Thursday, October 16, 2008

Is It Nippy in Here or is it just Me?

Fall is Upon Us
time to bake bread
Oodles of Ideas
Runnin' thru jin's Head

Pumpkin Everywhere
Scones, Cookies, Cake
Am using it Constantly
Whenever I Bake

Chilly Outside
But not in My Kitchen
The Sweets I turn Out
Are Totally Bitchin'

Watch Me Weave Magick
Into Chocolates & Pies
You Really Won't
Believe Your Eyes

So take a walk outside
follow the Peaceful Dove
C'mere for some delicious pastry
and Show this jin some Luv

13 Responses to “Is It Nippy in Here or is it just Me?”

jin said...

you guys like my title?


foam said...

i wanna bite those nipp .. err/ cookies ..

jin said...


This post may or may not have been slightly jinspired by your drawings!

FranIAm said...

I just posted about the yummy bojamacakes, come on over!

G3T Films said...

Interestingly enough, it's Spring here, turning to Summer. So warm breads and the likes are fading for the year in preference to ice on the nips... or something like that.

jin said...


I'll be over in a minute!

jin said...


Just thinking about that made me cold.

Yes I can prove it
No I won't!

Anonymous said...

jin be the baker
with great yummy tips
and jin be the poet
writing 'bout nips

¤ ¤ ¤


jin said...


/t. !!!!!

Now that's what you call Code... er let's make that: ColdPoetry!

Beth said...

May I pleeeeeeeeeeease have a cookie?

jin said...

Of course you can Beth!
Here, take two!!!

*jins hands Beth 2 cookies*

angel said...

those are just beautiful!

jin said...

Thanks Angel!!