Friday, August 17, 2007

First Blush of Dawn

Been workin' all night
Need to set my mood right
What better way
To celebrate a new day

Clear the air with a bundle of Sage
To eradicate any jin rage
Two white chocolate cupcakes
The yummy ones that jin makes
Plus a really strong hot coffee
All for meeee!

A buttery splendor of
Vanilla Icing
Moans of pleasure it surely will bring

Oh Look! It's all gone!
Savoured at Dawn.
I'd love some company tomorrow A.M.
Unless you'll be in the stages of REM.

So who'll hang out with a jin?

44 Responses to “First Blush of Dawn”

Kingcover said...

LOLOL I thought that was a large spliff!!! I was thinking that you would be really relaxed after that and pity help the customers that you are baking for today. God only knows what they will find in their buns and cakes ;-)

Your eyes are almost hypnotic. I wonder what they would say if they could speak?
I'll join ya especially if I can have one of your buns!

jin said...

See?! I knew there was a reason I added the link to smudging! The world is full of sick minded individuals...

King, you are getting very sleepy. On the count of 3 you will be under my spell.
now you will do anything I ask.
*devilish grin*

Dino aka Katy said...

I'll come over but can I have strawberry cake???

Anonymous said...

uh huh

/w butter icing
& coffee for breakfast

you are my kinda jin, jin

so, what are you up to for the rest of my life?


Bundle of sage! Wow for a minute I though it was a dead bird!!

You are almost as pretty as Mrs. Phos!!

jin said...


You bet!
One Vanilla cake filled with white mousse & fresh strawberries coming up!

I'm serving us both a huge slice!!!


jin said...



You are not only a maestro of code but of keyboard strokes as well!

Just rememeber one thing with jin's: Flattery will get you everywhere!

jin said...


Dead bird...lmao!!! I had to look twice, but I guess I could see the resemblance!

Awwww.....thanks!! That's a huge compliment!!

jin said...

Happy Saturday Everyone!!

I know I know...I've not been around to your blogs in much too long!!

I'll catch up. It's been crazy busy here lately. That's a good thing though!

Miss you all!!

angel said...

oh how i'd love to join you for dawn cupcakes and coffee...

Dawn is my favorite time of the day - count me in, and especially if Angel is gonna be there too!! Make my coffee very strong, please! Black, no sugar ...

You know what would be a funny job? A goatherd. Can you imagine some kid in your class voted most likely t herd goats? Even more puzzling, what do you do with 'em after you herd 'em? They are some nasty satanic looking beasts.
Sorry - a little off topic, but that has been on my mind a while and it is a relief to get it out.

Middle Child said...

Shame shame shame...

my mouth actually watered looking at your cakes...

I have just got to start doing some cooking...

You are as lovely in your pictures as we all think you are Jin...

You rule whatta cook!

MeHereNow said...

As Dawn is my name it would be rude of me not to "pop" over - I'm on my way!

jin said...


Ohhhh...I'd love for you to join me too!!! I bet we'd talk non-stop until dusk! :-D

jin said...


It's a date then! You me 'n angel at dawn!
Right now I've got cinnamon apple streusel topped muffins or peach ginger streusel topped muffins sweetened with molasses & local honey.
My coffee's always strong!!! (Some say, too strong...they're wimps! ;-)

jin said...


Goatherding, huh?
I was wondering about those guys that circumcise elephants. I hear the pay's not great you get big tips.
*Bu Dum Dum Ta!*

jin said...


Awwww.... you always leave me some of the sweetest comments! :-D Your daughters are so lucky to have you as their Mum!!!

jin said...


Ah! Dawn at dawn then, it is!!!

I'll make you that heart wedding cake while you're here, too!

Diana Crabtree said...

I just don't understand, a picture of cupcakes, and then a skinny girl. How do you do it? If I baked sweets for a living, especially ones as yummy as yours, I would be HUGE.

Some things in life are SO UNFAIR!

jin said...

Ohhh....but Diana, I wasn't skinny up until about the last year & a half!!! I was huge 5 years ago. UGH! HUGE! :-P That's when I found me a cute Brit on the net and he promptly broke me of all my bad habits! I quit drinking & went vegetarian. Started losing weight slowly over the next 3 years, then more the next year and this past year I've truly come into form! Once I kicked my metabolism's arse I was even able to indulge once in a while. Um...err....ok ok...I now eat a ridiculous amount of pastry and chocolate! LOL!

You are doing great so far Diana! (Yes, I read... your writing is addicting!) Just be patient, it will come. I promise!

Thanks for stopping by!

Ruela said...

...breakfast appetizing and a pretty face... that wonderful day!

JLee said...

Lovely photos! I think the sage put a twinkle in your eye :)

Nick said...

I'll always eat cupcakes, drink, smoke weed and screw.

Everything else is just sometimes.

Try burning sweetgrass, that really leaves a fresh scent.

jin said...


Thanks!! :-D
You can join me anytime!!

jin said...


Hee! Ahhh...yes, that Virgin twinkle...oopsy, I meant Virgo.

jin said...


Haahaa!!! Now why don't you tell me how you really feel!??!

Welcome to my blog!

jin said...


I have done!
Here it is harder to come by tho...I bet you have it everywhere there!

Anonymous said...

Those cupcakes look so sweet and yummy! Cute blog.

jin said...

Thanks so much jessica!!!

Welcome to my blog & come back anytime! :-)

That is wha tyou look like after working all night?!?!?!!?!?! Dang you must put Jessica Alba to shame when you are well rested and prettied up. :)

jin said...

TAK, you're making a jin blush!!!
:-D Thank you thank you!!!

Earl said...


jin said...

Awww...earl. My posts are supposed to brighten up your day, not make you feel like that!

mizfit said...

since i'm coming to ur blog after so long, wud u not welcome me with a lovely smile and a platter full of ur delightful creations as we hang out?


jin said...

*jin pulls up a chair and motions for mizfit to sit down. As she makes herself comfortable jin disappears into the depths of her kitchen to emerge with a platter full of pastries, tarts, chocolates, teas & coffees.*

So, mizfit, tell me about everything while you taste the delicacies on that tray!

jin said...

lol ruela, você é cute!

To earl I say: I am already retarded and I ofter have LePetite Mortes alone.

*A Jindollar to whoever get explains that one*

jin said...

Dude! I so know what that is without googling...uh...
...that makes me a very bad girl, doesn't it?!

I don't remember how I know...but yes...yes...I shall wait to see if someone else will admit to knowing...hmmm...or should I just say it?

jin said...

tak now...I didn't say i do it! I said I know what it is! So...don't go thinking anything weird about me.
...course, I'm not saying that I don't either...but but but! ACK!!!
I'm just going to shut the hell up now.

Burning old tires in the back yard is relaxing too - as a bonus it really cheeses off the neighbors. Anyone have some carbon credits to spare??

jin said...

OMG phos!
You're as bad as my neighbors!
I heard noises the other night coming from outside next-door. I listened closer for ONE second until I realized it was loud white trash sex noises. Ewww...*shudder* 10 minutes later the cops were there chasing some guy in a smashed up car. Ugh...I'm losing my neigborhood! :-P