Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Mahvelous Middle Name Meme

I was recently tagged by my star twin Eternally Curious.
I'm supposed to:
1. Tell you my middle name.
2. Come up with things relating to moi.
3. List one for each letter in my middle name.
4. Catch a few of my blogfans and make them do it too.

A Clue.

My middle name starts with "M".

Can you guess it?



Another Clue.

Second Letter is "A".

Can you guess it?



Last Clue.

Next Letter is "R".

Can you guess it?



Oh, Come ON!
No One has it yet?


I'll give it up.




Now I'm just messing with you guys.



It is too!

Yes it is!

No I'm not lying.

jin's don't lie.

*crosses fingers behind her back*

My middle name is "Marvelous". Period.

That's my story 'n I'm stickin' to it!

So there.

Can I get on with my post now, PLEASE?!


M = Meringue Mushrooms

A = Awesome Caramel Corkscrews

R = Raspberry & White Chocolate Mousse filled Vanilla Butter Cake

V = Vanilla French Buttercream Frosted Cheesecake Wedding Cake

E = Enjoying dusk on my back porch

L = Lacy Oatmeal Cookies Filled with Melted Belgian White Chocolate

O = Orgasmic Whipped Cream Topped Chocolate Brownie Tarts

U = UPS-ing Flourless Chocolate Oblivion Cakes all over the Place

S = Sexy jin

*jin runs after and catches:*
All the cool people.
You know who you are.
Play the game.
Come back & tell me.
You will win
a jingrin!
(And a comment on your post.)

40 Responses to “Mahvelous Middle Name Meme”

angel said...

i'm working on mine... i accepted e.c.'s tag too!

angel said...

and now my mouth is watering for something sweet... now why on earth could that be?!??!

OK...Okaaaaaayyy Jin! [Pat giggles] I'm here...I'm here already!! You can let go of my arm now!!! [Pat rubs sore arm] Geez Jin - it's 5AM!!! And you want me to come see something???....my eyes are still glued shut with all the sand in 'em!!! [Pat rubs eyes... and yaaaaaawwwwwwwns ... and a big, BIG stretch. Then, finally, at long last ('cuz Jin is impatiently tapping her foot) Pat fianlly takes a look around....]

Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh JIN!! I like!!!! I like a lot!!! [Pat Giggles delightedly, now that she sees what all the commotion was all about!]

"Now then", says Pat "You've gone and made me hungry, plus I still haven't had my morning coffee!!! What ya gonna do 'bout dat, huh?" (^_^)

Oh and hey: all you cool readers that Jin tagged: please come back here and let Jin know, so I can visit you and see your results too!

Sowwy 'bout the deleted comment - that was me! It's so early AM that I found myself stuttering!!!....

Kingcover said...

I knew that was your middle name all along. Just needed it to be confirmed :-P

Cheesecake is yummy,
Tastes very lovely in my tummy,
Especially when it's made by my mummy,
Is this poem a little crummy?


Dino aka Katy said...

very cool love the picture that one cake you sent sure looks familiar ;)

Not Ashley said...

hey are you also marvelous mary/maria/marie, or something like that???

jin said...


Oh, I can't wait to read yours!

Actually, MY mouth was watering after I posted this...and would you believe that I didn't have ANY sweets around the past 2 days?!!?
There were NO extras...everything went out for orders!!

jin said...


Haahahaaa!!! I KNEW you were up already!

I was glad you tagged me for this one...gave me something to think about!

Hope you had something sweet to go along with that coffee!!!!

jin said...



*jin blinks eyes*


*tries to say with a straight face*

That's a lovely poem.

*wonders why he thinks his mum's is better than mine*


jin said...


Yes! You had "Anniversary Oblivion"!!

Mmmmmm....I could go for some right now. Would you believe my cupboards are bare?!!?
I need to go make me something!

Wish you lived closer...I'd tell you to come over & keep me company tonight.

jin said...


Damn you are goooood.

Yeah...I only half lied.



Anonymous said...

Penn Jillette gave his daughter the middle name of "Crimefighter" because middle names are pointless and one day she might get pulled over by a cop, they'll see her license and realize that they're on the same team. I can drum up a link for you if you want to hear him say exactly what I just said.

jin said...

HA! I know just who he is and just what he sounds like & I can pretty much imagine him saying that! He really gave her that as a middle name?! Weird! LOL

"marvelous?" What were your parents flower children??

I like the spread and use firefox banner. So much better then the "Spread Genital Herpes" banner I have.

jin said...


Way to teach the new granbaby about safe sex!

BeckEye said...

I just gained 5 pounds reading this post. *sigh*

Now if we could only get Nicole Richie to read your blog...

Anonymous said...

I feel obligated.

Penn Jillette on NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me playing the game Not My Job.

It's all very funny.

Middle Child said...

Jesus Mary and Joseph (Mary is not your middle name is it JIn?) all that food, all those sweeties...and here I am tonight wrapping up my peas and beans abd spuds and chops all in one tin foil (I know its bad for me the tin foil) package...turnin on the oven and coming back to it at some indeterminate time in the future before it shrivels away... c'est la my vie

Anonymous said...


you are
seriously sweet

and how could your middle name be anything but marvelous?!?


jin said...


Yeah...she'd have to read it right? Because we all know they never actually eat! (Was that too mean? Nah...I think you'll be ok with that. ;-)

jin said...


Your links are always appreciaed here. Glad you left it, it was worth listening to fully.

jin said...


Ahhh....it's Marie...you were close tho! :-)

I use the foil too...try not to but sometimes it's just easiest. I figure it's not as bad as plastic wrap is for you.

And, for the record, my meals are not always so fantastic...when life gets in the way all mr. jin gets for dinner is cheese and crackers. He has been known to say on occasion, "Jesus, jinny! Not again!!! You're supposed to be a cook!"
Heeeeheeee!!! :-D

jin said...


Welcome and Thank you!

A boa vinda e agradece-o!


jin said...



Well, you fit right in here as you are pretty sweet yourself!

p.s. You have one of the most fabulous avatars ever! His work was sublime......

Kingcover said...

I know what your real middle name is. Oh yes I do, uh huh :-P

Would you mind telling your dog to quit humping my leg???

It's not the rash so much as that constant itch...

jin said...


It is not tart.
I keep telling you that!

jin said...


"Would you mind telling your dog to quit humping my leg???"

Uh....hate to tell you this but that's not a dog. :-S

Maybe you should have ms. phos rub some lotion on it? Then you could have her check the rash, too.

Pancho said...

I don't have a middle name. But I would totally eat all the stuff in those pictures. Except for anything with chocolate. My humans won't let me eat chocolate.

JLee said...

That looks fun! I'm glad my middle name is short...lol

Brioche said...

Hey Mum!
Who's that other dog in here?
He's kinda cute!

:-P :-P :-P
Sloppy Kisses
:-P :-P :-P

jin said...


Welcome!! :-)
Aren't you a cutie!!!
Can I scratch you behind the ears?
Your humans are very very smart! Chocolate would only make you sick...I make some awfully yummy doggie biscotti though!

Come visit me again sometime!

jin said...


It was fun! You should try it...save it for a 'rainy day' post!

jin said...


I don't know who he is...why don't you invite him over to play?

How about sharing your peanut butter cookie with him, too!

Jewels said...

My middle name?
I love it! My native Grandmother gave it to me.

jin said...

I knew that!!
It's on your advertising thingy you sent me.

Do the meme when you get back home!! No one else did yet!

Misssssing you!!