Monday, May 21, 2007

Jewel Tones

Tones of Jewels
Deep & Bright
Adorn the Cake
Enhance her Night

Roses Aplenty
Perfection Ensues
Just After
Their "I Do's"

Aerial View
Symmetry YES!
Curly Q's
Goddess Bless

Parchment Thin
Roses Petal
Emerald Green
Leaves of Nettle

25 Responses to “Jewel Tones”

caramaena said...

Oh that cake is just beautiful!

What a beautiful cake, Jin. It's amazing ...

jin said...


Thank You!! :-D

I had so much fun with this one!

jin said...


Thanks!! :-D I was so pleased with how it turned out...and you know what? I believe that this girl was the one to replace that 'other one'. It was a last minute order & I was able to work it in.

Dan said...

Adorn the Cake, Enhance her Night?

If it doesn't happen, do I get my money back? :)

Hiya Jin! How's my very sweet friend doing?

Dino aka Katy said...

uhhh how pretty .love the flowers

jin said...


I can't promise anything...except that anyone who buys my pastries has more sex after.

Thanks for checking up on me. I've still got time for blogging so I must be doing ok.

jin said...


Thanks! Me too!

You know, I've made this same type of wedding cake soooo many times, but it's always ALL white. I am so sick of making it ALL white! :-P
I was thrilled when she asked if I could use dark accent colours!

What a masterpiece. Brava!

jimbo said...

Damn! That's as good a looking cake as anything I've ever seen one of the Food Network Challenges!

Incredible! I wish I had skills like that.

jin said...


Thank You kindly!! :-)
I am beginning to really enjoy the small ornate cakes.....good thing, too. More people are having small weddings.

jin said...


Aww, aren't you sweet! Thanks! :-) don't need my type of skills mr. awesome musician! I can sing (a little) but in this lifetime every single instrument on the planet is against me.
At least every one I've tried so far...although I still want to give the drums a go one day.

Gareth said...

..... Eye of newt, and toe of frog, wool of bat, and tongue of dog, adder's fork, and blind-worm's sting :P

Cakes = yummmmmmmmm

That blue piping on the flowers would have taken me a year.

Gnat of Glass said...

That looks like a serious amount of work.


Jewels said...

Flavors please!
I can't dig into it until I know what's under the covers... One of those "don't judge a book by its cover" gals here... ;)

Ace said...

See, I'm not the only one who thinks you should go on Food Network Challenge.

The question is, would delicate little curli-qs and flowers survive a 959.69 mile drive to New Jersey, the middle of freakin' summer AND a tinymunkee budget, or should I just take the free cake the wedding place throws in? Hee.

Time to order another box of cookies.

jin said...


I'm a good witch...I don't cast those types of spells...well...unless someone really pisses me off!


jin said...


Um...took me about 35 minutes to decorate the whole thing. Looks WAY harder than it is...course I pipe pretty damn fast. LOL.

jin said...


The roses used to take the most time. I used to make them myself...I had to charge 4 times the price of what I can purchase the plain white gumpaste roses for. Now I just buy them & add the accents.

Unless the couple wants buttercream roses...those I always make myself. That only takes me about 1 minute per 5-6 large roses.

jin said...


Ahhh....I have to *think* about that.....

*jin tries to remember*

I know the bottom tier was Marble Cake with Mocha French Buttercream filling...

Damned if I am blanking on the top tier...
I've had so many cakes the last 2 weeks.
It may have been Poppyseed Cake but don't quote me on that!

jin said...


It would survive the trip...however, the hot summer months are not a great time to drive that distance. The tiny munkee budget might be a problem *chuckle* Um...the delivery would add up to quite a lot. lol.
I get $200 for delivery to Chicago, which is under 200 miles away plus hotel accomodations.
I did have a bridal party pick up a wedding cake and drive it 6 hours to Minnesota once! LOL! They were nervous as hell! LMAO!

Rich said...

I'm sorry but the blue highlights on the bottom tier are slightly uneven, I'm afraid I have to give you a 9.98 on presentation instead of your usual 10. For-shame Jin!

Otherwise, Hope you're well :)

jin said...

*jin hangs her head in shame*

Poor poor jin she starts to cry
Rich is such a mean mean guy
She thinks about jumping off a bridge
then instead goes to the fridge
she pulls out a luscious rapberry cream pie
and shoves the whole thing in Rich's eye.

*jin stares at Rich's cream covered face & starts to GIGGLE*

angel said...

hvfoooooooohhhh jin- its exquisite!!!