Monday, March 26, 2007

Who Wants to be my Friend?

Friends of the jin are a special lot
Lucky they are, abundant they are not
But e'er once in a while I give them a gift
Might be a big cake they can't even lift!

This cake went to my Great Auntie Em
from whom some of my talent surely does stem
For her 80th birthday a few years ago
She treated us all to dinner, don't you know

As always, she said "No gifts please!"
So I made her this cake to try & appease
I overdid it, we were only 8 for dining
We shared with the restaurant so they'd quit their whining.

Had to prove to them it didn't just look nice
That the flavours & textures were sure to entice
The most finicky of taste buds & connoisseurs too
Him; her; them; me; & best of all YOU.

My blogfriends are amazing I LOVE all you guys!
I want to shower you with cheesecakes & pies!
(Not literally, of course, for the pervs in this bunch
I meant not a shower, but merely some lunch!)

So here's a sweet toast *jin raises her glass*
(Immediately a fellow blogger tries to grab her ass!)
She giggles & spills the coffee on the floor
& runs with her Turtle Cheesecake right out the door.

Now if you want it, you'll have to catch me
If you don't, you can't have it for free!
I'll charge you double or even triple this time
That's just for dessert, the jin & half of this rhyme!

43 Responses to “Who Wants to be my Friend?”

Rich said...

Poems are for dorks!

Nice to know you too, fellow dork.

That's a great looking cheesecake.

Dino aka Katy said...

mhh I don't know if I'll run after you for cheesecake - now if its raspberry cheesecake - mhh that may be something to consider

Granny's cake looks grand, but feeding her all that rich icing is probably bad idea...

Things calmed any for you yet??? I hope so!!

Ohhh ... That Emmy's cake ... How do you cut such cake?

I hope everything goes better for you these days, Jen.

jin said...


Yay for poem dorks!

We da bomb!

Thank you sir & that's a great looking batard you have there.

jin said...


Rassssssberry cheesecake?

I can do that!


jin said...


I don't think the icing did her any harm...she's going on 84 now!

Oh...yeah, that.

I may have news tomorrow.
Then again, I may not.

K, have to end this comment on a positive was 80 here today!!! WOO-HOO! Loverly!

jin said...


You start cutting (or I should say I started cutting...haaha! They made me cut it!) at the top & work your way down. Best to remove the flowers as you go. They were edible, too...sort of a sweet dried meringue.

Thanks much for the well's GOT to get better, no place left to go but up I keep saying!

Gareth said...

So how fast can you run with a large cake in your hands?? Just don't trip over and drop the cake otherwise you really WILL be wearing it and then we'll all stand back and laugh at you and then when the laughing has worn off we'll attack you ............. for the cake!

Jewels said...

See? Your icing probably helped her live longer! lol!

That cake is just glorious! Oh, did everyone have blue teeth after eating it? ;)

Ace said...

Icing's my favorite part of the cake.

Or is it properly called frosting? Or doesn't it matter?

jin said...


"So how fast can you run with a large cake in your hands?"

Well, depends if I want to get caught or not!!!

jin said...


I like your theory.

"Eat jin's frosting for a longer happier life."

Not a dark enough shade to dye teeth...however I have been known to do that.

jin said...


Depends on which part of the world you are from.

Generally, frosting mans something that is slathered on (frosted)
and icing means something that is poured on (glazed).

But I have people ask for one when they mean the other, so, I suppose it really doesn't matter! LOL!

p.s. No buttons yet...spent a good 4 hours trying to get Dad discharged tonight...long story, more mishaps...I may post on unplugged later.

Hope your father has healed up. Congrats on the 80s the world is topsy turvy - it only made into the 60s here in AZ.

Ticharu said...

the circle of peacans has a hallucinagenic quality!

jin said...


My last 2 weeks worth of medical mishaps are chronicled here.

Yesterdays ordeal with Dad is chronicled here.

My neck is killing me today. That's where I tend to store my stress. I can't keep doing this. My Mom & I are talking about putting him in a home for rehabilitation purposes if he can't take care of himself. But that would all depend on if his insurance covers it. :-P

Nothing from fairsCaPe yet? *sigh*

Ugh...we only had 80 for one it's back to 45.

jin said...


You could say my cheesecakes are a
"Trippy Bliss!!!"

(Without any bad after effects; unless you count a bloated tummy! HA! ;-)

Gyrobo said...

People would pay to hear that if it was spoken by Morgan Freeman, and animated by some penguins.

Middle Child said...

JIi, you have an amazing talent... what a cake.

Poetry grows on you once you start its easy peasy...
and a lot of fun... : )

Ace said...

Will live without buttons. In exchange for better health for your family.

Sound fair, Powers That Be?

jin said...


What type of people would pay for that???


um...yeah, well, it's SO wasn't my pick. My husband made me see it. So I made him see Hostel.

jin's evil twin

jin said...


Thanks!! :-D

Oh, the poetry is rather addictive. I'm fairly good at rhyming.

But I can't draw like you can. Those EYES! I LOVE how you draw their eyes. Big & glisteny. I can't draw people or animals. Blah! They look like dodgey Picasso's.

jin said...


My favourite munkee!!! :-D

Oh man...I wish...
It simply HAS to get better. Period. day is so much brighter with cool caring awesome commenters like yourself. It really means a lot, you've no idea!

Sending you delicious organic cyber berries!!!

I wish you would put out a cook book that includes your equally sweet rhymes!

jin said...


You know...I have always been working on one. But I never wanted it to be "just a cookbook". I wanted something unique, something very different from what was out there. Not just recipes & instructions. Although I have some awesome recipes! LOL.

Of all the things from the blog I considered including ... it never crossed my mind about the rhymes! I do think that would be cool to include them...I guess I never really knew for sure if people enjoyed them or or if it was just the photos that went along with them?! Hmmm...that sounds like a bit o my jinsecurity just slipped out. Oopsy...sorry about that, I'll get back to being perfect right away.

Bathroom Hippo said...

Dm//nfla e~Gflenb/en`m?~

That cake doesn't even look edible!

I have bad memories of biting into plastic decorative food-like objects.

For all I know...YOU COULD BE PLASTIC! You're not plastic are you Jin?

melanie said...

so Rich says....poems are for dorks???!!
Oh dear...I guess I can join you then...

jin said...


V/`b***Cejk/lehpehjrnbe!e`ggenb`ne"jh/ ejrnef e;"j"i;*
^Nb`ne jrl? e6mjlaejle jeh`lpeg/2/g *e[UP$

Ce?jl;ne/4k/"nepjrenjerl?/m n`l?*eCn; e`eSfmaje.jj?MjmleDj??/ enbfla1e-U$

It's edible...PLUS, under the few flowers & the swag of fondant that are removed before serving is a jintastic tasting cake frosted with vanilla buttercreammmmmm.... MMMmmmmm.

I'm real hippster.
100% jenuine.
...and pretty damn fine, too.

jin said...


I think rich knows a thing or 2 about poems, he's just pretending to be macho so the other guys don't make fun of him.

Plus, no one would mess with the two of us for we can cast evil spells on them that make them impotent & the like! ;-)
(Shhhhhh.....they don't have to know we are good witches!!!)

flatlander said...

I swore off drinking, but the Jin is hard to resist!
She really gets one thinking, the tastebuds to enlist.
Stopped by to see my friend The Taker of Gist.
He was covered in cheesecake, his eyes all amist...

Gareth said...

Welcome to April ;)

Rich said...


I know nothing of poems, nothing I say!

Keep that crap to yourself, or the guys'll think I'm gay.

And I'm not gay, I'm never happy at all.

Except when some beefy bloke nails me up against the wall.

Or something like that...

Oh, and I wouldn't worry about the stuff with Beck. He doesn't read the site. From what I understand his mum only reads him the kids friendly comments. I'm sure Monkey's human is well aware that blogs aren't always sanitary. Monkeys site has an R rating after all.

Bathroom Hippo said...

Ah sweet poetry...

Jin ate a cheesecake on Tuesday,
I tried to warn her by saying "Hey!"
She's like "wtf is with the display?"
To which I replied "You forgot to pay!"

Her face was in such disarray,
"Hey it's okay..."
"Stealing is child's play"
I gasped in dismay,
Jin then hit the manager with mace spray.

Just not Jin's day today...
She then zapped the manager in the nuts with a gamma ray,
He ran away,
God Bless the USA!

Ace said...

1. Cake and poem.
Too much for munkees to take.
Get well soon, Jin Dad.

2. Comments confuse.
Much gobbledy-gook typing.
Munkee scratches head.

3. Insomnia.
Poor munkee writes bad haikus.
Dreams of goody box.

jin said...


I <3 your rhythm
and your rhyme
You've got it goin' on
ALL the time!

Always somethin' different
always somethin' new
You make the jin so happy
Even when she's blu

I miss your thrice daily posts
at leat 5 times per week
when I really need a dose of you
Inside your archives I peek.

jin said...



Why thank you kind sir.

New post coming very very very soon.


Rich said...

Just because I know you'll appreciate this.

jin said...


"Except when some beefy bloke nails me up against the wall.

Or something like that..."

Yes, yes indeed.

*jins eyes glaze over*

OH! RICH! When did you get here? I'll reply to your comment as soon as I ... as I ... um... as I what? I have no idea what's going on here.

jin said...


You slipped another comment in there on me!!!

*jin clicks the linky*

:-D :-D :-D

Much appreciated. Yes indeed.

jin said...



How did you know I carry mace?!

How did you know the second thing I go for is the nuts?!

Since when can hippos rhyme??????


jin said...


*jin waves* :-D

I <3 your munkee haiku.
:-D :-D :-D

I must google the rules...I know not the technicals of writing a haiku or I'd give you one back.

How about this instead:
I knew a guy named ace
He was always on my case
Tried to make me smile
every once in a while
whenever he knew I was down
he didn't want me to frown
the other day a berry whizzed passed my face
munkee nearly got it with my mace
It was all in fun so I let it pass
Cos you all know jin loves a smartass!


jin said...

Hey everyone:

New post coming tonight.
I promise!

I posted at unplugged if anyone's interested, but a few words of's kinda sorta gross...although I tried to make it funny at the same time.

Just remember my humour is very very dark & jaded!