Monday, July 02, 2007

Jin Loves *Unique* Requests

*Unique* Request #1
"jin, can you create a Vegan Wedding Cake for us?"
The top tier was created without any animal products what-so-ever, expressly for the groom and the vegan guests. Each tier was the same flavour: Almond Cake filled with Organic Strawberry Preserves. YUM!

What a sweet couple they were! An absolute pleasure to do business with. I would truly love more vegan makes a jin feel good to create them.

Proof that everything happens for a reason (you just don't always know why... right away). Even on a busy weekend I was able to work this cake order in, thankfully because of the one that was canceled.

*Unique* Request #2
"jin, I'd like several different flavoured small cakes for a baby shower. Can you create something unique for me?"
Alternating White Chocolate & Chocolate Cakes filled with Lemon Curd, Dark Sweet Cherry Buttercream & Raspberry Buttercream.

Sometimes a jin forgets how much time is appropriate for decorating. (Er, shall I say the $$$ per hour ratio.) But, it turned out so damn cute...I couldn't help myself!

Look at the itty bitty baby booties! Hee!

I know some of you aren't into kids. No problem... I could do stacked condom boxes, too!

*Unique* Request #3
"jin, I need 2 gift baskets; one for children & one for adults. They prefer Organic foods & healthier, heartier, breakfast-type items. Can you include some nicely decorated personalized cookies for the kids?"
The adult basket was filled with Mini Banana Walnut Spice Bundt Cakes, Muffins with tiny Maine Blueberries & Organic Apples, Organic Zucchini Carrot Quinoa Muffins, a few Scones & some Cappuccino Brownies for any chocolate lovers.

There were also some of these tucked inside. OMG were they delish! I had to sample them. *jingrin*

Both baskets had a few of these in as well. Very simple yet so satisfying!

The kids basket was topped off with several all natural fruit leathers, a box of mini whole wheat bunny crackers & the personalized cookies.

The cookies were approximately 4" x 4" each. FYI- they are also suitable for adult noshing. *WINK*

44 Responses to “Jin Loves *Unique* Requests”

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! I could play around with that kiddies brick cake all day long. Just taking the bricks off one by one and putting them back on again in a different order :P


Dino aka Katy said...

okay now you do realize that if I ever manage to have kids you'll be doing one of those !!!!

jin said...

Cool! I'll sell ya one for a hundred & 5 bucks!!!
Heeeheheheeeeee!!!! :-D

I KNOW!!! I will deliver it personally, too! I MEAN that, so...get consummating!
Haahahaa!!! ;-)

Jewels said...

Ooh, a Vegan cake? That sounds good. Hubby and I are trying to go a bit more of the veggie route these days. I don't like the idea of my daughter eating too much growth-hormone-injected meat.

The blocks are WAY TOO CUTE!

P.S. En français it is written "tartelette" ;) And boy, do those look yummy!!!!
You're inspiring me Jin, I was just telling M yesterday that I need to master at least ONE fantastic cake in this lifetime, à la Jin Style! I've just gotta! ;)

It's really amazing to see what you can come up with after order, Jin. You are an artist.

jin said...


Oh, it WAS good! I made extras for us. People think it's so difficult...but once you know what you're doing it's easy as pie!
Heeheee! ;-)

Ahhhh...I see that now! I missed an "e"! ARGH! Bad jin! Ah well...I'll fix it for the next time around.

jin said...


Thanks so much!

That's when I really have fun, too...with the special 'unique' orders.

Sometimes I look back at old photos and think to myself, "I can't believe I did that!"
lol! :-D

Anonymous said...

You must have trillions of photos lying around. Or perhaps it's just hundreds? :D


word ver: slutgwt - I'm saying nothing!

Gorgeous! Were the kiddie blocks that were hanging over edges have frosting on the bottom?

Ya know - much as I luv ya - I really, really HATE visiting your blog! (^_^).

S-I-G-H ...
followed by helpless wimper.


Off I go to find something to eat. It'll be such a disappointment, no matter how good.

Note to Self: Never, EVER visit Jin Blog again. Never, never, never ....

Well maybe later....

Love the cake, but I actually swung by as I had hear rumors of some cleavage. Don't know for sure, but that's what Jewels told me. Well, back to her site for a while! Sometimes I like to run to the end of my chain and bark!!

Love the wedding cake!!!

Not Ashley said...

love the cake...simple & elegant...perfect for a not-bridal shower for not ashley. lol!

funny you should mention easy as pie, as my goal in the discussion with J, was to make a perfect pie crust. I strive for the perfect pie crust, yet I've never made one at all.

jin said...


Hundreds of trillions I'd guess.
lol :-P

re the wv: slutgwt....Hmmmmmm.....
I'm not sayin' nothin' either.

jin said...


Thanks!! :-)

They were sitting on tiny white cardboards (just under 4"x4") as they had to be dowelled into place for safe transportation (an older lady was delivering it herself).
The edges were piped with buttercream so no cardboard was apparent, unless of course you bent over and looked at it upsidedown.
Then I'd have to shout at you to "Get AWAY frm the cake!"

jin said...



If it makes you feel any better I sometimes make myself hungry with my blog!!! :-D

Course, I always have something fantastic in the fridge....lmao!!!

jin said...


Thanks! :-)

jin said...



Gossip! *GASP*
Be careful what you believe!

(LOVE the dog on the chain reference!)

jin said...


Ahhh....pie crusts are sooo easy!
lmao! *tease*

No, I guess I just have a knack for them, so does my's probably genetic! hee!

For ours here we use unsalted butter only. (Unless someone wants vegan...then I use Earth Balance.)
What do you use for the fat? Is your dough too sticky or too firm? Let me know if you need any troubleshooting!

If I'd been there it would not be the first time I've been told "STEP...AWAY...FROM THE CAKE!!!"

Rich said...

Hey Jinners, I finally put up the second part of the puppet making post.

Hope everything is cool with you.

Oh yeah, I love the cakes BTW, but you already knew that :)

Rich said...

*pokes head out from behind door*


You alive?

*pokes Jin with a stick*

Um... *runs away*

MeHereNow said...

I love them all (as usual) but I have to say the pink cake board is so cute - we don't have coloured cake boards over here just the boring silver ones and if you're really (un)lucky a REALLY garish "gold" one!!

I know how to cure your "wound" You need massage therapy stat - come on over and I'll be happy to take one for the team and save you!!

jin said...


You've been told that before???

Uh-oh. Are you one of those onlookers that we pastry chefs refer to as trouble?


jin said...



Quit pokin' me in the boob with that goddamned stick!

Alright got my attention. I'm comin' over & I'm not leaving for like....a whole 15 minutes!!!


jin said...


Thanks!! :-)

Actually, they only sell the 'finished' boards here in gold or silver as well. I just buy rolls of foil in different shades & make my own cake drums.

In my opinion, they charge a LOT of $$$ for the premade drums (cakeboards that are 1/2" to 3/4" thick) and most of time they are not cut evenly. Haha! This bugs the hell out of me!

Years ago I stole my Dad's table saw (is that what you call it??? lol) for cutting my own. He didn't notice for about 2 months...when he went to use it and it wasn't there he asked me what happened to it. I said I took it to the shoppe. He said he needed it back at home. I told him he didn't.

I was always daddy's little girl and he could never say no to me. The table saw is still in my possession. ;-)

jin said...



Oh, I gotta tell D you said that!

"take one for the team"


Hey, I am just a go-to kind of guy. Always willing to help.

Aside from the bruise it sounds as though things are going better for you.

jin said...

Well, I had to work Sunday, Monday & on the 4th I did absolutely nothing but alternate between, sleeping, eating & sitting. It was glorious! LOL!

I did much of the same today. In fact, I just woke up from an accidental 5 hour nap in my you??? Are you insomniacified tonight???

Anonymous said...

Are zombies taking over your blog?!


jin said...


I LOVE zombies.


MeHereNow said...

Hiya! I just "nipped" over to the other blog (I do quite often to see MY wedding cake #101 !!) and I was a bit peckish so was wondering around "browsing" when I saw "Meringue Mushrooms"!

I love them! How come I've not noticed them before?!?

(the first 3 letters of word verification were U OK - which was ironic considering I was thinking you've been a bit quiet of late!)

jin said...

Hahaaa...I remember! #101 *without looking it up* was the 3 tier heart shaped with red roses, right?! I remember because you chastised me for putting it at the bottom of the page! LOL!!!! :-D

Meringue mushrooms....mmmm...I love them too. I changed a few things on that blog about a month is possible I shifted the pictures around...maybe? lol

I think I am ok now. Yes, I've been quiet. Hopefully getting back to normal soon. I should say: getting back to normal commenting behaviours soon. ;-)

I have been keeping up with your feeds...I am the same type of cookie you are! lol. I did that quiz a while back after seeing it on another blog. I'll be around. Promise. Soon. :-)

Dan said...

Jin, you're amazing! How do you do it? Actually I don't want to know how you do it. I just want you to keep doing it.

Perhaps Laura and I should renew our vows in Wisconsin? :) That cake! That cake!

Gnat of Glass said...

J-bean please send me your mail address again. I am a true gimp and have lost it. I deleted a bunch of e-mail and got click happy....

I hope to ship out the glass contest winnings on monday. I have them packed and ready to go, just missing your addy.


Wisconsin rules!!

How's yer weekend so far??

jin said...


"Perhaps Laura and I should renew our vows in Wisconsin?"


I could do all the food for you! :-D

Plus I know some fabulous places for outdoor ceremonies! ;-)

Um...heehee...and I bet you didn't know this incredibly bizarro factoid about me, but I am ordained and can legally marry people! HA! (BTW- It's a spiritual thing...not an organized religion type of thing. ;-)


jin said...


I <3 your long comments. They make me LOL EVERY time!!!


"You've got mail!"

jin said...

Hi phos!'s sooooo nice and warm yesterday & today! Mid to upper 80's with a light breeze!

Tis the type of weekend when a jin walks away from her pc to go sit on her arse outside.

*Sending the huskies jinkisses to cool 'em off!*

melanie said...

Hi Jin
I must say they look fanbloomintastic. Very talented you are me dear!!
Thanks for visiting me:)
I think what you have with the tarot sounds cool. Its important to find what method suits us and that seems to be for you! You might find you pick the runes up and they don't feel right..Which is cool, maybe the tarot is the one for you.
I put a fresh pic of my runes on the blog by the way, they are a bit clearer!
Blessings and much cake creation!

jin said...


Aww...thanks so much! :-D

Oh, good! I'll be over to check out the new photo. You were reading my mind! I was thinking: "I wish I could see more detail."
lol! :-)

angel said...

you truly are an artist jin!!! that baby shower cake is just splendiferous!

jin said...

Awww...thanks soooo much angel! :-D