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/t. said...

in a minimalist
off-white john cage
winter music kind of way

i like it


The cake make me think of a cold winter day, that lives with the unrealized hope of a warm spring morning.

I hope it is not reflective of the couple.

It unsettles me in a strange way.

It's a nice cake, the green color is a different choice, but it turned out nice. Looks like there's plenty of room on top for some Precious Moments action...

Ruela said...

Lover for a loving pair.

Beth said...

I'm drooling. Would you think me creepy if I ordered one without having a wedding coming up?

Jessica said...

I love looking at your pretty pastry porn!

jin said...


Thanks!! :-D

Ahhh... very interesting... I had to google Cage. I couldn't quite place the name. I remember the 4.33 for some reason...

I think the dreary day has taken hold of my memory

jin said...


I shan't speak about the couple...
Ummm...sometimes my interaction with them is very very brief.
Yes, it is a somewhat 'cold' cake tho... more suited to a winter wedding. But some peeps just bring in a photo and say, "I want it just like this" so most times I don't even voice an opinion.

Is this one more to your liking?

jin said...


Thank Goddess I have not had to use one of those ALL year!!!

Hmmm...or if I did I can't remember which means I didn't take a pic of the cake! LOL

jin said...



Eu aprecío seus comentários!!


jin said...


Not creepy at all...just sensible.

I do not generally discuss my personal feelings on marriage as my livlihood depends on wedding cakes!

Picture a jin trying desperately to hold her tongue as an 18 or 20 year old couple walks in to pick out their wedding cake...
my mind is screaming "are you fucking insane??? Don't Do IT!!! Don't do it!!!"


jin said...



That's a good thing because there's plenty more where this came from!


Whoa! That cake you posted for me to view looked like Easter at the Golden Dome Mosque.

I think I prefer something a little more subdued, but not as subdues as the green cake. :)

Ruela said...

lol. :)
Obrigado pelo link

You should have made it a sleeper cake - it doesn't look like much on the outside, but wait till they get down to the dead squirrel you baked into the center. It is sure to get a big reaction!!

Not Ashley said...

I like the simplicity of the cake, but does it come in any other colours? The green is a bit odd.

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

you've started a new genre of sorts here: pastry haiku

Diana Crabtree said...

OK, I remember why I don't visit here that often- because when I do, all I can think about is pastries!!!

This week I had some Somali cookies with almonds, cherries and some sort of caramel on top. I ate 9 of them in 2 1/2 days.

Does your hubby have a cute british brother? I'm in pastry trouble here!

Diana Crabtree said...

FYI, I think thats the one I want when I get married. Not sure how I will transport it to M---------s, but thats the one I want

Kingcover said...

I am going to comment with the opinion that I like this cake ;-)
Some how it looks oddly retro. It has that kind of look.

jin said...


Haaahahaaa...that was my wedding cake!!!!

It served about 400 people.
Um...I invited 30 people to the wedding.

Admittedly, I went a tad overboard!!!

jin said...


You're Welcome!! :-)

I love your blog!! :-)

jin said...



I've heard of squirrel pie...but squirrel cake?
I think NOT.
Bad phos!

jin said...


Any colour you could imagine!
That was done to match the bridesmaids dresses.
She brought the pic in from a magazine...I think the colour in there was green too, but a very different green.

jin said...


Welcome to my blog!! :-)

LOL! Pastry haiku... hmmm... I like!! I should add that to my description somewhere.

Come back anytime!! :-)

jin said...


Darn...sorry, no brother. You are not the first to! One sister but he says she's a bitch! LMAO!

I eat way too many cookies, cupcakes etc. Yeah...I know I do. I make the excuse that I have to practice 'quality control'. LOL.

I have had 2 wedding cakes go *there*. I didn't take them personally (that'd be quite a delivery fee) but the wedding couples had someone local pick up and transport them. They got rave reviews!

jin said...


I *heart* retro!

Hmm...I might say this cake looks a bit more 'vintage' if I was going to be picky...but then I'd better NOT disagree with a sagittarius cos I hear it can cause problems! ;-) Retro it is! Haaahahahaaaa.

Middle Child said...

Green...Green... a cake by any other colour would taste as sweet...

and I think it would...God I am so bored with my cooking I have gotta go out tomorrow and but something really special... something sweet and smooth with cream and chocolate mmmm ...know what I mean...

MeHereNow said...

I think I like it ..... not my usual type but sometimes less is more - I think a different colour and it would be stunning.But then stunning is what jin does best!Stunning and delicious obviously!

Andy! said...

Very lovely cake. I hope that the bridesmaids' dresses matched :-)

jin said...

mc: should!
Go treat yourself to a delectable rich sweet dessert...
with coffee or tea, too!

Wish I could join you!! :-)

jin said...


Oh...any colour you want I could match it!!!
However I don't recommend dark red or black cos they taste crappy! LMAO!

jin said...



Yes, yes it did match their dresses... lol... smart ass!
;-) heehee

Well, maybe a possum then. Bakerwoman, Bakerwomen bake me a cake as fast was you can...

That doesn't work too well does it?? Make it a spice cake, hold the possum...

Diana Crabtree said...

OK then. I will marry your hubby's bitchy sister and will order a red velvet cake with minamalist design, and I know it will be good, because of the stringent "quility control"

jin said...


One spice cake, hold the possom.
Now, that I can DO!!!

Hey...did you have barbeque for dinner? You dropped it all over your shirt!
*jin points to phos shirt*
*phos looks down and jin snaps him in the nose and runs off*

Haaahaa! Gotcha! ;-)

jin said...



I bow down to you... for you are the Queen of comments!


jin said...


Busy busy busy...
will catch up as soon as I can...
will post as soon as I can...
coooool wedding cake going here today. (When I was young and foolish I would go there to play pool & drink lots of beer! LOL)
Have a good weekend ALL!!

angel said...

oh jin its spectacular!!!
how much of a cake design is your clients idea and how much is yours? do they tell you colours and you do your thing, or do they give you detailed instructions?

jin said...


Thanks!!! :-D

Depends on the client... some bring a photo and say they want it exactly the same. Well, I'll do it close...but I will NOT copy anything 100% exactly, I need to add my own touch... nothing drastic usually, just my 'jinhand style'! ;-)

Sometimes they will select 3 cakes they like and ask me to combine them and create a unique cake. I LOVE to do this! I can get a sense of their tastes just from that. Easy as pie. ;-)

On rare occasion, they will just give me a colour to work with and how many peeps to serve and let me do as I please. This is jintastic stuff and these cakes turn out the absolute most perfectly best! LOL. It's rare tho...sometimes not even once a year.

Dino aka Katy said...

its pretty what did it have in terms or flavor??

jin said... was only about 2 months ago I did this one but I can't remember them all. I think one tier was chocolate cake with hazelnut buttercream... I don't remember the other two...? Maybe white chocolate and raspberry????