Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Opportunity Knocks

Ever dream of living
mere steps away
from the scent of
Belgian chocolate

Belgian chocolate
wafting in your bedroom window
the soft pump of an espresso machine
waking you before the alarm
shocks your delicate senses

Imagine living right next door to a jin
a jin who loves to feed stray men
when they wander upon her back porch
& rub up against her leg
looking at her with those
puppy dog eyes

Is it your fantasy?
it could be your reality!

Opportunity Knocks!
The house next to my shoppe is currently empty.
The last neighbors were good.
But I have known many that were not.
Will YOU be my neighbor?
I have to say,
I don't want any more neighbors
that try to set fire to my trees
try to blow up my roof (accidentally) because you are too drunk to light your grill safely
put 45 gallon garbage bags full of trash in my backyard like I won't notice because you're too effing cheap to pay for garbage removal
did I mention NO trying to set fire to my trees (!)
having to watch/listen to the cops break up your 'Domestic Disturbance'
trying to kill the squirrels that I hand feed

I'll even throw in a little jincentive.
If you are a decent person
& save me from a horrible new neighbor
I will cook you dinner one night every week for as long as you stay there.
Dinner will jinclude a FAB dessert made expressly for you.

That's me, cooking your dinner!

I'm actually quite serious...
I'm 1906 Hamilton
The corner house, east of me, is empty.
I've not been inside...
it may be a fixer-upper!

Act FAST before it's too late!
Save meeeeeee......

37 Responses to “Opportunity Knocks”

jin said...

You know...
I did originally start this post in a joking manner.
But there is nothing funny about some of the neighbors I've had the past few years.
When I saw that sign go up on Sunday I cringed!
So... just figured I'd give it a shot! Sure can't hurt!

Missy said...

Hi, Jin:
Long time no see. Happy to stumble upon your blog again. I see your delicious treats still permeate the blog. Awesomesauce!

As for wacky neighbors, i hear ya on that one. I have since moved away from Chicago into another state, and CANT WAIT to get back to my Windy City. (freakin zero below cold and all)

Love love love Chicago! Hope to be back real soon.

Hope you find some decent neighbors, and will try to make it back here more often. Peace!


Don't tempt me. After my visit to WI I've been hit with a real bad case of homesickness. And I use a chimney starter for my grill - no flammable liquids involved.

jin said...


Ohhhh... I was JUST thinking about you!!! I was wondering if you had made it back to Chicago or not.

I've been so busy... I do still have the email you sent about a few new blogs... I will visit when I can.

Take care & stay warm!

Thanks for visiting!!!

jin said...


OMG I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE you for a neighbor!!!
I bet you'd even dedicate a teensy tiny corner of your grill just for tofu/soy/portabellas for a certain jin!

You know there's tons of birds here too!

jin said...

Trying out the newest Blogger comment feature... what d'ya think?
Not like?

More annoying?
Less annoying?

foam said...

good luck with finding a worthy neighbor..

i might not mind moving in next to you if circumstances were different..

i'd even cook you a meal at times.
i make a mean vegan chili and vegan brunswick stew..

Me! Me! Can I move in? Puhlease??? Dusty and Peaches could be Brioche's neighbor! They could have doggie tea together! I could go dumpster diving in your sinks more often! And tho he is a kid - PJ's really a very good kid! And just think of al the trouble we could get into together!

jin said...


*longing sigh*
You'd cook a veggie meal... for me???
:-D :-D :-D

You know... I only get a meal cooked for me when I have bloggers visit, cos they take me out to eat! LOL!

Well... ok... there is this 'lil cafe I go to because he makes me AWESOME sandwiches & wraps & he usually gives me a free double shot while I wait. (Yes he's single, but no, no potential... he's an Aries & he's a blast to hang with but much too fire-y to date! ;-)

You know... I did have a guy offer to cook me dinner a few months ago. He said, & I quote, "Yes I know you're a vegetarian. Do you like peppers & onions? I'll make a chicken stir fry. You can pick the chicken out."
You be pleased to know I kept my jincomposure & *politely* declined his offer AND the date.

jin said...


You could soooo move in next to me!
LOL... yeah, my quip on kids was harsh, true but harsh... and there ARE exceptions for my friends (shhhhh... don't tell! ;-). I think it would be a pleasure to have PJ around. Can I make him shovel my snow???

p.s. I think Al has the hots for me. He's following me around...

OMG! Why is it so many carnivores do not get Vegetarians? Pick the chicken out indeed! And about the snow shoveling - well maybe - but only after he shovels my snow first! And btw - did you note the obvious omission? Teeheehee ... I'm no evil sometimes!

OY! I need more coffee and to open my other eye! That was supposed to be "so" evil ... not "no" evil!

And I DO make a to-die-for vegetarian lasagna, which I'd love to make for you! Absolutely no meat products at all - except for the dairy stuff!

OK I'm being a comment hog. Live with it! But imagine this if you will: the house on the other side of you becomes available, as well as a few other houses on your block. Then Phos and Tiny Household, me and my enterage, Jewels and Katy, and a few other sincere Jinfan bloggers move in! OMG - Manitowoc will never be the same!

Gnat of Glass said...

Boy that is a can of worms....Like I need to be any bigger than I already am!

I don't want to Hijack the thread but I have to because....

The Glass Pumpkin Contest is on baby!

I have more prizes this year and a most of them are for sending people.

You know where I am if you want to put up a link.



foam said...

yep, i'd cook you a completely vegan meal ..
i'm not much of a meateater anyway..
i probabaly could go completely vegetarian if my spouse wasn't such a carnivore.

Missy said...

Nope i still haven't made it back. Wow, can't believe you remember. Very cool.

Your pastries look devine as usual. Yummers!

Peace. Missy.

Ruela said...

Thanks dear Jin
you're a Luv ;)

jin said...


I noticed your obvious omission! ;-)
I also knew you meant 'so' instead of 'no'! LOL

Ohhh..... lasagna! MMMmmmm!

Re the idea:
(story time)
There's the most quaint bed n breakfast up North of me in Door County. Started out as just a house or two... then as the area homes went up for sale the B&B bought them, one by one, turning each into another lil B&B so you could stay in any house you chose (by reserving it) then go to the main house for your breakfast, movies, tea, coffee, etc.! DIVINE! I so LOVED that place. Plus it didn't hurt that all their breakfasts were vegetarian! ;-D Ohhhh... stayed there many times... *sigh* but not for years now.

Always thought that'd be such a cool idea as I'm located on a small block, y'know?! Maybe not necessarily an exact B&B thing.. .but to have a few of the area homes in my pocket. ;-D Conjoin all the backyards into a big beautiful garden...
can you see it?!

jin said...


Ahhh....'tis the beauty of my product! I don't use any of those nasty ingredients (HFCS, corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, dough conditioners, lard, shortening, fatty oils...etc.) that typical bakeries use that promote weight gain.

I shall link ASAP!

jin said...


Ohhh..... sounds wonderful.
I'm gonna hold you to that one day!

jin said...


How could I forget?!
I still read your feeds, just don't comment like I used to. My meatspace got hectic for a while... but soon, very very soon... I shall be relieved of my past & back to normal! ;-)

jin said...


You are very welcome.
It's true.

You are quite talented as well!!!

Jewels said...

Oh, wow!
You, me, Pat, Katy, Phos? Huh! We'd be owning the whole block! Oh, but it WOULD be divine. Now, if only we could get Pat to spell 'entourage'. lmao!
Get on that coffee woman! ;)

Jewels said...

Um, yeah, what's with this new comment doodad?

jin said...


It's supposed to be faster.
They announce the 'new things' in your Blogger Dashboard under the Blogger Buzz tab. They tell you how to enable it. In my heavily tweaked template it gets rid of the third page. 'Course, that also gets rid of the avatars. I could probably figure out how to change that but it'd take a bit too much research than I really have time for.

Ahk... I've been thinking of changing my blog anyway... never enough time.

LOL @ Jewels!

Uh - would you believe I was spelling it the American way?


How about: you were spelling it the Canadian way?

Crap ...

Tough crowd! I got nuthin' ...


Mrs Phos isn't down with the snow. She be the boss n' shit. Besides, my grill is so riddled with meat juice your bocadog would turn into a real bratwurst the second it hit the grid.

Ruela said...


;) ok

and what kind of treat would you like?

jin said...


Well I'm sure up on it... I can't even seem to find the comment that was said! LOL!!!

jin said...


Yeah... I gotta agree with her on the snow thing.

jin said...


Feed me chocolate & sculpt me.


Middle Child said...

You could work for a real estate company selling houses with that soprt of jincentivation---ooops we have a new word down under..some years back a pollie combined incentive and motivation so that became incentivation - people really think its a word...and goes so well with your name

jin said...

OH!!! I'm going to use that!

angel said...

omw... how cool would that be!

jin said...

You could help me in the kitchen!!!