Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ingredient 101 "Lemon Curd"

Lemon Curd
another one of life's simple pleasures...
and not just for scones anymore!

(Click here for more detailz at Wiki.)

5 Ingredients is ALL that you need.

Egg Yolks
Fresh Lemon Juice
Unsalted Butter
Fresh Lemon Zest

(If your recipe calls for other ingredients such as cornstarch or flour throw it away & find a new one. Here's one if you need exact quantities & more detailed instructions.)

The secret is to stir constantly on a medium flame.

So easy to tell when it's done!
It will suddenly become translucent.
Immediately pour into a glass bowl
(or small glass jars for gift giving)
and refrigerate for up to 1 month.

Things jin uses it in:
  • Lemon Curd French Buttercream
  • Sold separately to accompany our Currant Scones
  • Vanilla Sandwich Cookie filling
  • A straight thin filling between Poppyseed Cake layers
  • Folded into whipped cream & piped inside sweet shortbread tart shells
  • Bûche de Noël filling
  • Mini Lemon Meringue Pies
Hand cut mini pie shells baked until golden brown.

Filled with Lemon Curd & topped with an Italian Meringue.

Briefly baked to crisp the meringue.

Here, I made this one just for you!
Open wide!

43 Responses to “Ingredient 101 "Lemon Curd"”

Rich said...


Oops, all over that fresh batch... I guess I'll have to eat them now!

Ace said...

You know that scene in "Curious George" the movie where he swallows the soap bubble and it pops in his mouth and he makes a face and a little "bleech" noise?

Sorry. Munkees don't like lemons.

But meringue is pretty!

jin said...

rich: you think you're the first guy to try and pull that with me?!!?

Drooling all over the tart and then ...

jin said...


I know.
That's OK.
jin's don't like lemons either.
But I think like 9 out of 10 people do...because I sell a LOT of lemony pastries!

You 'n I can just sit in the corner eating BERRIES!!!

caramaena said...

oh yum, that looks delish!

Dino aka Katy said...

mhhh I think I only like lemon in lemon berry - those were gooooooood snacking on biscotti the cherry chocolate chip ones are gone I am on to the white chocolate chip and ginger now. Got Oblivion for lunch ahmm I mean dessert - yeah thats it I'll eat after lunch

WOW ... I literally get the taste in my mouth and smell the good scent of fresh-made cookies.
Lemon Curd is even good as sandwich-spread for kids....
(and me):-)

BTW, thaks for the ad of my book. It works perfectly.

Gnat of Glass said...



Gareth said...

Could you not have gone straight to the bottom pic and worked backwards through the preparing of it??? I could have sat here and stared at it in your hand and everyone could have done the reading for me! Details people, details!! :D

jin said...


Thanks!! :-D

jin said...


Haha! I can actually hear you chewing as you type all that! LOL!

Soooo glad you enjoyed it all! :-D

I like the lemon berry dreams a lot too...probably because they are only a little lemony.

jin said...


I'm glad the post made you smell & taste good things! That's what I try to people remember good things, or create NEW good memories!

You are welcome for the ad for your book...I hope more people order it, like I told you it's absolutely fascinating to read!!!

jin said...



is that a:
OMG I want to reach thru the screen & eat that

or is it a:
yuck lemon.


jin said...


Sassy leprechauns have to read all those boring words before they get to the good stuff! HA!

Jewels said...

Now YOU'RE evil... ;)

I could eat that whole tray!

Move over Rich, these babies are MINE! (oh, and don't even TRY to fight with a French girl, we fight dirty, just lettin' ya know...) :p

mizfit said...

i think i swallowed a part of my monitor instead...


jin said...


Rich might have a hard time deciding what he wants more:

Lemon Tarts
Dirty Fighting


jin said...


Sooooo sorry about that!

I should have warned ya!

Sarah Letnes said...

I didn’t think there was a way to improve lemon meringue pie. You’ve completely revolutionized the crust to custard to meringue ratio. Jin, you pastry genius you!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of the lemon in desert. I like it in tea and with fish, but I usually stray from the lemon confections.

That said, I've made the Alton Brown lemon curd before and people absolutely love it.(It took some practice.)

The one thing I really like, though, is Ingredient 101 posts. Please, impart more. I intend on stealing your business one day.

HEY EVERYBODY, everything she makes, I'll make for half the price! soon as she tells me how to do it...

I don't know about lemon curd, but I like cheese curds...

Now give me that damn stick!

jin said...


Soooo busy the last 2 days.

I've officially been here
*jin checks her watch*
27 hours straight.
I did get a 30 minute nap in between.

But now that there is nothing I absolutely have to do...I think I'm too tired to do much of anything.

I have 1.5 days free & I DON'T wanna spend it sleeping! Damn...

I had a guy 10+ years my senior tell me he can go 35 hours straight...let's see if I can't do that today yet.

Can you say:

(I am SO not responsible for any comments I make tonight.)

angel said...

okay- i'm saying "aaaaaaaahhhh..." come on now, hand it over... pleeeeeeezzzzz... i'm drooling all over my laptop!
lemon curd is one of my favourite things in the world- i eat it like that straight outta the jar!

I love lemon curd. what an exquisite creation.

Nabeel said...

wow @ shape .. they look soooo cute .. and am sure they taste as good too :)

jin said...


*jin takes a bow*

Well, shucks...thank you!!!


jin said...


Funny...I'm not big on lemon or ginger...but practically the only tea I drink is lemon-ginger.

Alton has many good recipes...but, I have serious issues with some of his *ideas*. Trust me...not everything he makes is *the best* like he says. (My brain is incredibly tired right now but I am recalling mainly: pie crust, muffins & name a few.)

Haha! I know you like Ingredient 101's. I will try to do more & I intend on fixing up my first [short]lame 'cacao nib' one as soon as time permits.

*jin stops typing for a second and wonders if this comment is taking as long as it feels like it's taking to type.....*

Damn. I'm going on for 34 straight hours right now & I'm fucked & I'm too goddamned anal-retentive to leave my comment reply until tomorrow evening.....

....oh, am I rambling? I'll trade you my biz for your recently aquired female vibrating magnet & then you can be the one here typing nonsense like I am...

Parting thought:
If you do take over all my biz just remember the customers like occasional cleavage shots. Will you comply?

jin said...



MMMmm....deep fried cheese...MMMmm



jin said...


Bummer! I'd love to send you a jar but I do not think that's an option where you live!

I'll just have to keep teasing you!

jin said...


Yay! Good to see you! :-D

So, are you saying you'd buy lemon curd over having a manicure?!
Teehee. ;-)

jin said...


Welcome to the foodie blog! :-)
I thought you might make your way over here.

Ohhh...the shape...I love it too. Thanks!! :-)

Everyone who eats one of these always says the same thing:

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on Alton Brown. His show is great for direction and learning, but personal taste always takes a back seat to static directions.

I'm a skinny, white boy from Wisconsin, so the cleavage is minimal and probably won't attract any business. I better just scrap the whole idea.

I applaud your ability to keep it together after working so long. When I used to do emergency plumbing repairs and anything after 20 hours would make me stop caring. I would put a water service in an electrical panel if it meant I could get to bed.

jin said...

"I'm a skinny, white boy from Wisconsin, so the cleavage is minimal and probably won't attract any business. I better just scrap the whole idea."


All that 'up time' comes at a price...when I finally went to sleep (about 1.5 hours after I left here) I woke up 12 hours later & felt like I hadn't slept enough. :-P lol.
I did have an awesome blueberry cream cheese filled streusel topped muffin crown for breakfast though!

Gorgeous pics as always!

Dan said...

Now see what you did? You made me drool all over my brand new keyboard.


That's better! How's it going Jin? How's life treating you? Hugs.

Gareth said...

I'll bet you can sleep when you are standing up. Right? I can do the same except my standing 'up' is a little different from yours (I hope!) :P

jin said...



jin said...


Sorry about the keyboard. lol.

Thanks for the hugs...I'll take 'em. :-)
I've been barraged with the "One step forward & two steps back" lately & am trying my damndest to change it to "One step forward & ZERO steps back".
Wish me luck!

jin said...



I certainly hope you didn't mean what I thought you meant?!!?


I'm appauled!

make that:

jin applauds!

Rich said...

I've updated SCUBA as requested :)

jin said...



You are



jin said...


YAY! Nice to see you again
& Thanks!