Thursday, October 09, 2008

Vanilla Bliss

A Vanilla Bliss Cookie
Not Created By a Rookie
Way Better than Nookie

that's a total lie...
not really better than...
but quite a damn fine substitute!)

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no i mean YUMMMMM..
i did it to myself again ..
i haven't had breakfast yet ..
you'd think i'd learn ..

Lauren said...

Imagine getting a sweetbox delivered to your office filled with similar goodies right before lunch! Needless to say, the office won't be needing lunch today! Thanks, Jin!

PS-I posted pics of us devouring the sweets in my LJ...

Dino aka Katy said...

hey those are my cookies!!!!! - please have them delivered no later than October 28 (including a certain cake!)

G3T Films said...

I came by to lick the beaters... but those pink and green sugary looking specks turned me off... those biscuits look waaaaaaaaaay sweet.

I made a stock standard ginger cake on the weekend. Nothing Fancy, just a smooth textured light cake in the shape of a bar tin with no adornments. Simple but delicious.

jin said...


I gotta work on that 'virtual tasting' thing I guess. Too bad I'm shit at technical stuff!

jin said...


So glad you liked everything and that post was GREAT!!! OMG! You have an Om tattoo! Very very cool!

jin said...


Yep... got it.
Wrote it down.
*thumbs up*

jin said...


The biscuits are only too sweet if consumed as is. To be properly enjoyed one must cut the sweetness by devouring them from in between my cleavage*.

*EVIL laughter*

*Please note, that is not jincluded in the cost of the cookie. There is a substantial additional charge to enjoy them in that fashion. But it's worth every penny.

Ruela said...

Looks good Jin ;)

G3T Films said...


Oooops, sorry, how much was that again?

jin said...


Thanks handsome!
Can I feed you one?

jin said...


Ohhhhh.... you're sneaky!

You caught me in a good mood so I'll let that one slide. Next one's worth a jinpuppet of my very own!

G3T Films said...

How did you know I was puppet making yesterday??? Where have you hidden the cameras?

jin said...

Oh, don't worry. I wasn't trying to steal your trade secrets. I was only looking at your ass.

G3T Films said...

That's what has me worried ;)

jin said...

Wow, that was some typo on my part... I meant "glass". I was curious what kind of beer you were drinking.

G3T Films said...

My fault, I should stop wandering around my studio without any pants on.

jin said...

No, you shouldn't!
I mean...
just walk closer to the windows!
I know you might think you're more exposed to prying eyes but technically that's not the case. The closer you stand next to a window without pants on the harder it is for a ji... er... for a person to see your ass because of the reflective quality... of the... errr.... ummm... the type of window glass that is used in Australia!
Yeah... that's it!

angel said...

ohhhh jin... they look divine!

jin said...

Thanks Angel!!! :-D

Middle Child said...

Nookie hahahahaha

so over in the US Nookie means the same..unbelievable -
I haven't heard anyone use this word since m,y lovely husband died. He was always ready for nookie and I was spoiled - because even as a full Quadriplegic he gave the best nookie anyone could ever want - before his accident he was superb, but after his consideration and patience was unbelievable - spoilt for the rest because I had the very best... AAAAhhhh nookie maybe in our next life...

K9 said...

i did it all for the nookie, er no wait, the cookie. yeah. thats it.

i saw your 11:11 comment at /t's and i have to tell you this started for me about 5 years ago. have you googled it yet? its a "thing" its a sign for you to evolve to your next level of consciousness. the city of cologne and the pyramids are all set on 11's and much more.

i seem to look at the clock at the right time or i get a call at 11:11 or i get that in change.

oh hell i just gained five pounds here.

Anonymous said...


i gain weight
just visiting here :)

great wonders & beauty, jin, as usual!

¤ ¤ ¤


jin said...


Ahhhhhhahahahahaha!!!!! :-D
I seriously <3 your comments!
They always make me :-D.

The two of you will be together in the next lifetime as well... & it'll be much easier for BOTH of you the next time 'round. I promise!!!

jin said...


Welcome!!! :-)

Re: the 11:11
I am still reading about it... but it no longer surprises me when it pops up... and it pops up many times per day!

All images contained herein are 100% calorie free!

jin said...


Ohhh... thanks!!!
Good to *see* you as always.
I know I don't get out like I used to... just a matter of time now!

Ruela said...

yes Jin, please!

I make art without any pants on too ;)))

jin said...


I believe it!


Sculpt me anytime you want Ruela.