Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sweetness of Life

In this life full of turmoil & pain
I am pleasantly surprised again & again
When things get so bad that you can't continue
Suddenly you're surrounded by friends so true
Words that are spoken or commented or sent
Straighten my perspective that somehow got bent
I try to reciprocate the best I know how
But sometimes I just sit here and say, "Oh WOW!"

Gratuitous Cake Shot

The client brought in her drawing & specified what colours she wanted the cake decorated in.

This is how it turned out!

Being a woman in a small business is not easy. We are not treated equally no matter what the statistics tell you. Even with a shining credit record we were never given any business capital what-so-ever. Turned down time & time again for very small equipment loans...renovation loans...etc. Even after 5 years in business we were not allowed a delivery vehicle lease under my name, my partner's name or even a combo of the 2 of us. The dealership told us right out: "We need a man's signature. You need to get one of your husband's to come down & sign the lease." Well, yours truly wasn't married, so I had to go & ask my Dad. How pathetic is that?! 25 years old, in business for 5 years with an exceptional credit record & my Dad had to sign for a car lease which was a mere $350.00/month with no money down.

It hasn't become any easier at all throughout the years & come April we will be celebrating our 14th anniversary. We struggled, but hung in there just the same, and for that length of time we managed to get by. But it seems to be getting harder every day. Especially since my Dad was hospitalized on December 21st. I'm the only one in the family who has a drivers license so all of the chasing came crashing down on my shoulders. (Well, my Dad does have a son, a sister & a brother who have NOT lifted a finger to help him even though they are quite capable of doing so. Most of you know the story behind that one & if you don't, let me know & I'll direct you to it.)

Another Gratuitous Cake Shot
This design was inspired by a swatch of material.

My schedule has drastically changed, working all night long to keep up with the custom orders & wedding cakes (which I SO enjoy's like jin therapy! :-) while days are spent running errands, doctors appointments & hospital visits. My body has grown surprisingly comfortable with only 4-5 hours of sleep per 24-33 hours. Yet there still isn't enough time in the day for me to keep the shoppe open to the public as I had in the past. Two days every month were "Open House" days. December 23rd was the last date I was able to have an Open House. I had hoped things would be getting back to normal & I would be able to do one this Saturday for St. Patrick's Day, but... alas... it looks as if I may have to admit my Dad to the hospital again tomorrow (Monday).

Why am I telling you all this? I do have a point! It was basically to explain why I felt the need to add the new "Donation Button" in the right-hand column. I never really wanted to have advertisements plastered all over my blog & I was hoping for a couple dollars every now & again...maybe the equivalent of a newspaper, magazine or even a cup of coffee...I expected nothing grand & even felt a little guilty for putting it up there. Well, I already got my first 'donation' & that poem up there was inspired by the very hard-working individual who left me a much more than generous tip. I can't thank you enough!

Times are tough. I read so many blogs where you're going through health/money/marital problems, etc. I feel for every single one of you & am always wishing you the best. In fact, I'm going to leave you all with a charm...why? Because I can! Read it 3 times out loud while you think of wonderful things, like chocolate!

This is my jinCharm
To protect me from all harm
Please keep my blues at bay
for the rest of the day
I will be kind to whomever I can
Be it a lady, animal, child or man
In return I'll feel so happy
Instead of thinking my life is crappy.

62 Responses to “Sweetness of Life”

Ohhh, I'm sorry that you have problems. I know how it feels...I'm there too.
I do not understand why life shall be so difficult or why some people have to make it so problematic for others...
Wish you all the best...

Middle Child said...

Oh JIn your cakes and stuff are truely beautiful. You must be so proud of what you do... a little like the monks who do amazing patterns in sand, only to re do them the next day or to do different ones. I think real art is like this...

Our daughter will be married in May in a joint Greek orthodox and Roman Catholic ceremony and only wish she could find someone like you to make the cake... I got married in my back yard with our two kids attending as little lovely gremlins who needed feeding and care...t'was fun but am so pleased Melissa is choosing something like she has. SOOO I am just a plain old mum after all and want this nice thing for my daughter... your cakes rewminded me of this upcoming thing...

Middle Child said...

Hoe is your dad Jin? Please know that there are good wishes coming from here in Australia to you over yonder...hope he is okay. And you too.

Middle Child said...

Forgot to add...hang in there Jin... good things will come to you and your loved ones...just hold the dream of whatever it is you dream for and somewhere if it is a good dream you will find some easement of your worries.

jin said...


Thanks for your kind words! :-)

I don't understand why all the good souls have it harder. I have met so many wonderful people on blogger & so many of them have problems. Not little ones either. I keep thinking it's just GOT to get better! It has to, right?!

Best wishes to you as well, take care!

jin said...

m c:

I never thought of myself like the monks who do the sand patterns...I suppose it is similar as I do not mind at all when one of my creations is destroyed...I mean, that's half the fun! LOL!

I wish I knew of a cake maker to recommend in Australia! But, your family is so wonderful, I'm sure you will stumble upon someone to do the job perfectly. Let's call it "Cake Fate". :-) I do hope you post lots of pictures of the wedding! I want to see them!!!

Dad is not well the last 2 weeks...I can do nothing but wait. That's the hardest part. He was doing great...unfortunately the docs prescribed something new for his foot & it backfired with disasterous results. (My Dad is not quite like me when it comes to Naturopathy & the like so I can only do what I can...if he chooses all the medications he must live with the consequences. Sad but true. I can only do what I can...the rest is up to him.)

Thanks for the last comment you left, too. I found a whole lot of comfort in those words. :-)

Dino aka Katy said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed for your dad. We all know how times can be tough but thats when we find out who our true friends are.

And don't worry about the donation button I think you deserve a tip. Besides I went and added the adsense (not that anyone has clicked on it) but if I can get some pennys out of it ... we can all use them. I can't wait to finish school and get a real day job -- maybe then I can be a "silent partner with benefits" (all the vanilla bliss cookies I want) in a bakery :)

Gyrobo said...

They've violated the spirit of capitalism!

henrychan888 said...

thanks for the jinCharm! warm wishes for dad! and i know things will be brighter for you because you have a great heart!


Gareth said...

"In this life full of turmoil & pain" .... I thought you were going to burst into song for us with that first line because it is very similar to a line in 'I Want To Know What Love Is' by Foreigner - (In my life there's been heartache and pain) ;)

You are really talented in making cakes and it must be such a joy to have your hobby as a career as well.
That really sucks that you couldn't get business capital and a vehicle in your own name. Surely that has to be against the law with discrimination, no???
I said the JinCharm and nothing bad happened to me or anyone I know but there are still another 94 minutes in my day left so keep your fingers crossed, lol.

jin said...


Well...good news & bad news with Dad.

Bad news:
I do have to take him to Green Bay to readmit him to the hospital tomorrow (Tuesday). It seems the enzyme went deeper than it should have & they need to operate to remove the infection that slipped underneath the bone.

Good news:
He should only be in for 3-4 days.

More good news:
As of a month & a half ago he had no blood flow in his feet what-so-ever, they did the orthoscopy (?sp) thing & I saw the results. Well, I knew this can be easily fixed with the proper mixture of herbs & I have been plying him with all the right stuff. Well, the doc & his assistant could not believe that my Dad had so much blood flow back in his foot...they said that it was doubtful he'd ever get any of that back!

HA! *jin giggles* Course I have to keep my mouth shut for the time being when I am in the presence of non-believers.

But hey, they did not question how it happened, they just said the outlook is very positive.

So, I will be stuck in GB for a good 5-6 hours's a big hospital & takes forever to admit someone & my Dad doesn't know what the hell is going on so I have to stay there and go over all the meds, allergies, food restrictions, etc. Oh joy. :-P

I would LOVE you to be a 'silent partner' of mine. Benefits would be overwhelming!!! LOL! :-D

Thanks a million Katy!!!
*jin runs over to click on her adsense*

jin said...


"Hell are other people"

Hmmm....wait, let's change that a bit:

"Hell are bankers" ease my mind I can always go & create
for FREE!!!!

jin said...


Thanks so much henry!!!
Your words are comforting & inspiring! :-)
So glad you stopped by!

jin said...


Not likely that I'll burst into song...but quite likely to burst out into 'practice belly dancing' moves whilst cake frosting ... fellow blogger jewels got me hooked! LOL.
(Into belly dancing, not cake frosting :-P) LOL!

Unfortunately not discrimination at all here. Actually, the last lease I got a year & a half ago they finally put in my name. Funny story tho, the salesman was from Poland & he had only been at the dealership for a short time as he had filed bankruptcy (in a different state) & needed the income. When I told him my credit was not looking too good anymore, as I was filling out the lease papers (I had decided honesty was best at this point) he leaned next to me & whispered, "Don't vorry about it! Yust make it look good! Yust make all da numbers come out on dat form and it'll be fine!"

Haaahahaha!!! He really did say that. And I really did get the lease! LMAO! See, he wasn't an American asshole, that was the difference.
*Apologies to my American male readers, you guys are cool...the exception to my rule!*

I do know 1 lady in town who's in debt over a million bucks (been in biz over 20 years)...& they keep giving her money whenever she needs it. But I WILL NOT do what she does to get it *ahem* if you get my meaning. Yuck...she even does *stuff* for her ugly old disgusting accountant so he doesn't charge her & makes her books look good.
Me...I can't be like that. No way! Not for all the money in the world!!!
(Unless you're cute...then I might for free...haaahahaha heeehehehe....kidding! Or am I?! :-P *tease*)

Gareth said...

LMFAOOO you are the bomb diggidy bomb :P
Belly dancing - hmmmmm I might just find a big enough crate for you now *wink*
They probably just had problems with spelling your name the last time. Yeah that'll be it. Silly European *ahem* what am I saying?! Apologises to my fellow Europeans who may be reading this, hahahahaha :P

Not Ashley said...


I'm so sorry that you're having difficulties right now, and hope that things improve quickly.

It's hard to believe in this day and age, that financial discrimination still exists in the US of A.

If you ever need help with financial paperwork, etc, just let me know--you wouldn't even have to do any "stuff"...LOL! (I'm an accountant, BTW)

Hang in there, and good luck to you & Dad.

jin said...


I'm "the bomb diggidy bomb"???
WOW! That sounds pretty damn impressive! :-D

Why thank you sir! ;-)

Hey...what are you doing up now? Isn't it about the middle of your night?! (I'm assuming you are rougly 6 or 7 hours later than close am I?! ;-)

I don't normally consider Brits or Irish under the 'silly europeans' label...but that's probably only because you all have such sexy accents! ;-)

jin said...

not ashley:

Yeah...discrimination alright. About 5-6 years ago I was up for a biz loan. I needed a new commercial oven which runs 10-20 grand...we figured out all the details & knew it was worth it, we could put out 10x what we were doing with no employees needed, just ourselves. Figured we'd just borrow a hundred grand & consolidate EVERYTHING plus we'd still have had money left for many much needed repairs around the place.

We NEVER even considered being turned down as we had 8+ years behind our biz, a good plan, no competitors within a 30 mile radius & good credit. We ordered the oven to our specifications but needed to give them a downpayment before they actually started the shipping process.

Two people came in from the bank. A bald little fat ugly man & a woman. We went over everything, filled out the forms & 'she' said everything looked good & just to wait to hear from them. 'He' said to keep in mind they were only giving out 2 loans that year *BULLSHIT!* and we were the third party to apply.

2 weeks later we get the letter denying our application "for over extended credit" reasons. We could NOT believe it! We called the woman who came in to ask what had happened...HA! she had quit her job! Left after being there for many years!

In the interim, two local places got 100,000 biz loans.
1. A scuba diving shop run by 2 men. (BTW there is NO scuba diving within at least 4 hours drive of this area.)
2. A restaurant called VonGennadi's whose owner (a man, of course) skipped town a year after they opened & he hadn't payed back one penny of the hundred grand he was loaned.

Skip to a year later:
The woman who quit her job with that other bank gave us a call to say she was with a different bank & would we like to reapply with her for a loan. Well, they still would not even consider a biz loan as we requested that it be under our names only (my Mom's and Mine, no husbands) but she thought she might be able to get us a home equity loan that way...she said..."Depending on the state of your credit records." She was strange when she said that. (At this point in time we were still doing debt, as any small biz, but never anything late or unpaid.) A few days later she calls & says the home equity credit line went through just fine & adds..."But your credit record is just fine! It's not poor at all!"
Turned out, the guy with her from the other bank never let her see our credit record but he told her it was "tarnished beyond repair & we would be a liability."

Can everyone say COCKSUCKER?!!?
ARGGhhhhhh...well, it had to have happened for a reason as I would NOT want to do ANY type of biz with him at ALL!!!

Ahhh...whatever...Thank You for the offer of help! I will certainly keep that in mind...I will also remeber that you won't make me do *stuff* for it! LMAO!

Dino aka Katy said...

well I am happy about the good news and well the bad new ... it could be worse.

Hey I think I signed my self up for my first party to cater. Our receptionist was talking to one of our patients that caters for her daughters sweet 16 in the summer. Well he was going over board for what she wanted and I told her I'd do it (she just wants Mac&cheese, chicken fingers, pigs in a blanket type of stuff) hell I catered my own wedding so this shouldn't be hard. Right? I doubt I get paid for it though but hey that makes it job number 5 right?????

As for the bank I wonder why I never had any problems not even when my friend and I went after an biz loan for the restaurant we almost bought. Have you thought about any of the online banks??? Maybe step outside your little town?

Dino aka Katy said...

P.S. thanks for clicking my adsense you were my first one yeah!!!!!

Ace said...

I hate bigots.

I know, not the world's strongest political stance. But still.

You should go public, sell stock. Everybody on here'd buy a few shares, and you'd get an influx of capital.


jin said...


You are sooo right, it could be WAY worse! I'm thinking *positive* thoughts! :-)

CONGRATS on the catering job!!! Let me know how it goes & if you need any advice, ask me!!! know, I never *think* to click on peoples adsense! :-S Ace has it too...I gotta remember to click BOTH of yours!

jin said...


Hmmm...sell stock....I was thinking more along the lines of becoming a dominatrix for a few nights per week, maybe turning my basement into a torture chamber where I can legally beat the shit out of uptight lawyers, bankers & businessmen to the tune of 700 bucks per hour.

G3T Films said...

I've eaten cuter babies than the one on that cake!

I don't think you understand where the banks are coming from... it's pretty easy to understand... you're a woman! *runs* *runs faster* shit she's gaining with that baseball bat *runs faster still* *eeeeep*

jin said...

rich: know where I'm at there. One of my most favourite pieces of literature is:
"A Modest Proposal"
By Jonathan Swift (1729)

You'd better run mister...did you see what I did to kyle?!
HA! YOU are next!

Bathroom Hippo said...

That big gust of positive energy you sent my way just gave me a lot of gas.

jin said...

Ummm....sorry to tell ya Hip but I think that's all the beef jerkey, spaghetti o's & diet soda you consume.

You should drink more water.

Gareth said...

Good morning :-)
Ok well at the moment you are 5 hours behind me because of the change to daylight savings time - normally you would be 6 hours behind me during the winter.

Gareth said...

Ohhhhh you were up late too! Did you think you could slip that one past me?! :D

Jewels said...

"I was thinking more along the lines of becoming a dominatrix for a few nights per week, maybe turning my basement into a torture chamber where I can legally beat the shit out of uptight lawyers, bankers & businessmen to the tune of 700 bucks per hour."

Heh! Heh! Well, I'm sure you've got an arsenal of tricks, but I'm also sure I may be in possession of a few of my own you might want to try... ;) Oh, and remember, if any blood is drawn, that's extra...

P.S.: Side note on hubby. Could be worse, you could be doing 'stuff' together... Oy! I'm still not well.

mizfit said...

better late than never. i love to quote this maxim everytime i forget or miss a b'day...happy blog b'day.

Dino aka Katy said...

how did it go in GB --- I concur with the dominatrix Idea to bad I don't have a basement.

Ace said...

I went to a dance club once where they were paddling people chained to the ceiling in the basement.

Well, more than once.

G3T Films said...

Swift IS a funny bastard... stupid wig though.

I hadn't seen what you did to Kyle... I have now... You've killed us all with your hasty rejections!

Sorry to hear about Dad. hell of a way to celebrate St Pats. I hope he gets better or at least you get a little help.

jin said...


Good Morning back at ya!
Does it have the same effect when I do it to you?!

WOW! So you come from the FUTURE!!! I have so many questions to ask you now!!! ;-)

Ummm...I'm always up late! LOL!
Ummm...actually...I'll rephrase that....I'm always up!!! LOL!
HELP!!!! Save me Gareth! Send me the crate!!!! Fast!

jin said...


LOL...but seriously...I have this friend who has participated in town (a lot! LMAO!). Supposedly we don't have any of them HERE. They come up from Chicago (a 3 hour drive)...ahhhh...if only you were closer! We could be a team! You could teach me! I'm a fast learner! Haaaaahahahaha!!!


jin is in the kitchen finishing up a baptism cake for a local lady who is a prominent attourney's wife. She pops by to pick up the cake in her gigantic 7 passenger SUV. She is wearing a delicate gold cross necklace & a huge gaudy diamond wedding ring. She mentions her husband wasn't able to pick up the cake as he had to stay late in court. She pays, she leaves, I lock up the front.

5 minutes later I emerge looking like this & walk downstairs into the basement where that ladies husband is waiting with a ball gag in his mouth & his hands chained to his ankles.

jin says, "You are now going to be punished because your wife left me a lousy tip!!!"

Whoa! I have some vivid imagination, don't I?!

jin said...


Thanks! I don't have a problem with you being late...I expect it fellow Virgo! LMAO!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE your new avatar!!!
I have a gigantic one painted on the wall outside my office.

jin said...

katy: me & jewels...the guys could have three for the cost of ..... 10! (We're worth that much! ;-)

I emailed ya on how it went today.

jin said...


I'm not quite sure what to say about that.



SHOCKED I tell you...




jin said...



? ? ?

Here I thought that was for real.

I was ready to sign the petition!

As for killing you's not MY fault all men...errr...robots I mean... lust after me.


jin said...


Thanks. What can I say?
One day at a time.

It could be worse.
I could live in the stupidest state in the entire U.S.

Gareth said...

Yes, you saying "good morning" sent a shiver down my back ......... or it could just be from the coldness. I'll let ya know when I have figured that one out :-)
So you are always 'up' - and here was me thinking that you were a woman with feminine features .....

*ring ring*
"Hello, you have reached Oscar's Opticians, how can I help you?"
"Umm yes hello, I'd like to book an appointment for an eye test"
"Sure sir, when would you like it?"
"Any time is good for me so long as it's within the next few minutes!"
"And what is the nature of your appointment?"
"I keep mistaking men for women, it's very embarrassing"
"Well sir I don't think it's an optician you need, it's a psychiatrist!"
"Ohhhh everyone's a comedian!"
*sets phone down*

Gnat of Glass said...

Come on down to Florida. I think we are the we are in the lead on the stupid state bets in Atlantic City.


Ace said...

I've got it!

Banner ads!

No, not the kind of ads you put on YOUR blog for Amazon... the kind of ads I put on MY blog for YOUR shoppe!

"Wish you were eating this tasty cookie? (insert photo) Click here for mail order!"

I'm a genius!

jin said...



I meant that I'm always awake!!! (Well, almost...)

*jin slowly peeks down the front of her low cut shirt*

Yep. I'm a female alright!
And they're real, too...AND bigger than average!

Take that!

jin said...


Hmmm...I thought Florida got #1 for worst drivers due to all the senior citizens?!

Do they send you laxatives for free in the mail there? I heard it's required cos you're all so old?!

*jin runs away FAST!*

jin said...


Actually, ARE AN EFFING GENIUS!!!!!!!!!


This weekend I will design a small & tasteful banner ad just like you described.

Oh, dear...I may have to make a post of I've just thought of a second one I could make...*giggle*

Ace Munkee P.I.
(In case you didn't know the P.I. stands for Genius! ;-)

Ace said...



Munkee want banner! Yay!

melanie said...

Hey you be a wonderful poet me dear!!! haha

melanie said...

Hey I am sending plenty of good witchy vibes and blessings too.


*quickly does math in his head* "25 and 5 years in business, not in business for 14 years .... carry the 7, find the denomonater, check the square root or something like that" .... Whew, I was worried for a minuter that I was too old to be crushing on you. Don't want it to be any creepier than it is already. :P

jin said...



I think I'll make a few different styles so people can choose what they want to use!

You are AWESOME!!!!!

jin said...


Thanks for the compliment and thanks for the sending of vibes!!!
I NEED them!

Currently reading a book on Pagan Anger Magick...supposedly you save all the anger you encounter on a bad day (I've been full of those!) & change it to positive magickal energy. Ever work with that? The way I sure can't hurt!!! :-S

jin said...


Heeheheheeee!'re not too old to be 'crushing on me'!

But sometimes, I do wonder WHY you never take your helmet off?!!?

Ace said...

Be sure and make one for sidebars!

You know, so it can go under "Mookie J. Monkey endorses..." and I don't have to put up my lame photo of the brownie box you sent!

But I did take off the Helmet. When Rich and I had the duel. I was wearing a feather or two, remember?

And my diligent searching has only come up with two pictures, but I'll stop with those. Anymore and I might get lighted-headed from looking at the prettyness ;)

jin said...


Non-lame photo for sidebars!
(Well...not technically done yet...just be patient! :-)

jin said...


Aha! That's right! The nude duel...but, I tend to believe you didn't really have the feathers there...I think you photoshopped them in! Course, I believe the photo was you. Uh-huh. Yep.

Ummm....heehee! Well, yeah...those 2 were really me. And that was a terribly sweet compliment. Gave me a super-duper *jingrin*!

Crap everyone is re-doing their sites, now mine will really look like shit...

jin said...

It's ok phos...we all excuse you for the whole *age factor* thing!

*I kid! I kid!* :-D

jin said...


Thank You.