Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The jin believes whole-heartedly in Fate.
She believes that paths cross for a reason.
Incredibly interesting souls always seem to find my 'out-of-the-way' shoppe.
I truly enjoy meeting, chatting & creating pastry bliss for them.
Check this cake:

FUN, yes?!
It was ordered by a local couple.
I swear the lady that picked up the cake was
the classiest dressed woman I have ever had in my shoppe.
In fact, if I didn't look like me, I'd want to look like her.

This couple has a website showcasing their art.
They are absofuckinglutely brilliant photographers.
I want you all to go here & click everywhere.
But, come back when you're done!
Don't leave meeeeee! Not before you comment! ;-)

A close-up of the piped Retro Snowflakes.

I should be back on the 6th with a special post.
Would you believe it will be my
1 Year Blogiversary?!!?
I'm not sure what to post about, though?
Any suggestions?
Any requests?

55 Responses to “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”

Dino aka Katy said...

ohhh so pretty. sorry to tired to comment need sleep

jin said...

Thanks katy!!!
Hope you have "Sweet Dreamz"!

Middle Child said... long does a creation like this take..? There is so much detail Jin. You are awesome.

Very nice cake ... Now, I will go over to the site of the couple and come back..

Interesting site of photoes...

jin said...


Thank You!! :-D

Oh....maybe an hour or so to frost & decorate. I work fairly fast, I've been doing this for YEARS!!
Gosh, my first 'big' cake that I made (for my own teenage birthday party) took almost a week to complete! LOL!!!

jin said...


Thanks! I had fun decorating it!

Yay! You did come back!

Dino aka Katy said...

just went and checked out the photos very cool I like black and white

jin said...


I'm glad you did! They are cool aren't they!?

You're up early!? Me too! LOL.

Maybe you should host an online party. Serve treats.

Happy Blogiversary. You are classy enough already, don't sweat it.

Jewels said...

I haven't checked out the photography site yet. I didn't want to leave you without leaving a message first.

I absolutely adore that cake! It makes me think that THAT is the style of cake my grandmother would have liked. I love the combination of colors. That pink is classic (the pink Chanel suit version of icing if you ask me!). I love the snowflakes.

It's perfect.

Garrett said...

I hope this isn't rude but I'd like to fuck that cake.

G3T Films said...

I almost forgot to come back...

Where am I? Oh, a cake. I'll have two slice thanks. One for me and one for, um, my friend... who doesn't appear to be here just yet, um, but they will be. Two slices thanks.

jin said...


OH! An online orgy?!

COOL idea! :-D

Ohhh...whoops, you said online party.
gee...that doesn't sound quite as fun.

jin said...


That's why you don't need to eat tons of are already sweet enough!!!

jin said...


Oh, I agree!!!
I <3 that shade of pink. With white accents. One of my fave ways to deco a cake.

Tell C to get with the plan man & marry you already!!! Then he can pay to ship me across the border for some catering!!!

jin said...



at jintrinsique?
Hell NO!

In fact, I'm quite sure you wouldn't be the first. See, I tell guys that I make, "fucking delicious cakes" how you interpret that statement is all up to you....
Come back & see me again sometime!

jin said...


At jintrinsique ALL males ALWAYS get 2 slices of cake.


Oh, yeah...guys with accents get MORE!

BlogZombie said...

Braaaaaaaaaains, Caaaaaaake, Grrrrrrrr, Caaaakebraaaaaaains.

jin said...

I <3 zombies.

Wanna have wild & crazy Zombisex?

BlogZombie said...

That would be simply delightful... I mean, errrrrrr braaaains, braaaaaaaaaaains!

Alejandra said...

That cake is absolutely gorgeous! Happy 1 year! Mine is coming up too (March 15th). Crazy how quickly it comes, huh?

jin said...


I was going to crack a joke about:
men's brains,
where they are located,
you know,
not the head
but the head.

Unfortunately I decided against it.
So, no comment back to you tonight.

jin said...


Welcome & Thank You!!

A year does go soooo fast in blogworld! Makes the real world not seem quite so bad! ;-)

Thanks for stopping by, come again!

G3T Films said...

See now, Zombies can't actually talk, I think this Zombie is just pretending to get some wild & crazy Zombisex.

jin said...


You just gave me a great idea for a post title!!!

"Pretend Wild Zombisex in the Crazy Baksexry"

BlogZombie said...

That's a great title! And I'm not pretending... um... errr... ah... I'm just a Zombie of above average intelligence... Braaaaaain, BraaaaAAAIIIIN, or as you put it... Heeeeeeeeead, heeeeeeeeeeeeeead!

jin said...

So,'re saying you want head?

Something tells me you're more human than zombie...

melanie said...

That cake looks truly inspired...half the time I wouldn't want to cut into them..but then again...mmmm yum. Yes, you are still a tease Jin with all these delights!
Ahh and as for never came..ha ha!!

Gareth said...

WOAHHHHHH. I believe I just found cake heaven!! Yummmm. I love you already :P
It must have taken ages to create that cake? Well worth it though when you see the final product! :D

Thanks for stopping by my place earlier :)

*note to self, never eat any cake after Garret has been around. And keep an eye on rich also*

You were correct, the pictures were worth the juant midway though your post. and your cake looks fantastic as usual.

and never ask a Zombie about head, they will just pulls their's off and have it do odd things to you.

Jewels said...

I'm lurking... luuuurrrrking.... I'm digging the new zombies you've got here... Luuuuuuuuurking....

Hey pretty girl... Wanna make me something sweet?

I need to celebrate the Equinox soon, and I want to do it in Style. ;)

G3T Films said...

Dear Gawd, Army of (Cl)own has impugned my honour! This shall never do, not do at all. Why must blogging always end in a duel to the death? It's just senseless.

jin said...


Half the fun for me is watching my creations be DESTROYED!!!
Is that so wrong?!

As for that other thing...don't worry, there's always tomorrow!
(Remember, you can say that every day!!! ;-)

jin said...


Welcome & Thank You!!

Oh, but you shouldn't speak so much here...I have a thing for accents & you just totally distracted me.
In fact, I don't remember what I wanted to say to you?

"Come back soon!"

jin said...


I agree...garrett's comment reminded me of "the pie scene".

"never ask a Zombie about head, they will just pulls their's off and have it do odd things to you"


You are probably correct sir.
I shall refrain from that type of talk from now on.
(maybe ;-)

jin said...


YES! Of course I want to make you something sweet! I take Paypal now, too! YAY!

Need Biscaadi? LOL!

Let me know!!!

jin said...


Why do I think that the clown was NOT a typo?

Are you trying to start something at my blog? Is there going to be a duel here? Between 2 men?

OH! Just give me a second!
*jin runs to call all her girlfriends & makes popcorn*

OK! Commence the fight!
Without your shirts!
Pants are optional at jintrinsique, BTW.

jin said...

:-P* * *

*jin starts to drool*


So like, that is spice cake under there right??

jin said...

Oh...phos...I wouldn't want to tease you & say that it is.

It is.


I don't know what I said to set Rich/g3tfilms off, but I’m ready for battle also

Wait I forgot a weapon, cuz wyat yuo see is for love not war ;)

G3T Films said...

I always wondered what was under the storm trooper outfit. Kinky!

I see you prefer the ancient battle rite of feathers at dawn.

G3T Films said...


Oh crap! My feather just went off. Everyone saw that right? I didn't even touch the trigger. Holy Crap! Dude, I'm so sorry. Are you OK?

It's just a flesh wound. I've had worse. And if I could photo shop I would do worse in return. LOL

So I'll just say my feather attacks you with tickle powers and you wet your pants. :) Now to save face, the battle is over..... wait it is to late to save face.

Also what the deal? Rich sees me in almost naked and within a few seconds he blows a load into my face. Who does he think he is, Dick Cheney?

Ace said...

Yummy looking.

I vote for photoblog for your anniversary.

jin said...

TAK & Rich:


You 2 just gave me the laugh of the century. :-D

What more could you ask from a comment duel:
1. sexy nekkid guys
(I'm going to get a bunch 'o searches for that one now! ;-)
2. fighting over moi
(Well, ok, you are just fighting at my blog but I prefer to believe differently! :-)
3. blown off bloody heads
4. wetting of pants
5. and Dick Cheney

You two get:
A Standing Ovation!
cyber X's & O's

jin said...


Thanks! :-D know if I could only get my damn scanner working I could do that properly, like a pic from each month or something. I have SO MANY pics that are non-digital.
Maybe I'll have to try & fix it again...maybe

How'd your date go??????
Did ya kiss her????
Did ya score???

(Feel free to put all the details here if you wish...that way your regular readers won't have to know in case you don't want them to! ;-)

Gnat of Glass said...

I went into chocolate overload with that bunt cake Jin. TASTY!

Is the 7-minute frosting? It looks yummy.

I would be the kid that the first thing he did was pick off all the silver balls and eat them...I was quite little little snapper.


PS> I topped out the upload directory on blogspot with pictures. Did you even know that there was a limit to the amount of stuff you could submit in a day?

G3T Films said...

Thank you, thank you, *takes bow* I would like to thank the Academ... Oh, wrong award show. Oh well, doesn't matter, I'm an applause slut.

Oh and (Cl)own, that's exactly who I am, what gave it away?

jin said...


Soooo glad you liked it! :-)

Actually, the buttercream I make is a French version that starts with a type of 7-minute frosting. I then beat in unsalted butter & real vanilla. It's really good...not overly sweet like that bakery crap! LOL!

I did not know Blogger had a limit per day! LOL.
The stuff you posted is INCREDIBLE!!! :-)

jin said...


you = applause slut

me = comment whore

Together that makes for some mighty fine entertainment for our fellow bloggers!!!
(Well, I like to think so, anyway. ;-)