Monday, October 20, 2008

jin's Pie

Apple Crumble
jin's Pie
Just a Quickie

Euro Butter
Organic Flour
Organic Milk

jin hand-rolled

Ceramic Pie Plate

Easy Shortcut


The jinfinger Signature Crimp

Apples, Turbinado Sugar & Cinnamon

Piled High!

Topped w/ Butter Streusel

Slice & Enjoy!

Anyone want to Taste
My Pie?

26 Responses to “jin's Pie”

jin said...

The jinspiration
for this post
cannot be found
via Video clip
BUT (!)
Here's an Audio
American Pie

Jewels said...

I need to make one, I do I do!

My friend just brought me a whole bag of apples and pears from her very own trees, and I don't know what to do with so many apples and pears :/
Hmmm, can you make a pear pie?

jimbo anderson said...

DAMN YOU! You made me drool on my work keyboard!

So... um... How are you with Cheese Cake?

jin said...


Know what I do with the pears?
I put a layer of Frangipane in the bottom of the pie... then proceed on as for the apple.

G3T Films said...

Now that makes my Germanic heart sing!

I love that you use all organics. It makes such a difference to the final taste. I must ask though, Turbinado Sugar? I usually use brown sugar, what's the difference/benefits? (Or is it a brand of organic brown sugar?)

G3T Films said...

Frangipane and pear, A girl after my own heart!

jin said...


Hee! Heehee! :-D


Oh My....
I hate to be a tease
(ok maybe not)
but I have mesmerized many a man
after a single bite of my cheesecake.

(Unfortunately, many a woman too... scary! jins don't go that way.)

In fact, I almost always have one on hand, even if only for personal pleasure... er... personal consumption.

Damn... but I don't have any right now... must go make one, PRONTO!

jin said...


You snuck in there on me!
DAMN this blasted moderation... *sigh*
But thanks for your advice so long ago on that whole topic! :-)

Turbinado Sugar is raw, as in unprocessed. (Sometimes called Demarara, or washed Hawaiian Raw.) It's usually grainier than brown sugar so it doesn't work in everything. I believe it has more nutrients than normal brown sugar which also happens to be processed using 'bone char' which is a no-no for my vegan clientele. But I do use as little white sugar as possible & for non Vegan peeps I use a whole lotta brown!

Oh! You know frangipane?!
OMG I'm in BloggerLUV!

Oh, don't worry dude... I can crush on you without ever getting psycho for I know what it feels like on the receiving end!!!

Anonymous said...

out key/zzztzztznikzzzt/board



G3T Films said...

Yes, comment moderation wasn't invented for no reason. Some people!

I didn't know that about brown sugar... lucky I'm not a vegan.

Not only do know frangipane but I have a wafer slice with frangipane, cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk in the fridge at the moment... Mmmmm... It's time for morning tea methinks.

PS. I too know the feeling. Trust me, my weirdo meter wouldn't let me comment here if I thought you weren't cool. Weird but cool is OK.

jin said...

Haahahaaa! /t.

Careful there!
I bet that'd really mess with your
keyboard created concoctions!!!

jin said...

Weird but cool... I like how that sounds Rich!!!

Ohhhh....... that wafer slice sounds soooo gooooood!!!! Can I have it? PUH-LEEEESE????? Pretty please?

foam said...

ummmmmmm jin .....
i also know what frangipane is ..

...waiting for my bloggie crush now ..

ps: your apple pie looks divine, btw. :)

jin said...

Oh Foamy... I already have a blog crush on you!

The totally non sexual non creepish type!

The, "We must one day hang out in meatspace, talk, laugh, drink coffee, eat chocolate & veggie stew whilst our doggies frolic in the yard" type!!!

Dino aka Katy said...

my reciepe is almost the same - I just skip the milk in the dough

foam said...

now ..
that would be divine ..

jin said...


Yeah, you probably don't need it in Virginia because of the wet weather.

jin said...


Wouldn't it?!!?

angel said...

it looks simply mouth watering jin...

Gnat of Glass said...

Ok dispite the uncontrolled drool, and hazed look in my eye, and the fact that I shouted "PIE!" my cube buddy decided that I am still ok to drive him to lunch.


jin said...


Good to see you!!

jin said...


you really did shout "PIE!" didn't you?!!?
I heard it all the way over here!

Jewels said...

I'm laughing at Gnat, and my mouth is watering at the thought of pears layered over Frangipane... YUMMO!

jin said...

Made some yesterday!

David said...

Truly truly truly delicious...I lose money with every damn one of these Jin delivers.

jin said...

You may lose money, but you gain calories!
Er... wait... that's not a yay is it?!