Saturday, March 17, 2007

There's a Leprechaun in my cake!

I came upon
a Leprechaun
He said, "Ye want me Gold?"
"Hell YES!" says me.
He says, "Who told
ye where I be?"
I say, "Is it too bold
for me to take yer Gold?"
He says, "Ye take it from me
'n Blimey you'll see
if it's too bold
to be takin' me Gold!"

But then jin remembers how this wee Leprechaun acted & decides she'd best not fuck with him. She proceeds to set up her wedding cake & walks away briskly from the end of the rainbow.

61 Responses to “There's a Leprechaun in my cake!”

Jin - that cake is beyond beautiful, it's sublime. Unbelievable. It makes my wedding cake (of 17 years ago - gulp) look like a Drakes Fruit Pie!

Gyrobo said...

You know, I'm reminded of the old Irish saying: "Is fearr bothán biamhar ná caisleán gortach."

It translates roughly to Widgety Wump.

Dino aka Katy said...

WOW what a cool cake. Didn't see any leprechauns today and apparently none of my tables found any gold since the avereage tip was 12%!!! But I still did okay because all my checks where big

flatlander said...

In the old country, we called it a "wee ding cake". These were the cakes with minor imperfections that my dear, sweet ma would bring home from the Sarah Lea factory. Damn that company! They completely ruined whatever was left of the ancient flatbread-baking traditions my people once enjoyed.

Fantastic - I love the way it looks as though there is material draped over the sides. I now I say this all the time but I don't know how anyone could cut into one of these works of art - it would be like tossing darts at the MonaLisa!!

Happy St, Patrick's Day, Jin.
I hope he throw you a lot of golden.

A Royal Wedding Cake....

Gareth said...

Whaaaaaaat?! You met a leprechaun??? Ok that does it! I need to convene an urgent Leprechaun High Council meeting because there have been way too many sightings recently. My little green friends need to rediscover the art of hiding before one of them squeals and tells a silly human the whereabouts of our gold!!!

Had leprechaun stew to celebrate St Pats - fresh leprechauns work the best, but frozen will do in a pinch.

Middle Child said...

Look at that cake are amazing.

Look at that cake folks...isn't she amazing?

What can I say...amazing!

Dino aka Katy said...

hey did the leprechaun steal you away? haven't heard from you all weekend. You better not pulling one of those 40h days again remember not good for your health

At the risk of soundign lame, that looks good enough to eat. :)

I like the cascade of ribbon, evoking a wedding dress. very cool.

Ace said...

Is that the "perfect" cake you mentioned on Unplugged?

Looks great!

Rich said...

I thought I left a comment here... *shrugs*

Beautiful cake as always Miss Jin.

Everyone knows that Leprechauns are gay. Which is why they're always hanging out at the end of Natures Gay Pride Banner, not to mention they have that whole colour co-ordination thing down, anyone who matches their suit to their shirt HAS to be a little gay.

jin said...

Sorry everyone...will catch up in a day or two.

not a happy jin

Hope everything is ok, especially you and your dad...

G3T Films said...

No! We demand your ATTENTION... wait, oh right, there's that real life thing aint there!

Stay cool Miss Jin.

Gyrobo said...

Maybe you'd feel better if you heard some prank phone calls.

I've been listening to online prank radio for the last three hours, and it's amazing.

Dan said...

Happy belated St. Patrick's Day Jin! I hope things are looking up for you!

Great cake!!

Gnat of Glass said...

Man I really love your cakes. I am going to have to order something else soon.

Side note, my wife took a couple...ok 5 of your cookies with us on a road trip to an Art Festival and she left one in the truck. I was starving and scarfed it down and realized...You may have saved my life, I could have run off the road and been starving to death and been saved by your lone cookie. It did not happen that way, but it could have.

It died a good and honorable death.


jin said...


Awww...thanks so much!

Well, maybe one day you'll be here or I'll be there & I can *re-make* you a wedding cake.

Hey...that'd be keep saying how unique the east village is (or was?) I could make you a huge wedding cake that we could just set in the middle of a park & give away a slice to anyone that wanders past!

*jin decides to come back down to reality now, even tho she doesn't really want to.*

Gotta dream, right?! ;-)

jin said...


You turned it into a widget?!

*jin screams*
{{{{{{{{ YOU ROCK!!!!!!! }}}}}}}}


You made me LOL with your second comment.
Prank calls?!
Are you serious? Is there an online prank radio?!

Oh, BTW! As per your profile I finally checked out Flogging Molly...thay are AWESOME! A lot like the Levellers, Pogues & are one very interesting little scrap 'o metal!

jin said...


Oh, that sucks about your small tips!
*jin giggles...that almost sounded like I said something else*

Big tips are better.
Heeheeeee!!!! ;-)
(I'm in a much better mood today...can you tell?!)

Maybe your customers will make up for it the next month. *crosses fingers*

jin said...


A Wee Ding Cake.
Heeheeheeee. :-D

I have not had a Sara Lee anything in years! Although, I must admit, whilst growing up their freezer cakes were brought into our home occasionally. Course, not once I began baking.

I miss you!
Happy *virtual* FakieHQ moving!

jin said...


Thanks! I too love that 'draped material look' that is created with rolled fondant. However, I do NOT cover the whole cake in the fondant as it tastes like crap. LOL :-P I just use it for accent pieces that I know will be removed prior to serving.

LMAO @ 'leprechaun stew'. :-D


Thanks for the well wishes...Dad's still in the hospital & I don't know for how long this time.
All we can do is wait. For a while there we thought he had given up...but he seems to be a bit better the past 2 days...we'll just have to wait and see. One day at a time...breathe in, breathe out...that's my new mantra.

jin said...


Thank you! I hope you had a nice day as well..... Actually, after I said that I am not aware if you celebrate that day over there or not? Course, if I had been keeping up with your blog I might know the answer to that! I will be around again, I promise! I miss visiting all my blogfriends when 'life happens' (and I get too busy! LOL).

jin said...


Hiding! I'll tell YOU about leprechauns hiding!

First he tried to hide down my shirt.....

then he tried to hide under my skirt.....

bad, bad leprechauns

jin said...

middle child:

Awww....thank you!

I sure do wish we were closer in proximity...I'd love to sit down & have a conversation with you! I'd pick your brain about fluoride (and the like!) whilst plying you FULL of cake & other goodies!

jin said...


trust me...the phrase
"looks good enough to eat"
when speaking
of the jin's pastries is

Thanks! ;-)

jin said...


That's the one!

Needless to say, I have not been able to make the buttons yet...I should have time this week. I really do want to & think it's an AWESOME munkee idea!

jin said...


Hmmm....I never associated the rainbow or the matching clothing with homosexual leprechauns.

I always thought it was the little high-heeled pointy shoes!!!

Oh...and BELIEVE me...if I could exchange my 'real life' for this 'cyber life' I'd SO DO IT!!!!!

Cos this blogging thing is DA BOMB!!!!

jin said...


Thank You
Thank You


Damn, you did it again!
You went & made me smile!

jin said...


COOL! I'm SO adding that to my tagline...
"A cookie from me could SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!"

"ACT NOW & ORDER...before it's TOO LATE!"


Gareth said...

Well what can I say? Leprechauns enjoy their creature comforts and if resorting to hiding in womens underwear does it then so be it :P

Ace said...


Oddly, I just started listening to Flogging Molly, too.

Flogging Molly Rocks. I have three of their CD's. "Within A Mile Of Home" has been my workout music for the last 3 months.

jin said...


Yes, but they're cold little things!!!


jin said...


You do know I had good intentions.
I really really really meant to make those buttons by now.
Goddamn this *real life* thing!
I want to live in *cyberoblivion*!!!

You will have your button.
( won't be tonight though.)


I <3 your taste in music! :-D

jin said...


I admit, ever since I heard the name "Flogging Molly" I was intrigued!

Then when I saw it in Gyro's profile I knew I HAD to check them out!

Hmmm...your work-out music?
I wanna seeeeeeee!!!
When do we get a Tak works out video?!

jin said...


You have no idea how many times I have watched that video.
I <3 Damian.
(The guy in the red pants.)
On a 1 to 10 bonk scale he's pretty much a 9.2 *GRIN*


Whew! Is it hot in here or is it just me?! was I saying?

Oh yeah! Is tak the one with the white shoes on? Those look like part of a stormtroopers uniform!

Ace said...

It's OK. I'll get over it. Eventually.

Rich said...


Dino aka Katy said...

you must be one busy pastry chef since its been nearly a week since you posted. hope all is well - take care (ps check out my count down clocks!)

Ticharu said...

Do you do 'divorce cakes'???

Gareth said...

It's way past St Patrick's Day now. Just in case you are stuck in a time warp :P

jin said...


Ahhh....go read unplugged & you'll know why I didn't have the time!

I am writing it down on my list of things to do...wait, don't leave...just a second...

*jin scribbles a note*

K. Got it! Now I won't's staring RIGHT AT ME!!!

jin said...


I'm there!!!

Oh! COOL...I get to tickle
a guys ________
*fill in the blank*


jin said...


Oh, don't you know it...busy is the name of the game...sleep some for me, would ya plzzzzzz????

Countdown clocks?!
*jin runs over to Katy's*

jin said...


It's not every day I get a visit from a sexy musician! ;-)

I would do a divorce cake although no one has ever asked for one!
:-( *pout*

OH! don't need one, do you? :-S

jin said...


Damn! You've ruined it! Now that I have been called on for the timewarp it means I MUST move forward again!!!


I was so enjoying walking amongst all the male, er.. I meant mortals... while time stood still for all but meeeee.
:-P coming within ...
*jin thinks a second*
new post within 16 hours?
Will that do?

Gareth said...

*Gareth thinks for a second* Yes that will do nicely :P
Have a good warm Sunday.

jin said...


Oh no! I think it's past 16 hours.
But I don't have my post ready yet.
*jin starts to cry*
I hope you aren't upset with me?

Here, I'll give you a bit o lemon meringue ;-) to tide you over for another 12 hours until I can create a spectacular NEW post!

Will that suffice? I promise it will be worth the wait!

Gareth said...

I'll let you off with this time because you didn't specify exactly what you meant by "within 16 hours" I mean you could have meant within 16 hours of the end of the world ;)
Grabs piece of lemon meringue. Oh my mistake, that wasn't the meringue :P

jin said...

Heeeheheheeee. :-D
You are a very bad leprechaun.
_____________________________ coming within the hour. No more meringue for you.

Gareth said...

Spoiled sport ;)

I don't see a new post madam. Don't make me come over there and make you at one with one of your cakes if you know what I mean :P

Gareth said...

Oh oopsie, I got the timing wrong. Doh!! Stop laughing or that cake thing will become a reality! :)

I'll look at your magnificent post tomorrow after I have got some sleep. Don't disappoint me or very bad thing will start happening :D

jin said...

Boy, you sure drive a hard bargain.
I was terribly afraid of your threat and so I posted as quickly as I could, for fear that you would chase me down & cover me with cake & cake is hard to wash out of my hair because it's so thick.
Um...not that I have ever been covered in cake...I mean that's just what I've heard.

Fuff said...

Lovely cake pics :)

jin said...

Thanks fuff!!!

Dino aka Katy said...

just browsing by to see if there are any new pics

jin said...


New post/piccies coming soon...sometime tonight probably.