Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Let's Play Mad Libs Again!

Ok, you remember the rules from last time?
It's EASY:
just fill in the blank.
One word, 2 words or 10 words if you really want to!

Extra points will be given to anyone who plays!
The winner gets the supreme thrill of making me LAUGH!

Oh...and I'm not as proper as I pretend to be.
Go wild people!
jins don't believe in censorship.

1. All these tartelettes are making me __________ .

2. The recipients of this cake are __________ .

3. Chocolate dipped cookies means __________ .

4. These Citrus Swirl Cookies could be used as __________ .

5. As jin hands you this Red Velvet Cupcake you say __________ .

34 Responses to “Let's Play Mad Libs Again!”

Dino aka Katy said...

1 - mhhh I'd say hungry but no thats not it ....... wanna eat them

2 - kind of boring I mean you can make those wonderful creations and they just want a normal looking cake???

3 - those are for me right?????

4 - bait

5 - ahmn no thanks I'll take a vanilla bliss cookie

Kingcover said...

Oinkie donkey my turn ....

All these tartelettes are making me dizzy.

The recipients of this cake are holding their wedding ceremony in a lion's cave (Daniel).

Chocolate dipped cookies means trouble for me later in life.

These Citrus Swirl Cookies could be used as yellow straw hypnotic crop circles.

As jin hands you this Red Velvet Cupcake you say "Oh don't be mean, give me a bigger one!"

Ruela said...

This is pure art!
Love cakes...
:) :)

Anonymous said...

gotta go with
ruela on this one...

your sweets are art by themselves, and presentation plus plus -- you are a wonderful artist, jin

thanks, too, for your links!

now i'm hungry :)


MeHereNow said...

1. Cream .......everything!

2. ..... married to a horse!

3. I'm gonna stuff my face silly!

4. ..... tools for hypnosis!

5. ..... I think I love you!

Not Ashley said...

1. Seasick (sorry Jin)

2. in the wrong bakery

3. Twice the fun

4. Target practice

5. Pls miss, could I have more?

Eebie said...

You make losing weight a terrible challenge. Many thanks for the compliment on Jewels' blog. Bisous!

1. Think of Jin the Uber-tartelette
2. Pat and Dan
3. Chips Ahoy!!
4. Coasters
5. I wanted spice cake!!!

Anonymous said...

I found some food mad libs at wordlibs.com

flatlander said...

1. uneasy

2. watching me

3. the plot went off without a hitch

4. hypnotic aids

5. no turning back now!

flatlander said...

ahhh.....Meherenow beat me to the hypnotic aids. Now I am enslaved.

jin said...


Great answers!
LMAO at #4...
wonder what I'd catch with those!!!

jin said...


If you really did say that:
"Oh don't be mean, give me a bigger one!"
you KNOW I'd just smash it in your face, don't you?!!?

jin said...


Thank you!!
You're a sweetie!!

jin said...


Two sweeties in a row...how about that!
Thanks /t.!!

You're welcome re the links...you should have been in there long ago!
Your work is amazing!

jin said...


Oh, I LOVE your last answer the best! Heeheeeee!!!!
Made me LOL!

jin said...


Excellent answers!!!

Those cookies ARE Twice the fun alright!

...and, yes, I'd certainly give you another one of #5 if you asked that nicely!

jin said...


Welcome!! :-)

Ahhh...but if you were here giving me a hand I'd work you so hard that you'd need to eat lots of pastry just to keep up with your weight!!
:-D heehee!

Thanks for stopping by, come back again sometime!

jin said...


LMAO @ " Think of Jin the Uber-tartelette"
*jin takes a bow*
Thank You...
Thank you all so much for this award you have bestowed upon me....

You would say that for #5! Ha! I know it!!! LOL

jin said...


COOL!!! :-D

Haahaa...I filled out the baking one and used "jin" as a noun.
Part of the story said, "The person who does the baking is called a jin." heehee

Thanks for the link!! :-)

jin said...


Heeheeehee.....those sound like secret agent type answers!

LOL @ #5!!!
It's ok...they aren't going to teleport you anywhere! (The cookies in #3 are the teleporters. ;-)

"Now I am enslaved"
COOL! Then you must teach us how to do a fakiegrind!! (You must also catch me before I hit the ground in a tumble of broken bones!!

Kingcover said...

Ummm wait, were you still talking about the cupcakes with your reply to me?!?! :-P

jin said...

Ohhhh.....that was sneaky king! Very very sneaky. I shall have to punish you appropriately.
*jin gets out her wooden spatula*

J.D. said...

1) want to play checkers with fat people.

2) Indonesian prostitutes.

3) Strom Thurmond is rolling over in his grave.

4) Frisbees you could throw at Danes.

5) [inserts entire cupcake in mouth at once] [muffled] Danke.

Rich said...

Hey Jinners!!!!!

1. see spots in front of my eyes.

2. forgetful enough to need their names printed in icing on everything they own.

3. half the cookie is jealous

4. prosthetic nipples

5. Feed me Seymour, Feed me all night long, Cause if you feed me, Seymour, I can grow up big and strong.

Eebie said...

Ahhh the slavish desire to serve you... one can dream ;-)

As life would have it I will be in America's Dairy State this upcoming weekend, but will not likely be going further north than Kenosha. Originally from Chicagoland, I'm going to catch up with old friends (one now in Milwaukee). Cheers!

jin said...


Great answers!

LMAO! Checkers...hmmm.... Haahahaaa. :-D

For the record, your #5 is a perfect answer!!

Thanks for stopping by! :-D

jin said...


:-D *jingrin*
I miss youuuuu!!!!!

Sorry about the censorship thing. :-( There's none of that around here! You're just too *hip* for everyone there!! ;-)

LOL @ #3! Too true!
aha...your #4 is closer to what I thought (pasties) when I put the pic up.

Your #5 could be taken a few different ways! Ha! I like it! ;-)

Thanks for playing!! I miss you!!

jin said...


Well sweet dreams then! ;-)

Ahhh...Kenosha is quite a distance more from here. I'm about 1 hour North of Milwaukee. But if you do ever make it this far let me know!!! I will stuff you full of pastry in return for photos (I can say I met "The Real Indiana Jones"! ;-) and a blogpost! lol!

angel said...

cool game jin! i deleted the last comment coz i left out #3!!!

1. all these tartelettes are making me hyperventilate with a craving for dark chocolate and puff pastry.
2. the recipients of this cake are retiring from showbiz after making a living as the identical twin cousins of the cloned sheep, dolly.
3. chocolate dipped cookies means i will be unreachable while i daydream about them.
4. these citrus swirl cookies could be used as the ultimate tool employed by the u.n. to bring about world peace.
5. as jin hands you this red velvet cupcake you say oh my friggin word… heaven, i’m in heaven, and my heart beats so that i can hardly speak....

Middle Child said...

1. wanna eat them right now! Its tea time.

2. ON their knees and hoping you will let them live Jin.

3. Cookies...Cokies rhyme with C

4, Frisbies... but why would you want to do that to them?

Middle Child said...

sorry no 5... oh thank you lovely JI I am ever sooo grateful

jin said...


OH!!! Excellent answers!!!!
Heeheee!! :-D

I especially LOVE #4!!!
I'd make them for free if that'd work!

Plus...#5! Ahhh...I LOVE that song! I sing it all the time!!!! I mean ALL the TIME!!!


jin said...


Haahahaha!!! OH SUPER answers!!

LOL @ #2!!! :-D

Ohhhh.....you make the tea and I'll pop 'round with the sweets! :-)