Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Check It Out!!!

We have the second winner in
Katie Schwartz's Bojamacake Contest!

The Undeniably Brilliant
The Über Amazing
The Cyber Suave


will be nibbling on my goods
very very soon.


Yummy White Chocolate Medallion!

Taste Testing for Sake of Quality!

jinfingers in BojamaBlue!

More Bojamamcakes!

This post is not just a jintease
It's also a call to y'all
to pop on by Katie's blog
and place your votes via comment
(no need to be a registered blogger)
because she has extended the contest
so a THIRD person can win!

But there's mooooore!
Remember that Glass Marble I Won
Scott in Florida
he's having another contest!!!
ALL you need to do is leave a comment!
(You need not be a registered Blogger!)
YOU could win!
No strings!
But, if you mention that jin sent you
I can win again too!
I wanna win again!!!
and leave a comment!

14 Responses to “Check It Out!!!”

angel said...

i entered scott's contest already! i wonder if i can enter again and say you sent me... lol!
loving the bojamacakes!

David said...

What the hell...no John McCakes or Sarah Pralins? What a jip.

jin said...


LOL! You did! I saw!
How many times did you enter???

jin said...


Heeeeey, that was pretty good!
You're getting wittier & wittier every day... I bet it's cause you're eating my pie all the time! My smarts are rubbin' off on you.

Katie Schwartz said...

Jin is the pastry goddess of doom. Love this girl!

PS: The glass blower... aaaahhhhmazing!

flatlander said...

Hey Jin,

Sorry I missed your Birthday. I was sequestered at at top-secret training facility deep in the heart of Manitoba. It turns out, the place wasn't being run by Dept. H, as I had believed, but by a race of extra-terrestrial doppelgangers bent on stealing all of Earth's garbage (which they eat). When I told them that they didn't have to steal, that our landfills were theirs for the taking, they were overjoyed, and had a particularly putrid feast/celebration on my behalf. Unfortunately, the entire lot of them were wiped out by a food allergy -- turns out they had a fatal reaction to velcro (though they could digest zippers just fine).

Anyways, I hope things are sweeet at the ol' bakery. And Happy Belated Birthday!


G3T Films said...

Coloured goo... Mmmmmmmm...

jin said...


Awww... thanks! :-D

He is good, isn't he?!

jin said...


*jin runs up to FL & gives him BIG BIG BIG wiggly jinhugs & chocolate laced kisses*

I knew you'd eventually sneak me a message even if it risked breaking your cover! You da man!

I am great! Better than I've been in ages. I am sending you lots of happy energy & wish you the very best of everything!

Here's to hoping one of your Top Secret Missions brings you this way one day so I can sneak you a strawberry vanilla cake & sweet potato rolls!!!

jin said...


Oh my that sounded erotic!

Bobby said...

Yummy White Chocolate Medallion?!?! Wha?

jin said...


Welcome to my blog!! :-D

Delicious thick Swiss White Chocolate made to look like his logo, then placed atop the cupcakes. Melts in your mouth.

David said...

Eating your pie? Well, perhaps...psychically...with the bathroom door closed...

Of course I am going to receive no end of grief for that reply, but it was there and I jumped on it, no excuses.

jin said...

Huh... I'll be damned... so that's why I get that itch every now & again!


Dude, you said,
"but it was there and I jumped on it"

heh. heh. hehhehheh. heh. heh.