Saturday, May 05, 2007

Retro Repro

This scene went down a quarter of a century ago.
The groovy kids in the photo asked the jin to replicate.

Far Out Man!
Why don't we all pile in my wheels & take the trip together!


and Cake!!!

You are not hallucinating!
The Flower Children
stashed their original topper all these years!


The jin thinks she's losing it.....
the statues are having a love in!


Can I crash at your pad?
I'm beat!

32 Responses to “Retro Repro”

Dino aka Katy said...

oh wow how pretty how long did it take you to make it?

OMG. I don't even have words! They must have been so awed! Rest solidly my friend, you so deserve it.

Jewels said...

THERE'S the 'accidental cleavage we all know and love!
(EWD laugh!!!) ;)

My Goddess, you're amazing! What a fantastic creation. That must have been so 'trippy' for them, to see an exact replica of their original cake. Just one thing tho: I bet it tasted BETTER than the original. Right? Am I right? :p

Oh, yeah, and:

Fantastic ... I'm speachless.

caramaena said...

Oh my lord, it's huge! What did they think of your efforts?

angel said...

holy crap thats a big cake! so what anniversary was it that they wanted it again?
you best have some champers or something- you're looking a little blurry in that last pic... mwaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha!

Gareth said...

Whoweeeeeee that is a brilliant replication!! I'm sure the couple were pleased as punch with it. The flower power generation knew how to make a cake :P

Is that really the way you transport your cakes and buns and other items?? I wouldn't want you to have an accident EVER but I can imagine the mess inside your vehicle if you did! They would be scraping you off the ceiling after they scraped the cake off it. I would like you to know that I would help you out of your vehicle first, I would lie you down on the side of the road, check your breathing and pulse and ......... OMG I forgot about the cakes!! :D

jin said...



Ok...I got here at 5PM Friday.
I had other orders too.
I worked straight thru the night & had a 2 hour nap in my office chair from 5AM to 7AM. (my neck still hurts! LOL!)
I continued on with the cake & other orders.
I finished making everything by 1PM Saturday.
I left to deliver the cake at 2PM & got back about 3:30PM.

Haaahahaa...I first went to sleep at midnight...I'm fucking insane, aren't I?!!?

jin said...


Thanks!! :-D

I did...slept for almost 12 hours straight.

jin said...


*HUGE jingrin*
Seriously, I thought of you when I took that one!!!
You always take these awesome self portraits in windows & sunlight so I decided to give it a go!
(Plus...I was thoroughly disappointed that D didn't get ANY 'accidental cleavage' shots during my delivery & set up!) DOUBT it tasted better!!!

Want flavours?

Carrot Cake w/ Cream Cheese filling

Banana Cake w/ Cream Cheese filling

Devil's Food Cake w/ White Chocolate Buttercream &

Poppyseed Cake w/ Fresh Lemon Curd Buttercream

OOOOOooooo....not my fault if you're hungry now!

jin said...



You're too kind! :-D

jin said...


Yes it was!
Served roughly 300 people.

They were not at the reception site while I was there so I don't know what they thought.
they have LOTS of equipment to return so I shall let you know what they say when they bring it back!

jin said...


They were married for 25 years.
"Silver" Anniversary...that's why I added all the silver accents to the cake.
The original bells were done in white...but I decided to work a bit of the silver in. I think it looked great! I was really pleased even though I was less than thrilled when I saw the photo they wanted it to look like! LOL! I'm not one to use the stairs/plastic I had fun recreating this for them.

Haha! I didn't do the blurry pic on purpose, but I figured it captured exactly how I was feeling at that minute!

jin said...


How's my favourite little leprechaun doing this weekend?!

Yes. I set my buns & pie *giggle* right in that 'lil black car for transportation from point a to point b.

Dude...let me inform you that those were not my breathing & pulse you were checking. *ahem*

Gareth said...

Well if they weren't your breathing and pulse I guess you are dead by now! Look on the bright side though - at least I got to touch your 'breath and pulse' :P

The cakes back then were important - you didn't eat them, you moved in.

jin said...


Pervert. :-P

That's it...I'm gonna let you have it big-time! Next post will be about lemon meringue.

jin said...


No kidding!
I sized down their original cake...I figured it served at least 500!!!

Now-a-days if you have a wedding for that many it cots you your soul PLUS your three first-born.

Rich said...

That. Is. The. Most. Unbelievable. Cake. I. Have. EVER. Seen.

Whoever designed it in the first place was a Genius. Recreating it so beautifully from a dodgy old photo is Jinius!

jin said...

"Recreating it so beautifully from a dodgy old photo is Jinius!"

Heeeheheheeeee :-)

Thank you Sir Rich!

*jin takes a bow*

It takes one to know one!

Jewels said...

Hah! My hubby gets an 'accidental' cleavage shot every chance he CAN!!! LMAO!!!! (which he then sets as background on his computer settings, and waits for my reaction when I walk by, LOL!!!... first time, he'd cropped it real close, and converted it to sepia, and I said "Hey, where'd you get a shot of those dunes?", he nearly peed himself laughing... )

Oooh, I am hoooooongry now! Bad, bad Jin-Jin! Now I have to come over there and SPANK you with that wooden spoon... ;)

jin said...


Well...ackshully...1/2 the pics he took on Sat were blurry. NOT his normal high quality. But he was up for the same 30 hours I was so I think it's excusable!
He took that "Love In" shot 4 times! LMAO! They were all blurry but no way was I gonna skip putting that baby up there! LOL!

ROTFLMAO @ "dunes"! Heeeheheeee!

p.s. Go ahead 'n spank me...but It'll COST YA!
BWA-haaahahahahaaaaaa!!! ;-)

jin said...


*jin looks around innocently*

Who, me?!


Andy! said...

Ah.. memories. Makes me miss an era that existed several years before I was born.

Previous life or behind the times?

I feel so un-hip. I mean, "good times, good times!"

jin said...

Previous life for sure.
(Course, that's coming from one who believes in them whole-heartedly. heehee.)

Don't worry...
didn't you hear that being un-hip
is "The New Hip"?!

Gareth said...

Well I guess if you had an "un-hip" you would NEED a "new hip"! :D

Have a greaaaaaaat day with your cakes and buns :)

The other big change for the loving couple was their bag of honeymoon weed costs a hell of a lot more.

Ace said...

That's awesome!

jin said...


You silly little green man!

jin said...


Yeah...& it's probably all genetically engineered now, too.

jin said...