Saturday, August 25, 2007

Black & White? Not Quite!

Black and White
with a little Pink
Chocolate and Raspberries
What do YOU think?

Mostly Hand-Piped Buttercream Deco
with a Silk Accent Here and There
Many peeps saw me deliver it
They all just stopped to stare!

Up three flights of stairs
the jin did have to trek
she still looked Fab whilst doing it
Altho the colour drained from her face & neck!

61 Responses to “Black & White? Not Quite!”

jin said...

Soooooo... what d'ya think.... is that last pic new avatar material or should I not ever change my other one???

angel said...

wow jin
its spectacularly gawjiss!!!
are the raspberries inside?

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of the original, stern-looking, thinker pose of your current avatar. My vote is to keep it as it is.

But change is nice and I usually change my own 2-3 times a year.

Lovely cake as well. I wish I had the patience you do to draw like that.

Kingcover said...

I would use that as a profile pic. I mean you should use it because if I used it then people who think that I had changed genders and then they would be confused :-P

That cake reminds me of an Alsatian dog. Better not say that too loudly around Bri, lol ;-)

Middle Child said...

Its a great photo but do't ask me... I still haven't figured out how to put a photo in my own profile... (?)

Anonymous said...

you do is art...

this cake reminds me of OLD OLD mickey mouse (with stick arms and legs) in black and white, ala 'steamboat willie' -- i would expect to see mickey carrying a cake like this into the room -- it is a fantastic creation!

as to your avatar, well, just like marilyn monroe, jin, you'd look fab in anything ( or nothing! ;)


MeHereNow said...

Does the cake contain raspberry pips? I HATE that about raspberries - I will only eat "smooth" raspberries - its the law!!

Beautiful cake - as always!!

I would comment on the whole "avatar" thing if I had ANY idea what you're going on about!! Me not know technical stuffs!! Me thick!!

(It would help I think if I didn't keep reading it as AVIATOR!!)

Ruela said...

yes i agree with /t
you do is art...and devotion and passion...pretty drawing, is necessary to have hand.

Anonymous said...

That cake looks very classy. Cool photo effects!

Snozzberries?! Whoever heard of snozzberries?!?!

Red lips sink ships - or is it launches them - can't remember...

jin said...


Thanks!! :-)

Yes, fresh raspberrys folded into vanilla french buttercream. Each tier was 4 thin layers of chocolate cake with 3 layers of the filling. Top it all off with the Vanilla Buttercream.

jin said...


Um, ok... I am known as the stern jin aren't I!

I can really draw *ok* when I put my mind to it. But not people. Never people. Well, body parts yes, but not faces! ;-)

Dino aka Katy said...

love the cake and the picture but I really like the "old" avatar

jin said...


Why don't you have a profile pic? Hmm? Hmm? Hmm? What about something like this? I think that would suit you.

jin said...


Ohh...I remember sending you instructions a while back but I'm not good at writing instructions! LOL.

If I come across a tutorial for that I'll send you the link!

jin said...


Awww....shucks *jin shuffles her feet and looks down at the floor*. Thanks so much! Heehee!!!
:-D :-D :-D

Oh...I never thought about that old mickey mouse! You are right on!!! I could see him rushing around with a cake like this...frosting flying behind him in big blobs! I think he'd have a few candles on top, too! :-D

jin said...


An avatar is what Blogger calls your profile picture, the one that appears next to your comments (or not if you don't upload one). Some people change theirs all the time but I have had the same one since I started blogging...I was just curious what everyone thought! lol

Some of the cake fillings have pips and some don't. It depends which type you order. This one did because I used whole organic raspberries. But I have orders for the smooth fillings as well and my raspberry jam filling is always free of pips!!!

jin said...


Thank You!! :-D :-D :-D

It takes an artist to know an artist... like you and /t. both are!!!

I am glad to have met you both!!! :-D

jin said...


Thanks so much!! :-D

Ahhh...I didn't get a pic of the cake at the reception so all I had was a pic of it in my cooler! lol!

BTW, as soon as I get a chance I'll be linking you!! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll, too!! :-)

jin said...


Haahahahaa....... snozzberries.... if it weren't willy wonka I'd say it's something that comes from a huskies nose! ;-)

I think it's:
Red lips mean great tits.

:-P :-P :-P

jin said...


Thanks!! I was pleased with how it turned out & it was fun to decorate!

Yeah...I guess I was just curious what everyone thought! I still like my old avatar too, lol!

Eebie said...

Awesome stuff Jin! (I must admit I feel like I need to run an extra 10K after consuming all the calories from looking at it.)

I also love all the feedback; the visitors to your site are great.

(I hope to post again tomorrow. I promised myself to do it this weekend and ... Monday will have to due.)

jin said...

Thanks eebie!! :-)

I always say my commenters are half the fun at jintrinsique, and I mean it!!!

I'll watch for your post, you're in my feeds...had to follow your writing once I saw the Indiana Jones whip!! Haha!!

Not Ashley said...

that cake is a real work of art...i love it.

I also love your new pic!

jin said...

Thanks M!!! :-)

Nice to have a bold looking cake for a change...I get soooo sick of the 'all white' ones!! lol

jin said...



Dan said...

Jin, you look awesome in that photo ... like a 40s or 50s glamour star. You have to use that as your new profile photo ... or the one in the left border with the caption "I LOVE chocolate".

Hugs Jin!

Gnat of Glass said...

It's the eyes....

They are prettier than souffle` au chocolat drizzled with creme anglaise flavored by apricots, served in a Limoges cup on a Limoges plate on a silver charger, by candlelight.


That cake is great!

As for you avatar, I cange my every few days. Can you tell?

Plus as sexy as you look in the picture here, I like the more natrual looking Jin.

Butn then again, I am the kind of clone who wears the same thing everyday (white armor)

Beth said...

Fabulous! The cake looks great, too.

Nick said...

New picture is lovely but your old is stunning. You choose...lovely or stunning.

Rich said...

OoooOOOOOOoOOoOOooooo... these last two cakes are timeless in their beauty. Oh, and you're not such a bad sort yourself.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
jin said...

DO NOT leave that here again.
It is best to not anger the jin for she will send her cyber minions after you.

jin said...


Soooo good to see you here!!!

Thank you, thank you....

Your vote is duly noted!!

Hugggs back! ;-)

jin said...


*jin rereads his comment*

Whew....omg it just got really hot in here!

*jin fans her face with her hand* sure know how to compliment a lady!!!

*huge jingrin*

*jin reads again*

:-) :-) :-D :-D

jin said...


Of course I noticed you always change your avatar pic!!!

*jin hopes he buys her bullshit*

*flutters eyelashes*

I liked last Tuesday's avatar the best, may I have a copy of that one?

jin said...


Thank you!!!

jin said...


Hmmm.....jin's always prefer stunning over lovely....and thanks!!

jin said...


I missed ya! :-D

Thank you thank you...

*jin takes a bow*

Everything I know I learned from G3Tfilms.

jin said...

Sorry all...
really busy this week
will try to get a post out tonight

can you do me a favour?
I'd absolutely LOVE an order of deep fried cheese curds, an ice cold China Cola and a massage. Oopsy! That was the wrong link...

Those two on the link were really stoned. Cheese curds,lovely salty squeaky fresh curds, ah yes. If you do get the China Cola, make sure you ask for unleaded.

Zed said...

I like the picture you currently have, but then I'm always resistant to change. Oh, what the heck, let's live on the edge: yeah, change it to the new one. :)

BTW, it took me forever but I'm putting your link on my site. I'm pathetically slow that way! Sorry about that!

jin said...



Yes, yes they are! ;-)

jin said...


Ohhhh....resistant to change?! I knew we thought alike! LOL.

Thanks for the link!
I'll try to be more of an active commenter instead of a feed @ your "Mom Stories".

jin said...


Am done for a whole day and a half so I should be able to get a post up soon.
(Ha! That sounded dirty! ;-)

Very cool wedding cake went out today...but, piccies.
I was running 15 minutes late and they were right on time for pick up. You'll just have to trust me that it was GORGEOUS!
Later All!

OMG...I think I have like a hundred feeds to check out :-S

Missy said...

hey----jin: the cake looks gorgeous and hot. you have a way with the pastries, for sure. and on the avatar, i really like your "torch" photo and the "i love chocolate" photo. im terrible because i have yet to post the interview you sent me, like what, 3 weeks ago. im sooooo bad. i did receive it finally on the third try. i'll post it one day this week. i promise.

wasnt that a funny tote on groovy veg? the mad cow one, thats a keeper.

im subscribing to your feed, so i wont forget to drop on by. laters.

Missy said...

by the way, why dont you do a vote on your avatar pic, and see which gets the most votes.

Anonymous said...


/hard rush/


Rich said...

I finally put a post up explain'n what I've been up to.

You look like you've been pretty busy yourself. Hope everything is going well at Chez Jin.

I was looking at your picture again and all I could think about were those red wax lips we used to get for a penny at the candy store. Sorry...

Gyrobo said...

Aiya! Fancy filtering!

I vote you keep your avatar. It doesn't make sense to change horses upstream.

jin said...

missy: hurry! You get to it when you get to it, I'm just glad you finally got it! LOL.

I get your feeds too, just been soo busy lately haven't had much chance for commenting anywhere (and posting here!!!)...I had to when I saw that tote bag tho! OMG!!!! Soooo perfect!!!!! I really want a few of those for my groceries. Turn a few heads with those in my arms, hmmm?!

Might give the poll a shot...last time I had one my page loaded really slow tho....

Thanks for the visit!!! :-)

jin said...


so I should put up a new post....

Well, here's my excuse today:
I slept for 12 hours straight.
Then I lounged around in my nightie drinking coffee for another 5 (or 6 maybe ;-) hours.
I was sad because, believe it or not, I had no sweets left to eat, so I made a big batch of coconut ice cream and a big batch of lemon verbena ice cream.
I am now replying to comments thinking I'm too tired to post anything jinworthy.... Hmmm...maybe I should wait until tomorrow when I can post a pic of my delicious ice cream and tease you all!!!

jin said...


Ohhh......a new post! I shall be over shortly... well, soon... very soon, I promise! I have managed to get myself very very behind in blogville... I hate when that happens! I feel disconnected. Wait...OMG! I'm floating 4 feet off the floor! Is that a bad thing?!!?

jin said...


red wax lips from candy stores?

Must have been before my time.


*jin runs away quickly*

jin said...


One of my top 10 fave posts of ALL-TIME is the one you did about avatars where you included mine!

I kept thinking to myself...."How can I change it if it looks *perfect* in ALL browsers?!!?"

Irresponsible of me, I say.

jin said...

Decisions decisions......

*inside jin's brain*

Hmmm... do I post a post or do I shave my legs...?
Ohhh! Foooooood.
Hmmmm... what's to eat?
Maybe I can distract mr. jin with truffles whilst I sneakily attack him...
Better shave my legs first.
Screw the post.

Missy said...

hmmm. Am i blind as a bat? I cant find your subscribe button anywhere. That is weird.

jin said...

Ohhhh..... um, that'd be because I don't have an rss feed thing in my sidebar.
I tried a while ago & I couldn't get it to
I guess I forgot about it since I use the feeder in my browser.
I shall try to add one this weekend sometime!