Sunday, July 08, 2007


I just happen to know
that there's a certain Birthday Boy
who might see this post.

I just happen to know
that this certain Birthday Boy
may have eaten this cake:

I just happen to know
that there's a certain Birthday Boy's Wife
who might have eaten this chocolate ruffle:

She deserves to.
After all, Shelly surprised
her hubby Mark
with this cool cake!!!
Happy Birthday Mark!!!

*Yours truly also held off on this post because I didn't want to ruin the surprise & I wasn't sure which day he was being served the cake!*

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I Scream
You Scream
jin makes
Ice Cream! was HOT today! I also had the day off. I can't not bake on my day off you see. It's in my blood. So I decided to make 2 flavours of ice cream. Vietnamese Cinnamon Ice Cream & Cardamom Ice Cream. MMMMmmmmm. Above we have 2 dishes. One for D & one for me. We ate them. We moaned. We were satisfied ..... temporarily.

Two hours later I simply had to have another dish.
Oh. There's only one. For MEMEME! I tried to eat this quietly so D wouldn't hear my telltale "MMMmmmm's" emanating from the kitchen. O. M. G. I couldn't hold back cos I'm a total "MMMmmm-er" and this ice cream was fabulous!!!

MMMmmmm.........half way through & he hasn't come down to see what I'm doing. Good! I don't want to share. *evil grin*

Fear not dear blogfans! For I have willpower! Yay! I was able to save you one little bite! Wait.....what's this?! No! No! Brioche! Step away from the blogfans ice cream! Mummy says nooooo!!!!

Uh. Um. Oopsy. Sorry everyone. My pup overpowered me. She loves her Mum's cooking. It doesn't look like she even saved you a whiff:

But don't worry, there's more in the freezer! Who's coming over tomorrow night to eat Ice Cream with me???

31 Responses to “PHOTOLICK”

Happy Birthday Mark!

I'm on my way over Jin - start dishing up that ice cream!

Jewels said...

You make ice cream... YOU MAKE ICE CREAM????? WTH! You're like the baker version of my beader! LMBO!!! (I get this funny reaction all the time when folks comment on my jewels, they'll inevitably reach for a piece as they're exclaiming "You made THAT??????", in shock disbelief...) I want some of your ice cream. Please, please tell me you'll make me some with I come over!!!!


Cherry! said...

Yummmmmmmmmmm! That icecream looks delicious! Unfortunately it's not really the weather for icecream here. Pissing down with rain and freezing cold. Soup weather.

Dino aka Katy said...

mhhh homemade ice cream sounds yummy

Not Ashley said...

will be right over for ice cream!

MeHereNow said...


Happy Birthday Mark!

Why doesn't your blog fill the gap inbetween the side columns? I have to scroll right down to the bottom - it doesn't seem right!! That might be because I have to wait a few seconds before I know if you've got a new post and those few seconds kill me I tell you!!

jin said...


Ice Cream with Black Pearl Truffles on the side!

jin said...


Yes, I make lots of things for personal consumption that I don't offer for sale.

But I DO make them for visiting friends!!!
(Esp. ones who make jewelry! HA! ;-)

Yay, so...VISIT ME!!!!!!!!!!!

jin said...


I LOVE that expression:
"Pissing down"
LMAO...D uses it all the time too.

That's right! I hear it's your winter there. Stay warm! Find yourself some nice girth to cuddle up to!

jin said...


Oh, I could make you one with fresh raspberries and chocolate sauce!

jin said...


Come on over!!!

Bring our resident jewellery goddess with you!!!

jin said...


Oh NO! You must be using Internet Explorer. :-(

I personally will not use that browser for anything (don't even have it on my system!), hence my blog is not suited to viewing in it.

I suggest a fabulous free download of either:
both of which I use & endorse!
(Plus, my blog is perfect in both of them. ;-)

Ace said...

Yum. Vietnamese ice cream for Vietnamese munkee?

Looks tasty! Lucky you, and lucky Mark! Whoever he is!

Gnat of Glass said...


nenner neeeener neeener!


Rich said...

Yeah, it's Winter here in Sydney, why won't it stop raining? *brrrr* could you put a little scoop on top of a piece of steaming hot apple strudel?


Hmmm... Looks like spice cake to me. I'll be right over!

Mark is a lucky dude! My husband would LOVe to have that wonderful cake on his birthday. If only we lived closer to Jin Mecca!

jin said...


You bet! Made it just for you! lol.

Mark is our dairy delivery dude since... like... forever!

jin said...


OMG! I'm not even done with the Cookie of the Month Club yet?!!?


jin said...

*jin hands rich a dish with a slice of warm fresh apple strudel and a small scoop of cinnamon ice cream.*

Enjoy! ;-)

Just let me know if you want seconds! Can I get you some coffee or tea to go with that?

jin said...


German's Sweet Chocolate Cake.

Did you get your spice cake for the 4th?

jin said...


I think this is where I don't tell you that I made an extra one for me & D...

Rich said...

The service here is fantastic. I'll be back... and I'll tell all my friends too.

caramaena said...

It's winter here for me but there's no way that would stop me having icecream - especially cinnamon ice cream YUM!

jin said...


I try! I try!

Yay! Send more Aussie men! Yay!

jin said...


Oh, well...stay warm!

I don't limit my frozen desserts to just the summer either. Gives an extra excuse to cuddle up with someone while you eat it! :-)

jin said...


I had a post ready to go (almost) but am too tired to finish it. Long week. Will try and get it up for you on Friday.

G'Night! :-)

Had a spice cake for my birthday. Mrs. Phos got a bit carried away so I also have one stashed in the freezer. Have to whip it out this weekend, if you know what I mean...

jin said...

I know exactly what you mean!

angel said...

am i too late? have you eaten it all?
so even if you can muffle the mmmming, how do you muffle the spoon-on-bowl noise?

jin said...


Actually, I just had another dish tonight and there are still about 2 servings left. Can you make it here before I finish it?!!?

"how do you muffle the spoon-on-bowl noise?"

I'm just goooood.