Monday, July 30, 2007

Interview with a jin

Recently, the witty & clever Canadian, Passionate Dale, was interviewed by another blogger. He in turn, offered to interview other bloggers. I asked him politely to "Please Interview Me" (in a manner of speaking ;-).

1. If you were asked to audition for The Food Network, what would you prepare that would impress the producers and still be something the home viewers wouldn't be too intimidated to try?

I don't think I'd have quite that type of show. (Think Ace of Cakes. I *heart* Duff!) I would like a more reality based version of jinfullness. The kind where everyone gets to watch me do stuff. You know, "Behind the Scenes": a jin decorating a 7 tier wedding cake; a jin dealing with a bridezilla; a jin chasing mr. jin around the kitchen trying to ... uh ... next question?

2. If you didn't have your delectable pastry shop (online ordering available), what line of work would you involve yourself with?

This is a very very easy question for me & one that will probably shock a lot of people. (I am assuming you mean an entirely different path than food service, because of course, I'd love a fancy little vegetarian cafe/restaurant!) I would get myself certified as an ND (Doctor of Naturopathy). Alternative healing methods are something I'm very passionate about (and practice myself)!

3. You have eclectic tastes in music and your profile says you like opera (anything but Wagner). I braced myself expecting the worst of Wagner but found most of it to be emotional, dark and satisfying. What is it about Wagner that shuts you down?

Well, I must admit I have only heard a few. Lohengrin in particular is one that has turned me off. There is a story behind it: Saturday afternoons during the opera season I am glued to NPR. Saturday afternoons I am most always decorating wedding cakes. Let me tell CANNOT decorate a wedding cake happily whilst listening to a Wagner opera! They are so depressing! They make me want to throw things across the room in despair. You tell me why, when they do play repeats, they always play Lohengrin?! Maybe they got a deal on it or something?!

4. Are there ever times when you just say 'screw it' and open a box of Mac and Cheese and let it do all the work? What's your favourite 'not from scratch' food?

Hell yeah! *grin* But I only buy Annie's Mac & Cheese. Seriously though, on nights when I want nothing more than a radiation filled quickie bite to eat I get a box of these for me & I get mr. jin a box of these. However, I never ever eat pizza out of a box...that's just sad.

5. Along the way, you've chronicled some pretty interesting 'Customer From Hell' stories. What kind of a customer are you?

Why, I'm a fabulous customer! At least, that's what the guys in the hardware store tell me when I ask if they can please help me find the perfect screw. I'm not missing something here, am I?!

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Want to be interviewed by the jin? Just leave me a comment or send me an email. I'd be happy to help you bare the skeletons in your closet!

40 Responses to “Interview with a jin”

Anonymous said...

Ain't that something. I think I know more about you than I do about my roommate.

You can ask me, if you fancy, but I am a well documented pathological liar.

...My mom thinks I'm cool(she doesn't)

jin said...

I fancy! :-D

Doesn't matter if you lie, you'll do it in a very entertaining way, I'm sure!

I'll send you some q's soon.

Hey.....isn't it past your bedtime?

Anonymous said...

I commented on your blog the same time you commented on mine!

I start later now. I'm good until about 2am now.

jin said...

Simultaneous comment!
Was it good for you?


I'll just shut up now and go write your questions.

Dale said...

Excellent answers Jin and I like your idea for the show. I'll look for it soon! Bridezillas and Jin could be a lot of fun.

Dino aka Katy said...

yeah I think a Jin reality show would be awesome - I'd watch it.

well I guess if you'd like your welcome to ask me questions too.

MixJagger said...

This is a delectable blog. I almost devoured my computer screen!

Please sign me up for a Jinterview.


Bridezillas?? Let them eat cake!!!

jin said...


I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did? You'll have to do me again sometime!

jin said...


Oh, good!!!

I'll send you some questions by tomorrow!

jin said...

M. J.

*HUGE jingrin*

I think we met in a past life already!

I will create some questions for you ASAP!

jin said...


You just know that's how a groom gets revenge on his bridezilla...he smashes cake all over her face! HA!

Ace said...

Munkee wants to be interviewed!

jin said...

Heehee! MUNKEE!!!

You got it!

This'll be fun!


BeckEye said...

Nice interview, you two! Dale digs deep.

JLee said...

Very interesting! You know, one of my commenters "Vivavoom" is a naturopath. I had a friend who was a nutritionist who took the course and became one as well. They are amazing docs.

jin said...


WELCOME to my blog!! :-)

Thanks, but what can I say...Dale taught me all I know about interviews (ok, not really...I'm just kissing up. HA! ;-)

jin said...


Ahhh, I've seen her comments there, just never clicked over to her place! I'll have to do that soon. Thanks for the info!

Beth said...

I would definitely watch your show! Can I hire you to whip up a box of Annie's mac & cheese for me?

jin said...


Haaahahaha! I think I could probably manage that.

Jewels said...

Well. I. Never!
I never would have thought that a Jin would have eaten ANYTHING out of a box... Well, I guess it would depend on the box, right? ;)

Hey, good thing Coffee Crisps come in BAGS! However, they will be delivered VIA a box... Hmmm, conundrums, conundrums... ;)

Bubs said...

Very very cool.

Keep up the good work

X. Dell said...

(1) As Mark Twain said, Wagner's music isn't as bad as it sounds. Perhaps you should try Die Meistersinger the next time you decorate a cake.

(2) I don't think you're missing anything. Hardware salesmen are always happy to give their customers the perfect screw. So do lawyers.

jimbo said...

I'm not sure if anything can beat the mighty blue box of KRAFT!

Middle Child said...

I am with you on Wagner, I like Mozart and others but a favourite of mine became the theeme tune for the Australian Classin "Picnic at hanging Rock" Its Beethoven's Emperor is sublime.

jin said...


Oh...but sometimes a jin just gets too damn tired to create yet another perfect meal and my town is severely lacking in take-out options!



Pretty please with baklava on top???

*flutters eyelashes*

jin said...


heh...heh heh....heh...heh heh

you said "up"

jin said...

x. dell:

WELCOME to jintrinsique! :-)

(1) LOL! Not as bad as it sounds, hmmm? I googled Die Meistersinger and shall give it a listen sometime.

(2) hee hee... I think I'd much rather give it up to a hardware salesman than a lawyer.

Thanks for visiting!

jin said...



NO NO NO!!!!



Hurry, before it's too late!

jin said...


I also love Mozart & Beethoven. Uplifting music is needed sometimes I think!
(Most-times I think! :-)

Ha! Very cute. Of course you are always welcome to interview me! Although you have seen how long it takes me to respond at times....


Evil Genius said...

So I had to read your interview too. I must say, I am disappointed that Dale didn't give me a TV show.

Great answers. But I think I gained 10 lbs reading your blog.

I like this interview thing goin' round! Great way to get to know folks!

Sigh - I've already had my go, 'aven't I? Oh well...

And for once I come avisiting and am not immediately drooling and stubbing fingers whist trying to reach thru the monitor for the delectables!!

jin said...



I'd LOVE to!

Will send you some q's soon. :-)

jin said...

evil genius:

Thanks and WELCOME to my blog!! :-)

Hmmm...maybe Dale didn't give you a tv show because he's afraid that you have better looking eyebrows than he has.

Weight gain from perusing my blog? Nah...everything here is calorie free! ;-)

Thanks for stopping by! :-D

jin said...


LOL! want another shot at it? It IS fun!

I'll see if I can come up with some more questions for you...I'll bet I can!

m38967 said...

Ah! i can picture you decorating a cake with Isaak in the background. My personal fave is his "BLUE" album. I rock that baby up when i want me some Chris. Love that record.

Good interview, i want one, i want one. Interview me. Make it nice and racy like your blog. lol.


jin said...


Ohhh.....I LOVE his Blue too!!! I play that at least every 2 or 3 days! I used to play Wicked Game a lot too but I played it so much one day it just broke in half! LOL!!! No kidding!

Ohhh.....lots I'd like to ask you! Cool! I'll send you some q's within a day or two.

m38967 said...

Hey, Jen: I did receive your email, but it did not contain the interview questions. Can you re-try and send it again. Looking forward to it.


jin said...

Resent again...let me know if they come through!