Thursday, May 24, 2007

Shangri la at my place. Be there.

It always amazes me when I hear someone disgustedly utter those 4 evil little words.
(No, not those you pervert!)
The woman
(Yes, it's always a woman.)
who wriggles up her nose
stiffens her back
purses her lips in revulsion
and bitterly spits out something not of this earth:
"I don't like chock-coe-let."
(Yes, that's actually how they pronounce it. Slowly. How VILE!)

I have a typical response the first time a lost soul says this to me:
"Then you have never had good chocolate!"

Oops. I spilled Swiss cocoa powder on my jintoes.

You see, around this area, if you are eating chocolate anything from anywhere other than my shoppe you are NOT eating real chocolate! No, and don't tell me your "Hershey's bar is just as good as that stuff from over there in Europe" either because you're WRONG!

Callebaut Belgian White Chocolate Coins
Now, it's a fact that everyone likes chocolate.
Some people just don't know it yet.
Some people like White Chocolate.
Some people like Milk Chocolate.
Some people like Dark Chocolate.
Some people like licking chocolate off their partners nude body.
Some people like ALL of the above.
But you cannot tell me you like none of the above.
(Well, you can say it but you'd be lying.)

Look at the beautiful texture!
So Smooth!
So Creamy!
So Dark!


*the world starts to turn upside down*
"I'm in total jinbliss!"


"Hey YOU!"

"Yes, you!"

"How long have you been standing there watching me?"

Ok, what's wrong with a jin enjoying her chocolate?


Who's brave enough to join me?

56 Responses to “Shangri la at my place. Be there.”

Tiffanie said...

Jin, you are too funny. These are my favorite Jinposts. (Remember, you were asking the other day)

:) BTW, it looks like you have gotten even skinnier since we last saw you on here!

Nice post, jin. Have a nice summer.
What d'yeah make as summer-cake??

SO you crush the cocoa beans with your feet? Eeeeeewww.

Kirsten: summer cake = spice cake, yum, yum!!

Ace said...

My ex-boss (a woman) doesn't like chocolate.

So I'm inclined to agree with this post completely.

Ace said...

I lasted about 30 seconds after reading this, by the way, before I headed downstairs for a piece of chocolate. Darn you. Tomorrow's my weigh-in day. :P

jin said...


COOL! Good to know! :-D

Oh...yes. Lost more weight since January. Not the right way tho...overstressed, undereating, undersleeping and did I say overstressed?!!? lol...I think something good comes out of EVERY something bad so that's how I look at this. Now I'm working with weights to tone all those little spots that aren't jinperfect! LMAO!

Thanx for the comment! :-D

jin said...


Thanks! :-)

Summer is not yet here! Burrrrr. It's still been cold. Too cold for this time of year. But soon, hopefully!

Summer desserts....yum!
Fresh Fruit Tarts
Rhubarb Crumble
Anything with fresh berries!
(I LOVE berries :-)

jin said...


Haha! Just like that wine you drink! Toes are what make it taste gooood. :-P

Silly phos...spice cake for Xmas only. LOL! :-)

jin said...


Well long as it was a very dark chocolate you are off the hook!

There are several bioactive compounds in dark chocolate that promote alertness, lessen pain, promote well-being & lower high blood pressure. Dark chocolate is also higher in antioxidants than the massively touted miracle that is the blueberry. (An antioxidant is a substance that inhibits oxidation or reactions promoted by oxygen and peroxides to protect the living body from the deleterious effects of free radicals.)

Oops...did I just get all granola on you again?! Sorry. :-S

I just wanted to give you factual ammo in case you ever need to defend your love of chocolate.


Dino aka Katy said...

mhh I love chocolate. Not so much the white but the milk and dark oh yummy. I need to go over to the German Deli and order some. Its just been so warm ... but I don't know if I can wait till Xmas when I can gorge myself in chocolate in Germany

PS my word verification is IWSPYDAD

Anonymous said...

ouch, i hate to say it; I don't care too much for sweet things.

i don't know what to add to that.

Anonymous said...

Although, I am fond of being referred as an "epicurean". Now that's style!

I find it very hard to believe that a woman would say that she doesn't like chocolate. That doesn't happen often, does it?

Fuff said...

I prefer champagne or stinky cheese to chocolate........unless it's fantastic chocolate and then, you can keep the bubbly and stinking bishop. Teehee.
I see you have changed your hair again, fringe growing out. Pretty! :)

Actually I have a spice cake coming up soon.

jimbo said...

I tried my hand a chocolate for the first time on Valentine's day. It didn't come out the way I wanted, but a good first try. View my chocolate here

You're chocolate looks like it would have been better for dipping then mine was. Somethings I should just leave to the pros like yourself.

jin said...


*jin SCREAMS!!!!!*

EEEEEK! That link you put in your comment took me to SNAKES!

I expected chocolate and there were

Good thing I don't get to sleep tonight or tomorrow or I'd have snakemares!!!

p.s. I LOVE your chocolate from Germany.....mmmm....Ritter Sport....MMmmmm.


jin said...


Ha! I was waiting for someone to notice that!
AND you know what it means!
Fantabulous!!! :-D

Once upon a time I was a chat queen (before the glorious blog had been created) named "Epicurean Lady". Do you have any idea how many guys tried to chat me up by saying, "Hey! I love horses too!"

*jin is positive andy will appreciate the extreme humour in that line*

Ahhhh....but a 'sweet thing' doesn't necessarily have to taste sweet! Tis the difference. If you told me about some dessert you might like if it wasn't really 'sweet' I bet I could fix that. They make things too sweet now-a-days...they add lots of high fructose corn syrup, and 5 types of sugar to cover up their lack of quality ingredients.

*jin thinks*
you like brownies (I assume? Unless you made them for someone else...)
I think I told you I have a Guinness Stout brownie recipe that is the deepest darkest richest NON-sweet brownie ever. I LOVE them...a few of my regulars do not because they want a sweeter brownie...let me know if you want the recipe.

jin said...


WELCOME!!! :-)

I know you!
Haha...I remember the weirdest things...I quoted 'Motel Hell' at gyro's place and you knew the line!!! I was jinpressesed! ;-) I went to comment at your place but got lost in your massive!


It happens only occasionally...maybe once a month or so...but I still think that's too often. Especially when they announce something along the lines of: "NOBODY eats chock-coe-let anymore!"
I mean...what planet are they on?!!?

Come visit me again! :-)

jin said...


Fantastic chocolate wins every time! lol! :-D

Thanks! :-D
Yes, fringe is almost grown out. I trimmed it again the other night (just before I took those pics), threw in a few layers...I think I'll grow it loooong again! LOL!

jin said...


Oh...that must mean a birthday or anniversary!!!

Doesn't your frosting melt out there in that sauna you call home???

jin said...


That was a reall yreally really SWEET post!!!! :-D

That was so nice of you!!! :-D

Re the chocolate: there are different types expressly for dipping and different ways to temper the chocolate so it dips easier.

If you ever need advice feel free to ask! :-)

flatlander said...

That was a Shangralicious post!

Sarah Letnes said...

It's hard to trust people that don't like chocolate.

I think Hershey's bars need a qualifier: "Milk Chocolate Like"

Bathroom Hippo said...

Jintoes? WTF~!?

You really let yourself go....

Usually "jin" always fit into words like "jincredible," "jinedible," "huckleberry jin," "TGI-Jin," etc.


jin said...

Sorry...will reply tomorrow...too too too tired. I won't even admit how many hours I have in since Thurs.


angel said...

ME! ME!! I WANNA JOIN YOU!!! aaawww how i wish i could join you... i luuuurrrrvvv chocolate!!!

Anonymous said...

That is very funny! I actually wish I would have thought of that line! Epicureans must be people who cook horses.

jin said...


Glad you enjoyed it!!

jin said...


Oh...I agree!!!

On both points!!

jin said...


Like this(?):
You jinpulsive jinbecile!
It is jinadvisible for you to say those jinsensitive things!

"Let me hug youuuuu..."
*jin rock-bottoms hippo*

jin said...


I KNEW someone would be brave enough! :-D

*jin hands angel a bowl of liquid chocolate bliss*

jin said...


Gee, I never thought of it that way! HA!

Jewels said...

Oh yes, Yes, YES!
Gimme gimme gimme! I want the chocolate! NOW!

Oh, and white 'chocolate' is NOT CHOCOLATE!!!! Not one iota of cocoa in there, so don't even try to fool me with that yucky white stuff. It's candy, not chocolate!
And to those who DON'T like chocolate? Well hey! MORE FOR MOI! ;)


Jewels said...

Oh and Girl: That hair!?!

It looks awesome! I love that style on you! Now, stop losing weight, you're making me look fat! ;)

Gyrobo said...

That's how I want to be buried- encased in chocolate.

Also, I added another little cipher to Encrytor, so you might want to redownload. It gives you more keys...

Rich said...

Joining Jin in that state is totally overrated. I mean, it looks like it would be exciting, but all she does it eat chocolate and ignore you.

Sorry Jister, I totally prefer savoury to sweet, I got a chocolate bunny and a chocolate egg for Easter and the egg is still in the cupboard as is the bunny's feet.

I do agree with you on the high quality chocolate thing though, what's the point of eating it at all if it's that cheap tasteless rubbish.

G3T Films said...

Oh, a practical question. Are you any good at molding those sugar bells they put on wedding cakes? I'm going to try and do some casting in sugar and was wondering if there where any tips or things to look out for.

jin said...


You BET I'd share with you!!!
We could record it n sell it to the guys. ;-)

Know what I did tonight???
I'm such a pig...I am almost ashamed.
I figured I'd have a healthy snack, right? So, I grabbed two bananas (I always share w/ Bri) and walk past my Belgian chocolate...and
I just HAD to. *blush*
I melted a handful and dipped the bananas in the molten chocolate between each luscious bite.
I was mmmmm-ing so loudly that D came running in to see what I had.
He shouted, "ME ME ME!!!"
I let him have one bite.

Glad you like my hair! YAY! I cut it myself the other night...saw the style on tv & just decided to DO IT! LOL!

Yes...I am skinnier...must be all the CHOCOLATE!

jin said...

Are you back?!
I missed youuuu!!!!! :-D
*Please don't rock-bottom me, you'll mess up my hair.*

"That's how I want to be buried- encased in chocolate."

May I copy you?

OOoo....a little cypher....yes, yes...I'm on my way! :-D

jin said...


"Joining Jin in that state is totally overrated. I mean, it looks like it would be exciting, but all she does is eat chocolate and ignore you."

Damn! So you saw that video then, huh? I was sure I had found the last copy! DRAT!

Would you believe I have no advice to give you on sugar casting?! It's not really used here for weddings anymore...that practice was extinguished ... oh ... about 50-60 years ago.
Yeah...they only put cheap plastic crap bells/hearts on wedding cakes now.

I do know where to look, tho...try
and here
Haha...and these are just cool! Decorated skulls & she shows you the various stages.

Let me know how they turn out!!!

Jewels said...

Oh hey! Those skulls look awesome! I wanna make some!
Oh, and that banana trick? I do that ALL THE TIME!!! Sometimes with bananas, sometimes with dried apricots, sometimes with... No, wait, I should mention this on "Unplugged"... ;)

jin said...




They say Great Minds think alike.


I wanna say it here.

Do you dare me?

*jin imagines jewels saying, "Go for it Girlie!"*

But only cos you told me to.

Chocolate Covered Cock.
('n I don't mean chickn!)


Bubs said...

Wow. You made a whole bunch of fetishists happy with those pictures.

Jewels said...


EWD! EWD! Say it all together now:
EWD will be OURS!

Hee! Hee! ;p

Bathroom Hippo said...

Had another dream about you last night...

You were a meat sculpture.

Jewels said...

Um, I think B.H. wants to EAT YOU!


EWD!!!!! LMAO!!!!

m38967 said...

you have a way with the cho-ko-late. hahah. too funny. great pics. i love to come to your blog for the awesome pics and sometimes even for the treats. thanxs for dropping by my blog the other day, too. us bloggers gotta stick together. amen. and post more pics.

jin said...


I think we should make a techie term for chocolate fetishists (much like your Narcozoology).

Any ideas?

jin said...




Um...yeah, you could probably say that about b-hip! ;-)

jin said...


You dream about me a LOT.

Should I be concerned?

Was I nekkid?

Were you a gentleman?

Was Gyrobo there?

jin said...


Thanks!! :-)

I try to keep up with your blog, you've got some GREAT resources there!

AH!!! *giggle* and look at your last post! Heehee!!! Thanks so MUCH for the positive review! :-D

More pictures coming in the next 12 hours! So glad you stopped by! :-)

jin said...


Not me!

I can't tell you how many times I've been here trying to comment. I can't - drooling too much and my keyboard keeps shorting out!

I work with a lady who claims she "can't" eat chocolate - gives her migraines!! LOL - I think it's all the many (many)....(MANY) pills and medications she downs what gives her the migraines - and everything else that seems to ail her - constantly!!

jin said...

Sorry about the keyboard! :-S

Ahhh...I agree about those who say that about chocolate and migraines! It's the meds or the preservatives in chocolate that isn't pure chocolate!

I had a lady tell my auntie (note that she wouldn't tell me, personally!) once that:
she ate one of my black pearl truffles & it gave her such a migraine she had to give the rest away!

I don't suppose it had anything to do with the bottle of wine that accompanied it, hmmm????

Ah well, more for you & me!!!