 ... so still not quite! :)

jin said...


I won't count them if you don't?!

But I would require a bribe in the form of you posting MORE VIDEOS!!!

Looks like a large breast temple to me. They probably just ran out of money before the could build the second one next-door. Neolithic Porn buildings.

I am really worried about FairScape.

Gyrobo said...

I've celebrated your blogiversary with something new and unusual on my blog.

Something you will find quite intriguing.

Dino aka Katy said...

I think it was May but I have to check my archives. not sure what i will post about

jin said...


I've been checking her comments hoping to see one ... I kind of assumed she ended up in the hospital again.


*jin the eternal optimist crosses her fingers*

jin said...


I'll go see right away!


..... 1 hour later .....


*jin jumps up & down & runs over to give Gyrobo a 'thank you hug' & a kiss on his little tin cheek*

That is AWESOME!!!

jin said...


Oh, it's coming up soon then!
I look forward to your post!
(Whatever it may be! :-)

Gareth said...

I don't know what to say. I'm overwhelmed with emotion and may start crying at any second. Not because you linked me but because I placed my foot underneath a chair leg and sat down on it. The pain shot though my body and I believe I may even have shrieked. But that might have been more to do with placing my hand in the mouse trap. Darn rodents!!
I guess I'll have to go and link you too. Geesh, a leprechaun's work is never done!

p.s. good morning
good morning ..... hehehehe

p.p.s. NEW POST MADAM - or a may unlink you! You have been warned :D

Gyrobo said...

And now the sharing can begin (see my update and cross your fingers).

Did you get any down time this weekend?? Mine was dreadfully boring. I have to get a life.

DRAT - I missed it.
I sowwy!!
Happy Belated Anniversary!!

jin said...


*jin tries to picture exactly how a person could put a chair leg on his foot AND sit down on it!??!*

You sir, must be awfully talented (um...or awfully clumsy! ;-)

Here: I made this cake especially for you!

p.s. *giggle* :-D

p.p.s. New post coming tonight! Your wish is my command! (Just don't take advantage of me mister! ;-)

jin said...


*jin crosses all her fingers & tries to click over to gyrobo's with her mouse...it takes her a while but she manages*


I need a good 2 hours to seriously play with it. Oh and I WILL!

jin said...


I would kill for a dreadfully boring weekend. Maybe one day...

I did get a chance to sit & enjoy a lovely breakfast (that I had to make, of course) coffee & bit of tarot reading (outlook is GOOD even though it has not felt like it will be) this afternoon while the sun was shining. I did greatly appreciate those 2 hours & I think it even renewed my spirit ... which was further renewed when I got here & saw lots of nice happy comments again.

I'd be a downright crabby bitch without Blogger!!! LOL!

jin said...


Hey, better late than never!!!
I know you are a super busy lady...no need to apologize at jintrinsique!!!

You just take care of yourself & those you love...any time you need a break come on over & drool over the piccies here!!! :-D

Not Ashley said...


(B1 or B2?)

What lovely pictures of you.

Happy Blogiversary!

jin said...

not ashley:

Thank You!!!

Well, if it's ok with jewels...I think I'll be:

She can be the #1!!!
I don't mind sharing the spotlight at all!!! LOL!

angel said...

i missed it! oh how i hate having no laptop at home!
happy belated blogaversary jin!
love the pictures

jin said...


Thanks so much!!!

It's good to see you around again!!